Feature Match Top 4 – Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family) Vs. Nicolas Banville (Blackwings)

Feature Match Top 4 – Dave Trepanier Vs. Nicolas Banville

We now enter Top 4 at Dave and Nick's table, neither of whom are playing Dragon Rulers! Dave has been piloting Thunder Family for quite some time and Nick skillfully wields his Blackwing deck, let's get started!

Game 1: Nicolas starts with a Pot of Duality, revealing Pot of Duality, Blackwing – Kalut, and Blackwing – Sirroco, he takes the Sirroco.  He sets one backrow and passes turn.

Dave starts his urn the same way, with a Pot of Duality. He grabs a Mystical Space Typhoon with it before setting two backrow and passing his turn.


Nick draws into a Kalut and activates two of his Black Whirlwinds. When he summons Kalut, Dave clears one of the Whirlwinds with MST and Nicolas gets a single search, which he uses on a Blizzard. He attacks directly with Kalut and ends.

Dave begins by normal summoning Mahunder and uses his extra normal summon on Vylon Prism. Nick chains Maxx C and Dave synchro summons a Scrap Dragon, prompting Nick to draw a card. Dave's 3800 attack Scrap Dragon attacks over Kalut Nick has no response. In Main Phase 2 Dave sets a Soul Drain and uses Scrap Dragon to destroy it and Nick's Whirlwind. In Dave's end phase, Nick uses MST to destroy Dave's other backrow, a Trap Stun.

Nick has a quick turn, using Blizzard to make an Ally of Justice Catastor and destroying Dave's Scrap Dragon with it. He sets a card to his backrow and passes the turn back to Dave.

Dave activates Recycling Batteries to grab back Mahunder and Vylon Prism and summons both of them. He synchro summons a Thought Ruler Archfiend and equips Vylon Prism to it before attacking over Nick's Ally of Justice Catastor. He sets a card and passes turn back to Nick.

Nick draws into an Allure of Darkness and checks his grave. He activates the Allure to draw a Bottomless Trap Hole and a Kalut, banishing his Bora the spear. He then normal summons Sirroco and activates Delta Crow, Dave's set Imperial Iron Wall is destroyed. Nick then special summons Kalut and halves Thought-Ruler's attack. He then attacked with his boosted Sirocco to roll over Thought-Ruler Archfiend. He sets a card to his backrow and ends.

Dave normal summons Mahunder and declares an attack on Kalut, destroying it. During his second Main Phase, Dave uses Recycling Batteries to re-fuel his hand.

On Nick's next turn he attacks over Mahunder with Sirocco, sets two and ends.

Dave then activates Thunder Sea Horse to add 2 Sishunders to his hand. He normal summons Sis and ma, using Sis to banish and return a Mahunder to his hand before passing his turn to Nick.

Nick summons Kalut and uses it and Kalut to roll over Ma and Sis before passing his turn.

Dave summons a Mahunder and a Sishunder to make a Constellar Omega and uses it to attack Nick's Sirroco, but Nick has another Kalut in hand to clear the Omega. Dave sets a card and sends the turn back.

On Nick's next turn, he immediately uses Sirocco's effect on itself but when he tries to attack his Sirroco gets hit with a Compulsory Evacuation Device, he changes Kalut to Defense.

Dave then makes a quick Stardust Spark with Ma and Prism, dealing a nice 3500 damage thanks to Vylon Prism. He sets a backrow and ends his turn.

Nick then sets a monster and passes. Dave attacks the monster, sets a card and ends his turn. Nick repeats the card setting, Dave destroys it and this happens once again. After drawing into another Vylon Prism, Nick can't keep up and he scoops up his cards, onto Game 2 we go!

Game 2: Nick starts Game 2 with an opening hand of Zephyros, Blizzard, Kalut, Icarus Attack, Dark Hole, and Shura. He summons Zephyros, sets his Icarus Attack and ends his turn. On Dave's turn he summons Mahunder and uses it to normal summon Pahunder, Nick thinks about activating his Icarus Attack and eventually does, tributing his Zephyros to destroy Ma and Pa. Dave sets two backrow and passes.DSC04535

Nick summons Shura and swings for a direct attack. Nick sets a card and passes.

Dave activates Recycling Batters to add Pa and Ma to hand. When Dave summons Ma, Nick responds with Skill Drain. Dave activates Trap Stun, normal summons a Pahunder and overlays to make a Starliege Paladynamo. He sues its effect to target Shura, which he then attacks and destroys before Dave passes his turn over.

Nick draws into a  and bounces Skill Drain with Zephyros to summon it. Nick then normal summons Blizzard and attempts to revive Shura but Dave has a vanity's Emptiness for that. Nick sets a card and passes.

Dave attacks Zephyros with Paladynamo on his turn but Nick has a Kalut to clear the Paladynamo, he sets a card and passes.

Nick attacks directly with Zephyros and Blizzard before setting another card and passing his turn.  Life is now Dave: 2300, Nick: 4600.

Back to his turn and Dave activates Thunder Sea Horse to add another two Thunder Sea Horses to his hand. He normal summons one of them and attacks over Blizzard. Dave ends his turn.

Nick looks at the two D.D. Crows and Dark Hole in his hand before deciding to crash his Zephyros into Thunder Sea Horse and ending.

DSC04536When Dave summons Mahunder, Nick activates Skill Drain and Dave attacks directly with Mahunder. In his second main phase he discards Thunder Sea Horse to add 2 Pahunders to his hand. He sets three cards and passes the turn back to Nick, who draws into an awkward Kalut.  His hand is now two D.D. Crows, Dark Hole and Kalut. He activates the Dark Hole. Nick's attempt to summon Kalut is stopped by a Solemn Warning so he ends.

Dave then summons and attacks with a Vylon Prism before ending.

Nick summons a Shura but it gets hit with a Compulsory Evacuation Device. He offers Dave his hand for the match.

That's all for this Feature Match in Top 4! Dave Trepanier fights on with his Thunder Family and moves on to the finals of the ARG Metro Series Montreal!DSC04537