Finals Match: Carl Manigat Vs. Dalton Bousman

Finals Match

Alright everyone here we go with the Finals of ARG Circuit Series Nashville. First off we have Dalton Bousman playing Fire Fist from Cedar Rapids, IA. Next we have Carl Manigat from Long Island, NY and he's playing Prophecy. Well without any further ado let’s get this Finals Match underway. Dalton wins the Dice Roll and will be going first.

Game 1

Dalton opens with 2 Pot of Duality, Upstart Goblin, Mystical Space Typhoon, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear, and Fire Formation-Tensu. Upstart gives him another Bear and Carl 1000 to bring him to 9000. Duality reveals Cardcar D, Upstart and another Bear and he takes the Cardcar. Next he summons it to the field and sets 1 back row activating the effect to draw Effect Veiler and Fiendish Chain to end.

Carl draws then activates Spellbook Library of the Crescent choosing Spellbook of Power, Spellbook of the Master, and Spellbook of Secrets with Dalton choosing 1 randomly. Next he summons Tempereance of Prophecy which Dalton Effect Veilers. Carl just moves to Battle Phase and attacks for 1000 dropping Dalton to 7000.

Dalton draws Coach Soldier Wolfbark for his turn. Next he plays Duality to reveal Bear, Upstart and Solemn Warning and opts to keep the Warning. Tensu is flipped face up and he Tensu Summons a copy of Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear. The effect of Bear is activated sending Tensu to the grave to destroy Temperance but Fiendish chain is activated to negate the effect and Dalton activates MST to force through the effect. He enters Battle Phase and attacks for 1600 dropping carl to 7400 and setting Fire Formation-Tenki. In main phase 2 he activates Tenki but it’s shut off by Carl’s MST. He sets the Warning and Fiendish to end.

Carl draws for turn then activates Upstart putting Dalton at 8000. Secrets is activated to add The Grand Spellbook Tower to hand. He sets one card to his back row and passes.

Dalton draws another Duality for his turn. He enters his Battle Phase and declares an attack only to be shutoff by Compulsory Evacuation Device, making him add the Bear back to hand. Main Phase 2 Duality reveals Dark Hole, Upstart and Effect Veiler, taking the Veiler and shuffling the rest back. He Normal Summons Bear and ends with that.

Carl draws for his turn and decides to send Crescent back with Tower to draw another card from his deck. He sets a monster and passes his turn.

Dalton draws MST for his turn. Another Bear is summoned to the field. He attacks Carl’s facedown monster with Bear, revealing it to be a set Temperance. The other Bear attacks directly for 1600 putting Carl at 5800, setting Tenki with the effect. Main Phase 2 he activates the Tenki to search for another Bear. He uses both bears to Xyz summon into Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Cardinal. Using the effect and with that Carl decides to scoop up his cards and go to the next game.

Using all 3 of his Dualities to choose what he wants to control the game. Also due to Carl drawing World of Prophecy Dalton takes Game 1. Siding was quick and efficient on both sides.

Game 2

Carl opens us up with Spellbook of Secrets to search Master. He summons Temperance of Prophecy and dalton uses Effect Veiler to shut off Carl’s plays. Master is played to search a Spellbook of Fate to hand. He sets 2 and ends.

Dalton opens with 2 Bear, Solemn Warning, Torrential Tribute and Wolfbark. He summons Bear and attacks into Fiendish Chain. He sets his two traps and ends his turn.

Carl draws for turn and activates Spellbook of Secrets to search Power to his hand. He activates Fate banishing a Secrets from grave to bounce Fiendish Chain to Dalton’s hand. Temperance activates the effect but is shut off by Solemn warning to drop dalton to 6000. Justice of Prophecy is Normal Summoned and Power is activated to attack over Bear for 1000 to search for Tower. Tower is played to the field. Justice banishes itself to add High Priestess of Prophecy and Secrets to hand passing with that.

Dalton draws another Fiendish Chain for his turn, adding it to his hand of Bear, Wolfbark and Two Chains. Bear is summoned and attacks for 1600 putting Carl at 6400 and setting Tensu. He flips it to activate it in Main Phase 2. Wolfbark is summoned to Special Summon back Bear. Both Bears are used to Xyz Summon into Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Cardinal. He uses the effect to send back the two Bears from his grave, the Tower from the field and Master back from Carl’s grave. He sets the Two Chains and ends.

Carl draws for turn and Special Summons High Priestess of Prophecy revealing, Crescent, Secrets and Master. Priestess effect is used banishing Fate from grave, Dalton chains Fiendish Chain and Carl chains Spellbook of Wisdom calling Traps to negate the Fiendish to successfully destroy it. Priestess attacks over the Wolfbark for 900 putting Dalton 4100. Main Phase 2 he plays Spellbook of Secrets to search for Spellbook of Eternity. Spellbook of the Master searches him The Grand Spellbok Tower. Eternity adds Fate back from banished to hand. He sets 1 and passes.

Dalton draws Forbidden Lance for turn. He attacks with Cardinal and Carl activates Fate to banish Master, Wisdom, and Secrets to banish Cardinal. He passes after that.

Carl activates Priestess banishing Fate to destroy the facedown Fiendish Chain which is chained on Priestess. Secrets adds Spellbook Magician of Prophecy to hand. Magician is Summoned into Fiendish Chain. Master is used to search an Eternity to hand and then Eternity is used to add Fate back to hand. He sets 2 and ends.

Dalton draws Fiendish Chain and sets it to end.

Carl draws then puts back Eternity for Tower letting him draw again. He passes with that.

Dalton draws Mistake for his turn. He sets the two cards and ends.

Carl draws for turn and puts Master back for Tower to draw another card. He activates Power on Priestess then banishes Power to target Mistake and Raigeki break to destroy the Fiendish Chain and with that Dalton scoops up his cards.

Carl takes Game 2 and Dalton will be going first in game 3.

Game 3

Dalton opens with Fire Formation-Gyokku, Upstart, Mistake, Wolfbark, MST, and Bear. Upstart is activated giving Carl 1000 putting him at 9000 and Dalton a new card, Mistake to his hand. He sets both Mistakes, MSt, and Gyokku to his back row, summons Bear and ends.

Carl plays Crescent for his turn and Dalton chains Mistake causing it to resolve without effect. Next Carl summons Temperance and tributes it to summon Priestess. Priestess banishes Crescent to destroy Bear. He sets two and ends his turn and Spellbook of Life is destroyed by MST.

Dalton draws for turn. He flips Gyokku to shut off the other facedown card. Summons Wolfbark to bring back bear from grave and Xyz summons Bujintei Kagetsuchi, which uses the effect to send 5 cards to grave. He attacks into Priestess and deals 100 dropping him to 8900. He passes with that.

Carl draws and ends.

Dalton draws Tenki for his turn. He attacks for 2600 dropping Carl to 6300. He passes with that.

Carl draws and sets a back row to end.

Dalton draws Forbidden Lance for turn then attacks with Kagetsuchi to deal 2600 putting Carl at 3700. Main Phase 2 he sets the Lance and passes.

Carl draws then sets a monster and another back row to end.

Dalton draws another Tenki for turn then summons Wolfbark to attack over the set Magician without an effect then directly for 2600 with Kagetsuchi to drop Carl to 1100. He passes with that.

Carl draws then activates Dark Hole, Kagetsuchi is saved with it’s own effect and Wolfbark is saved by Lance. He sets a monster and another card to his back row to end.

Dalton draws another Mistake for his turn. He activates Wolfbark to Special Summon Bear back from grave. Both level 4’s are used to Xyz Summon into Maestroke the Symphony Djinn and Carl scoops up his cards with that!

Dalton Bousman wins ARG Nashville with his Fire Fist deck over Carl Manigat’s Spellbook deck!