FINALS of the ARG Metro Series Montreal – Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family) vs. Sehabi Khereddine (Dragunity Ruler)

Final Match – ARG Metro Series Montreal – Sehabi Khereddine (Dragunity Ruler) vs. Dave Trepanier (Thunder Family)


Written by: Michael Lottner


Going into the final round at the ARG Metro Series in Montreal, we have Dragunity Rulers vs. Thunder Family, this is gonna be a great matchup!


Game 1: Sehabi wins the die roll and gets the game going with a Terraforming that searches a Dragon Ravine. He then activates sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Redox to draw two and search another copy of Redox. Sehabi discards Dragunity Phalanx with the Ravine to add a Dragunity Dux to his hand. He summons the Dux to equip and speical summon Phalanx. He then synchro summons Vajrayana, brings back Phalanx and tributes Phalanx for Dragunity Arma Mystletainn. He overlays Vajrayana and Mystletainn for Constellar Ptolemy M7. He detaches Mystletainn to add it back to hand, tributes Phalanx again for the Mystletainn and brings back Phalanx to synchro summon a Stardust Spark Dragon. He then activates Gold Sarcophagus to banish Blaster and search another copy of Blaster. He then sets two backrow and passes his turn.

DSC04541Dave opens up with a Pot of Duality, two Recycling Batteries, Solemn Warning, Imperial Iron Wall and Mahunder. He activates Duality and reveals Torrential Tribute, Vylon Prism and Seven Tools of the Bandit, deciding to add the Vylon Prism to his hand. Dave sets three cards and passes.

As Sehabi enters his Standby phase, Dave flips Imperial Iron Wall. Sehabi uses M7 to re-add Dux to his hand but when it is summoned, Dave flips Solemn Warning. Sehabi then activates PWWB, discarding Redox to return Imperial Iron Wall to the top of Dave's deck. Sehabi then banishes Redox and Vaj to summon a Blaster from his hand and search another Redox. Sehabi attacks with M7 and Stardust Spark and finally blasts his opponent away with Blaster!

Game 2: The game begins with Dave drawing six cards: Thunder Sea Horse, Mystical Space Typhoon, Recycling Batteries, Chain Disappearance, Sishunder and Mahunder. He discards Thunder Sea Horse to add two Pahunders to his hand. Next, he normal summons a Pahunder and activates its effect to normal summon a Mahunder followed by a Sishunder but couldn't special summon due to Sea Horse's restriction. The Sishunder banishes Thunder Sea Horse to be added to his hand later. He sets 2 backrow and re-adds Sea Horse to his hand.

Sehabi gets his turn going by activating a Sacred Sword, banishing a Tempest to draw 2 cards and search for a Dragunity Aklys and adds it to his hand. Next, Sehabi targets both of Dave's backrow cards, which turn out to be a Mystical Space Typhoon and a Chain Disappearance, with both of his MSTs, destroying them. Sehabi then summons Dragunity Dux and attacks over Dave's Sishunder before setting a card and passing his turn over.DSC04550

Dave draws into a Thunder Sea Horse and thinks for a moment before using Mahunder's effect to normal summon Pahunder, he now has 2 Pas and a Ma on the field. He overlays a Pa and Ma for Starliege Paladynamo, prompting Sehabi to think but not act. Dave targets Sehabi's Dux with Paladynamo's effect, reducing its attack to 0. He then activates Recycling Batters and adds a Pa and Ma back from his grave to his hand. He then uses the unused Pa's effect to normal summon Mahunder and then another Pahunder. He finally uses his “real” normal summon on a Thunder Sea Horse and attacks with all five of his monsters and Sehabi picks up his cards to begin siding for Game 3.

Game 3: The final game of the Metro Series will be started by Sehabi. His opening hand is: Gold Sarcophagus, 2 Dragunity Dux, Mystical Space Typhoon, Sixth Sense and Solemn Warning. He gets things rolling by activating Gold Sarcophagus and banishing a Tempest, allowing him to add a Dragunity Phalanx to his hand. He setsthree cards to his backrowbefore ending his turn.

Dave's opening hand this time is Vylon Prism, two Pot of Duality, MST, Gozen Match, and Thunder Sea Horse. He discards Thunder Sea Horse to add two Sishunders to his hand. He then activates a duality, revealing Book of Moon and two Pahunders. He takes the Book of Moon and summons his Sishunder but it gets negated by Solemn Warning, bringing Sehabi's life points down to 6000. Dave sets four cards to his backrow and attempts to end his turn but Sehabi activates Sixth Sense, calling 2 and 3. Dave rolls a 5 and Sehabi mills a Dragon Ravine, Terraforming, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and two Tempests.


On his own turn, Sehabi activates Cards of Consonance and discards Dragunity Phalanx to draw 2. Sehabi then banishes both Tempests for Tidal's summon and searches another Phalanx via Tempest's effect. Sehabi activates another Cards of Consonance, discarding his new Phalanx and drawing two cards. Dave activates Gozen Match but it gets destroyed Sehabi's Mystical Space Typhoon. Dave then uses Book of Moon on the Dux that was just summoned and Sehabi decides to attack directly with Tidal, and having his set card by Dave's MST.

DSC04559Dave begins his next turn with a Pot of Duality that reveals, D.D  Crow, Pahunder and Recycling Batteries. He decides to take a Pahunder. Dave then normal summons Vylon Prism and attacks over Sehabi's set Dux. He sets one backrow before ending his turn, at which point Tidal returns to Sehabi's hand.

Back to Sehabi's turn, he normal summons Dux and gets the Phalanx combo off but once he has a Phalanx in defense and a Vajrayana on board, Dave flips another Gozen Match face up, causing Sehabi to think about his next move carefully. Finally, Sehabi uses his two monsters to synchro summon a Stardust Dragon in attack position. Sehabi then banishes his two Duxes to summon the Tempest he got off of Gold Sarcophagus. Sehabi then attacks directly with his monsters. Life is now Sehabi: 6000 Dave: 2000.DSC04571

Dave draws into a Thunder Sea Horse and considers his options. He normal summons Pahunder and adds a Sishunder to his, using it to banish Vylon Prism. He overlays his monsters for a Constellar Omega and then again for a Ptolemy M7. He then attacks over Tempest and ends.

Sehabi draws into another Blaster and discards both copies of it to destroy Gozen Match. He then banishes a Vajrayana and Blaster for a Tidal, as well as a Blaster and Tempest for Redox, allowing him to search out a Mystletainn. He overlays into Big Eye and Dave gives him his hand and the match is over just like that!


Congratulations to Sehabi Khereddine, he is the champion of this ARG Metro Series in Montreal!