FINALS! Andrew Scovern vs. Trey Weber

And here we go with the Finals of our 2nd System Tournament, we have seen a lot of decks come and go throughout the day but only 2 players and 2 decks remain, on one side of the table Trey Weber playing Anti-Meta and on the other  we Have Andrew Scovern playing Fish Control.

Trey won the die roll and will elect to go in the first in the finals. Trey opened up by playing Pot of Duality and he added Dimensional Fissure. He summoned Thunder King-Rai Oh set a back row and played Dimensional Fissure face up. Scovern drew and went to thinking, and he passed an open field.

Trey drew and Beast King Barbaros, he attacks with both the Thunder King and the Beast King directly. Scovern drew to 7 and played Giant Trunade, after thinking for a moment Trey played Forbidden Chalice on Beast king Barbaros to bump it’s attack to 3400. Scovern discards Fishborg Blaster to special summon Swap Frog, and then he sent Ronintoadin from his deck to his graveyard. Scovern then normal summoned Oyster Meister. He discarded a Fishborg Blaster to special summon the other one from his graveyard, he then synchro’d summon for Armory Arm but the summon was negated by Thunder King. Andrew then played Monster Reborn getting back Oyster Meister. Scovern played Enemy Controller turning the Barbaros to defense he then ran it over with Meister and attacked for 1000. In main phase 2 Scovern bounced back his swap frog then discarded it for Fishborg blaster Synchro’d in Sea Dragon Lord Gishilnodon and formula synchron, and then passed his turn.

Trey drew and played book of moon but Scovern activated Formula Synchron’s effect and went into Gungnir Dragon of the Ice Barrier. He discarded his spell card and destroyed the face up Dimensional Fissure. Trey drew and summoned Doomcaliber Knight and passed. Scovern activated Ronintoadin effect to get rid of the Doomcaliber; Scovern activated Pot Duality Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth. He attacked for 2500 and passed back to Trey.

All Trey could do was play another Dimensional Fissure face up and play was again on Scovern who drew attacked for 2500 and set a back row. Trey drew Dark Hole activated it and got rid of the Gungnir and Scovern chained Mystical Space Typhoon on the Dimensional Fissure. Trey summoned Breaker and attacked Andrew for 1900. Scovern drew Oyster Meister and it traded with the Breaker. He then ditched his Coelacanth to special summon Fishborg Blaster. Trey special summoned Cyber Dragon and set another back row card. Scovern tribute both Fishborg and his token for Light and Darkness Dragon. Trey drew and all he could do was chop block for one turn and then Light and Darkness Dragon wins game one and Andrew Scovern is one game away from winning a brand new Video Game System!

The players were silent as side decking was quick and we were onto game 2. Trey was going to start game 2, with a Pot of Duality and added a Dimensional Fissure to his hand. He summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh and then set 2 face down back row‘s and activated Dimensional Fissure. He plays Soul Exchange and summons Mobius the frost Monarch targeting the one face down and the Fissure; Trey chained Torrential Tribute to clear the board of Mobius. Trey played a 2nd duality this time adding a Mirror Force. Trey Summoned a Doomcaliber and then Scovern set a monster. Trey summons Thunder King and Doomcaliber negates the facedown Snowman Eater.

Trey summons another monster in Breaker uses Breakers effect to destroy Scovern’s facedown Monster Reborn. After anther Snowman Eater destroys the Thunder King trey played yet a 3rd Pot of Duality and added Royal Oppression.

Scovern draws plays his own Duality and add’s Malevolent Catastrophe. He set his last monster and passed back to Trey. Trey drew thought for a moment and passed back. Scovern drew Swap Frog and sent Treeborn Frog from his deck to his graveyard, after a thought Scovern returned his Snowman Eater to his hand with Swap’s effect and passed his turn. Trey drew and declined to attack the swap frog with his Breaker. Scovern set a monster and Trey had the Nobleman of Crossout for the freshly set Snowman Eater. That’s all Trey could do again and the turn was back to Scovern.

Scovern drew and played Swap Frog and dumped Ronintoadin to his graveyard. Scovern tried to activate Ronintoadin’s effect but Trey played Royal Oppression.  Scovern drew set another monster and passed back to Trey. Trey set 3 more back row cards before ending. Next turn Scovern tribute his face down Swap Frog for Mobius he targeted Solemn Judgment and Interdimensional Matter Transporter, and the transporter what activated on the Breaker. Breaker returned and Trey passed, Scovern drew and set another monster. Scovern set another monster (3 Total Now,) and Trey drew and passed yet again.

Scovern played soul exchange targeting the Breaker and he also tribute his own face down Fishborg Blaster to summon Light and Darkness Dragon. Trey drew and passed yet again, Scovern flipped up Swap Frog, normal summoned another Swap Frog he attacks with all 3 Trey chains Mirror Force and that puts a strangle hold on the duel. After bouncing both Swap Frogs play was back to Trey. He drew activated Dimensional Fissure, then negated by Light and Darkness Dragon reducing its attack to 1800. Trey summons Gene Warped Werewolf attacks into light and darkness dragon and Scovern chained both his back row Malevolent catastrophe and clear Trey’s face up Royal Oppression. Light and Darkness effect got back Swap Frog for Scovern. In main phase 2 Trey activated his 3rd and final Dimensional Fissure.

Scovern then tributed both monsters for Light and Darkness Dragon Trey negated it with Solemn Warning (It didn’t get its effect due to dimensional Fissure,) but it would all still be over this turn because Scovern had Dark Hole to get rid of the Gene Warped Werewolf. He then discarded Swap Frog to special Swap Frog and attacked for the last 1000 of Trey’s life points.

Congratulations to Andrew Scovern winner of Alter Reality’s 2nd System Tournament!