Feature Match Top 8: Brandon Bird(Geargia) vs Marquis Johnson(Infernity)

Here in the top 8 we've got Marquis Johnson, who's running one of the more interesting strategies this weekend, Infernities. His opponent Brandon Bird is running Geargia. As far as Soul Charge goes, Infernities have one of the best means to utilize it to its full potential. As we saw in the top 16, the deck can create some pretty devastating fields on the first turn. Geargia is a little more straightforward and can create some very linear game states. However, a constantly recurring Gear Gigant X can create some overwhelming advantage that steals games by whittling your opponent's resources. Both players have piloted their decks well to a top 8 finish here at ARGCS Richmond, so without further adieu let's see who'll advance to top 4.

Brandon took first, setting a monster and 2 backrow.

Marquis started things off by summoning Summoner Monk, discarding Transmodify to activate its effect. Brandon flipped up Fiendish Chain in response, shutting off the Monk's effect. Instant Fusion came next for Marquis, special summoning Darkfire Dragon. He overlaid the two level four monsters for Evilswarm Excition Knight and activated its effect detaching the Monk. Brandon lost his face up Fiendish Chain and his face down Mystical Space Typhoon and Geargiarmor. He set a card to the backrow and ended his turn.

Brandon summoned Geargiarsenal and special summoned Geargiaccelerator from his hand. He proceeded to the battle phase and Arsenal crashed with Exciton Knight, then passed back to Marquis.

Marqus drew Black Horn of Heaven, set it and summoned Stygian Street Patrol. The Patrol attacked over Accelerator and it added Arsenal back to Brandon's hand. He passed back to Brandon.

Brandon summoned the Geargiarsenal that he just added back, then special summoned an Accelerator from his hand. He tributed the Arsenal to special summon Geargiano from his deck. The Geargiano tributed itself to pull back Accelerator and he overlaid the two for Gear Gigant X and it was met with Marquis' Black Horn of Heaven. Brandon passed.

Marquis normal summoned Archfiend Heiress and followed it up with Archfiend Palalabyrinth. Then pressed directly with Heiress and Patrol.

Brandon simply set a card to each zone and passed back to Marquis.

Marquis drew and set a card to the backrow. He attempted to attack with Patrol into the face down monster and Brandon tried to stop the attack with Fiendish Chain, but Marquis had the Wiretap to shut it down. Patrol attacked over Geargiarmor and Brandon added Accelerator. Heiress attacked directly.

Brandon summoned Geargiano Mk2, pulling back Geargiaccelerator. He special summoned another Accelerator from his hand and overlaid the two for Evilswarm Exciton Knight. He used the Knight's effect to wipe the field, clearing Marquis face down Infernity Break. Heiress triggered in the graveyard pulling an Infernity Archfiend to Marquis' hand. Brandon ended by setting a card face down.

Marquis drew Infernity Necromancer and summoned it, then banished Stygian Street Patrol from the graveyard to special summon Infernity Archfiend from his hand. The Archfiend triggered adding Infernity Break. He set it and in the end phase Brandon flipped Call of the Haunted, pulling back Geargiarmor.

Play was back to Brandon who flipped his Geargiarmor face down and Marquis chained Infernity Break, banishing another Infernity Break from his graveyard as the cost. Brandon set one and passed.

Marquis simply set a card face down and passed turn.

Brandon drew Mystical Space Typhoon on his own Call of the Haunted to make Exciton Knight live, but when the Knight attempted to activate its effect it was met with Breakthrough Skill! He passed back to Marquis.

Marquis drew a Mystical Space Typhoon of his own and didn't hesitate to use it on Brandon's face down Dimensional Prison. Archfiend attacked into the Exciton Knight and in main phase 2 he used Necromancer to bring it back. The Archfiend effect triggered and he added another Archfiend to hand. He flipped up his face down Infernity Launcher and Brandon conceded, knowing Marquis would establish an unbeatable field.

Game 2

Things started off in game 2 with Brandon using Upstart Goblin, then setting a monster and 4 backrow.

Marquis followed suit by setting a monster of his own and 2 backrow.

Brandon flipped up his facedown Geargiarmor and added an Accelerator to hand. He special summoned it alongside another Accelerator and overlaid one with an Armor for Gigant X, but it got shot down by Black Horn of Heaven. He set another card and passed back to Marquis.

Marquis drew Trap Stun for turn and set it, but it was destroyed in the end phase by Brandon's Mystical Space Typhoon. Also, while still in the end phase, Brandon flipped Geargiagear to pull Geargiano and Geargiano Mk2 from the deck.

He drew for turn and overlaid the two Geargiano for Gear Gigant X and detached Geargiano to add back Accelerator from his graveyard. He special summoned it and overlaid it with his other Accelerator for Abyss Dweller. He used Abyss Dweller's effect and Gigant X attacked over Marquis' face down Archfiend Heiress. Then when Dweller attempted to swing directly it was shut off by Compulsory Evacuation Device. Brandon set a monster and passed.

Marquis drew Wiretap for turn and attempted to summon a Dark Grepher, but it was met with a Solemn Warning. He ended his turn by setting the Wiretap.

Brandon used Gigant X once again, this time detaching Mk2 to add back Accelerator from the graveyard. He flipped his Armor to add another Accelerator and special summoned both of them. He overlaid the two Accelerator for Daigusto Emeral and used its effect, detaching Accelerator to return Accelerator, Gigant X and Armor to the deck to draw a card. He attacked with both Gigant X and Daigusto Emeral and set a card to end out his turn.

Marquis drew Mystical Space Typhoon and during the standby phase Brandon flipped up Macro Cosmos. Marquis pondered using Wiretap or Mystical for a second before opting not to. He used Soul Charge to special summon Grepher and Heiress from the grave and after consideration for a second, opted to go to game 3.

 Game 3

Marquis kicked off the third and final game by summoning Dark Grepher, pitching Heiress to the graveyard to send Stygian Street Patrol. Heiress effect triggered and he added Infernity Archfiend to hand. He set 4 and banished the Street Patrol to special summon his in hand Infernity Archfiend. His effect triggered and he added Infernity Necromancer to hand. He then overlaid Archfiend and Dark Grepher for Lavalval chain, detaching Archfiend to send another Stygian Street Patrol to the graveyard. He banished it to special summon his in hand Necromancer and Necromancer revive Archfiend. The Archfiend once again triggered and added Infernity Launcher this time. He played the Launcher and flipped up Instant Fusion to special summon Flame Ghost. He overlaid the fusion and Necromancer for Leviair and detached the Necromancer to special summon his banished Street Patrol. He overlaid the Patrol and Archfiend for another Lavalval Chain and detached Archfiend to send a Necromancer from the deck to the graveyard. Infernity Launcher was sent off to revive an Archfiend and Necromancer and Infernity Barrier was added to hand off of the Archfiend trigger. He set the Barrier and ended the turn with 2 Lavalval Chains, Leviair the Sea Dragon, Infernity Necromancer, Infernity Archfiend and 4 backrow. A pretty outstanding first turn.

Brandon summoned Geargiarsenal and it was destroyed via Infernity Break. He set 3 to his backrow and had Fiendish Chain destroyed in the end phase by Marquis' Mystical Space Typhoon.

Marquis drew and set Infernity Break. He used Lavalval Chain, detaching Stygian Street Patrol to send Dark Grepher to the graveyard and entered the battle phase where everything struck directly, leaving Brandon with 800 life points. Brandon attempted to Geargiagear in the end phase but it was shut off by Marquis' Trap Stun!

Brandon drew for turn and flipped another Geargiagear but had it shut off by Infernity Barrier. Unphased, he activated Dark Hole without fear of it being negated. Marquis lost his entire field presence and the momentum shifted dramatically to favor Brandon. Geargiano Mk 2 came down next, special summoning Geargiarsenal from the graveyard, and then Accelerator was special summoned from his hand. He tributed the Arsenal to pull Geargiano from the deck and then tributed it to bring back Geargiarsenal from the graveyard. He overlaid the Arsenal and Accelerator for Gear Gigant x, and detached Accelerator to add Accelerator from the graveyard back to his hand. The Mk2 and Gigant X attacked directly and Brandon passed turn.

 Marquis drew and set Torrential Tribute, passing turn.

Brandon drew for turn and detached Arsenal from Gigant X to add another Mk2. He summoned the Mk2 to pull Geargiano from the graveyard. He overlaid the two Mk2 for Ghostrick Alucard and Marquis flipped up Torrential Tribute. Gear Gigant X activated and pulled back Geargiano from the graveyard. He special summoned Geargiaccelerator from his hand and tributed the Geargiano to special summon Arsenal from the graveyard again. He overlaid the 2 Geargia monsters for another Gigant X and detached Geargiaccelerator to add back Mk2. He normal summoned Mk2, pulling back Mk2 and overlaid them for Soul of Silver Mountain. He attempted to attack and Marquis activated Infernity Break, only to have it shut off by Wiretap! Marquis conceded instantly knowing the game was over.

Brandon Bird advances to the top 4 with Geargia!