Fighting Off Inzektors with Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! I hope all of you duelists out there had a very Merry Christmas! Now that the holidays are coming to a close a new year is about to begin. With a new year brings a brand new set that is quite powerful. Towards the end of January the new set Order of Chaos will be released and it is quite the game changer. There has been a lot of buzz about a new archetype in this set called Inzektors! These dark bugs really pack a punch and if you aren’t prepared to play against them, they have the potential to run all over you! Fear not, I am here this week to discuss how they work, what cards can counter them, and discuss how to play against them.

Question of the article: What is your favorite card to use against Inzektors?

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Meet the Inzektors
Most Inzektor decks will use a main base 3 Inzektors, let’s go ahead and take a look at what they do.

Inzektor Centipede
Dark/Insect/Level 3/ATK:1600/DEF:1200
Effect: Once per turn: You can equip 1 "Inzektor" monster in your hand or Graveyard to this card. If an Equip Card equipped to this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can add 1 "Inzektor" monster from your Deck to your hand. While this card is equipped to a monster, increase the equipped monster's Level by 3.

Inzektor Dragonfly
Dark/Insect/Level 3/ATK:1000/DEF:1800
Effect: Once per turn: You can equip 1 "Inzektor" monster in your hand or Graveyard to this card. If an Equip Card equipped to this card is sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 "Inzektor" monster from your Deck, except "Inzektor Dragonfly". While this card is equipped to a monster, increase the equipped monster's Level by 3.

Inzektor Hornet
Dark/Insect/Level 3/ATK:500/DEF:200
Effect: Once per turn: You can equip 1 "Inzektor" monster in your hand or Graveyard to this card. While this card is equipped to a monster, increase the equipped monster's Level by 3, and ATK and DEF by this card's ATK and DEF, respectively. You can send this Equip Card to the Graveyard to target 1 card on the field; destroy it.

How they work
The basic idea of Inzektors all revolve around Inzektor Hornet. The main play they have is summon Inzektor Dragonfly and equip it with the Hornet. Then you use the Hornet’s effect to destroy a card on the field. Then when it goes to the grave you trigger Dragonfly’s effect to special summon a copy of Inzektor Centipede from your deck. You can then equip the Hornet and use his effect to destroy another card on the field. This will trigger the Centipede’s effect to add another copy of Dragonfly to your hand to start it all over again next turn. Since they are all Level 3 it will allow you to create an overlay network and XYZ Summon a copy of Wind-up Zenmaines or any other rank 3 of your choice. They have a couple of more elaborate plays, but I’ll save that for another time. Just from looking at their most basic play it’s practically a plus 2 and sets you up to do it all again. If they seem a little overwhelming it is because they are just that good, but luckily there are cards to stop them.

Cards to Stop the Inzektor Infestation!

Effect Veiler
This card is key to shutting down this powerful deck. If you Veiler the effect of the first Inzektor they summon you will stop them in their tracks and leave them with a weak monster to just run over on your turn. Recently, A lot of players have been taking this card out of their deck and instead just running 3 copies of Maxx “C”, but I think this will change once Order of Chaos is released. Effect Veiler has the ability to not only shut down the Inzektor engine, but pretty much any deck that is using copies of Tour Guide From the Underworld and in case you haven’t noticed, that is almost every deck out there right now. This card is easily the best answer to shutting down Inzektors and tilting the odds in your favor to win the match.

Fiendish Chain
This card is very similar to Effect Veiler since they do pretty much the same thing. The reason I am talking about them separately is because this card can also tilt the Rabbit match up in your favor. Not only will this card shut down Inzektors and Tour Guide, it can also stop practically every boss monster that is out there in the game right now. Laggia and Dolkka won’t be able to give you any problems, Master Hyperion will be rendered useless, and even that Spirit Reaper that you can’t get off the field will no longer give you trouble. I think the playability of this card will only increase with the release of Inzekotrs, not only as a great counter for that deck ,but just a good card in general against most of the meta.

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror
All of the Inzektor monsters are Dark so you can count on this card shutting them down. Most Inzektor decks play at least 3 copies of each of the basic 3 Inzektor monsters, 3 copies of Tour Guide from the Underworld, and Sangan. If you just look at that basic line-up that is already 13 cards that this one card will shut down. I feel that Shadow-Mirror will almost have as devastating of an impact against this deck as it does against Dark World. If you are not already side decking a couple copies of this card for the Dark World match up then I am sure you will find room one Order of Chaos is released because this card is a must have to shut down the Inzektors.

How to play against Inzektors
If you have ever gone up against Frog Monarchs then you kind of have an idea of what this match up will be similar to. They can only get off their effect by destroying cards on the field, just like a Monarch deck. You will have to play it smart to where you don’t leave yourself with a field full of stuff for the Inzektor Hornet to destroy. Don’t commit to the field unless you have a Solemn Warning to stop their summon or an Effect Veiler tho shut them down. You have to be careful playing this way because they do run other monsters they can summon and just beat you down with like Tour Guide from the Underworld. It is a very difficult deck to play perfectly against. Unlike most match-ups, you can’t just summon a Thunder King and pass, Inzekotrs will punish you for making this play and net a free plus one off of you. You have to play it smart, make sure you have counters, and don’t just fill your field up with cards allowing them to just go off on you.

Conclusion: Inzekotrs are a very powerful new Archetype in the new set Order of Chaos. The Inzektor Hornet can really pack a punch and destroy your whole field in a single turn alongside Inzektor Dragonfly and Inzektor Centipede. Luckily, there are a few cards out there that can really shut this deck down. Using Effect Veiler, Fiendish Chain, and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to their maximum potential can easily put you in a winning position. When playing against this deck you almost have to treat it like you are playing against Monarchs. Be conscious of what cards you put on the field, don’t give your opponent cards they can just pop with Inzektor Hornet and go off on you. Inzektors are very powerful, but with the right card choice and play style they can be defeated fairly simply.

Thanks for reading I hope I was able to shed a little light on how to stop the Invasion of Inzektors! If you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like me to write about in the future feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments below! Remember Play Hard of Go Home!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and Columbus Champion