Finals: Nate Forte vs Aaron Furman

Welcome to the Finals of Alter Reality Games Circuit Series Washington D.C.! Wow that was a mouthful to say... Anyways, we have Nate Forte piloting Madolches facing off against Aaron's Geargia Hands! This is the absolute finals of the main event so the winner takes the day! Remember, for Finals we have made the matches a Best of 5 instead of a Best of 3


Game 1:

Nate will start things off after winning the die roll. He begins his turn by summoning Madolche Mageleine and searching for Madolche Anjelly with its effect. He then set 2 to end.

Aaron summons Ice Hand and attacks Mageleine in a suicide run! Both monsters die and Ice Hand activates its effect, destroying Nate’s set Mystical Space Typhoon before bringing out a Fire Hand. The burning fist attacks for Nate 1600 damage. Aaron set 1 backrow before he finally passed.

Nate summons Anjelly and tributes her to special Madolche Hootcake in defense position. Hootcake banished the tributed Anjelly to Special Summon Madolche Messengelato from his deck in defense and add Madolche Ticket to his hand. He ended his turn by activating Ticket.

Aaron attacked over Messengelato with Fire Hand. Messengelato activated his effect, returning him to the deck. Ticket added Anjelly to hand after Messengelato ran back to the Chateau. Aaron finished by setting a monster and 1 backrow.

Nate summoned Anjelly and tributed it to Special Summon Messengelato and add Madolche Chateau to his hand. Hootcake used its effect to banish Anjelly and summon Mewfeuille. Mew and Hootcake overlaid with each other for Leviair the Sea Dragon in defense. Leviair then used its effect to special Anjelly. He overlaid his Jelly and his Gelato Madolche Queen Tiaramisu in defense position, but Aaron activated Black Horn of Heaven to negate the summon. Nate activated Chateau, to return all of his monsters to the deck from grave and add Anjelly to his hand with Ticket’s effect.

Aaron flipped Geargiarmor but had his effect shut down by Effect Veiler. He continued by Special Summoning Geargiaccelerator and Nate responded with Maxx “C”. Aaron overlaid for Gear Gigant X and used its effect to add Accelerator back to his hand. He attacked over Leviair with Gigant before attacking directly with Fire Hand for 1600 damage.

Nate activated Fire Formation - Tenki to search for T.G. Warwolf. He then tried to summon Anjelly but fell into a Bottomless Trap Hole before scooping it up for the next game.

Game 2:

Nate started off the second duel by setting 3 backrow and a monster.

Aaron set a monster and a trap card.

Nate summons Madolche Anjelly and tributes it for its effect and Special Summons Madolche Hootcake. Aaron stops the play in its tracks by activating Maxx “C” in response to Anjelly’s activation, scaring Nate away from special summoning again.

Aaron flips Geargiarmor but Nate responds with Breakthrough Skill!. Aaron tried to force the effect through with Wiretap but Nate was a step ahead with his own Wiretap. Aaron then proceeded to normal Summon Arsenal, tribute for a 2nd Armor. He then overlays the two monsters for Number 50: Blackship of Corn and tried to send Hootcake to the Graveyard with its effect.. Nate’s Effect Veiler came down and sank Aaron’s attempt at removing the battle immune pancake from the field. He couldn’t let things finish out that way so he activated Soul Charge for 2 monsters, bringing back Geargiarsenal and Geargiarmor and forsaking 2000 lifepoints in the process. He flipped his Armor down before tributing Arsenal for another Armor and set it as well. He finished his long winded turn with 2 more set cards.

Nate began his turn with Hootcake banishing Anjelly to Special Summon Messengelato and add Ticket. He then played Ticket and Normal Summoned a 2nd Hootcake. He then stacked his Hootcakes for a Leviair short-stack before using Leviair’s effect to special summon his banished Anjelly. Nate flipped his facedown monster from turn 1, revealing it to be Messengelato! He mixed his Gelato and Jelly together again for a delicious Tiaramisu, successfully this time! Aaron activated Compulsory Evacuation Device, but Forbidden Lance saved the delicious dessert from danger. Tiaramisu activated her effect, shuffling back Gelato and Hootcake to send back the 2 set Armors. Ticket Special Summoned an Anjelly after the resolution of Tiaramisu’s effect. He tributed his new Jelly for Madolche Mageleine, and proceeded to overlay for a 2nd Tiaramisu. Aaron was forced to activate his Geargiagear and Special Summon two Geargiano MK-2s since Tiaramisu’s effect selects its targets upon resolution and not as a cost. Tiaramisu then used its effect to send the Blackship and one of the MK-2s back to Aaron’s deck before sending both Queens to attack for 3600 damage.

Aaron scooped it up after seeing his next draw.

Game 3:

Aaron started the duel for the first time this match by summoning Geargiarsenal. When he tributed the Arsenal off, Nate activated Maxx “C” so he could ensure at least 1 draw off of the effect. Geargiarmor came to the field off of the resolution of Arsenal’s effect before he set 3 and passed his turn.

Nate Special Summoned T.G. Striker before Normal Summoning Mageleine. Solemn Warning came out to play and shut down the dinner party before Nate could search for anymore entrees or Syncro Summon Naturia Barkion. Nate reluctantly set 1 before Aaron activated Geargiagear in the End Phase to grab a Geargiano and an MK-2!
Aaron began his turn by flipping his set Armor and searching for an Accelerator. Nate pre-emptively dropped another Maxx “C” to dissuade Aaron from continuing his play. Aaron thought for a long time about what he needed to do, especially with a hand as loaded with monsters as he had. It was time for him to nut up or shut up and he accepted the Maxx “C” Challenge! He overlaid his Geargianos for a Gear Gigant and used its effect search for his 3rd Accelerator. He continued by Special Summoning 2 Accelerators and overlaying for a 2nd Gigant X. This one used its effect to return one Accelerator to his hand before he Special Summoned the remaining 2 Accelerators to make his 3rd Gear Gigant. Nate had been waiting for this moment, and after drawing 7 free cards he activated Torrential Tribute! Aaron wouldn’t have any of that though and activated his remaining set card, Wiretap! He just needed a little more damage to be able to finish Nate off this turn so he activated his final Gear Gigant’s effect, but was given a system error by Nate’s Effect Veiler! Aaron decided to finish his play by activating Mind Control on Striker and attacking directly for 6900 damage!

Undeterred by the immense field and damage he had just sustained, Nate activated a Tenki to add a T.G. Warwolf to his hand. He then activated Ticket before Normal Summoning Hootcake and using its effect to special a Gelato from his deck and Special Summon 2 T.G. Warwolves from his hand before adding a Madolche Chateau. He overlayed the 2 Wolves for M-X Saber Invoker and used its effect to special another Gelato. 2 Gelato on the field means that Nate can stir up Tiaramisu! The Queen shuffled back Accelerator and a Gigant to Aaron’s deck before Ticket Special Summoned an Anjelly to the field. After seeing the field explode after taking and failing the Maxx “C” challenge, Aaron stated “If my next draw isn’t Soul Charge I’ll scoop”. Sadly for Aaron with was not and he kept his word to scoop it up!

Game 4:

Aaron begins again with a set monster and a backrow.

Nate summons Mew and Gelato, adding Chateau off of Gelato’s effect. After activating the Chateau, Messengelato goes for oil and attacks Nate’s set Armor. Aaron adds Accelerator to his hand before Nate sets 3 to move to his End Phase. Geargiagear comes down to bring out 2 MK-2s to the field to end the turn.

Aaron drew Needle Ceiling for his turn! He overlaid his MK-2s for Diamond Dire Wolf and used his effect to destroy himself and Madolche Chateau. He finished his turn by setting Ice Hand and Needle Ceiling, but lost his trap to an End Phase Mystical Space Typhoon.

Nate attacked the set Ice Hand with Gelato before setting Mew to defense so the Ice Hand can’t get as much advantage as he could on the next turn.

Aaron summoned a Fire Hand and sent his Ice Hand to Gelato, self inflicting 200 damage, but taking out Compulsory Evacuation Device and special summoning another Fire Hand. He sends a Fire Hand to attack over Mew and then kamikazes the other Hand into Messengelato before ending his turn.

Nate summons a Mageleine and searches for an Anjelly before ending his turn.

Aaron normal summons Geargiarmor and special summoned Accelerator to make a Gear Gigant X. Nate responds to the summon with Fiendish Chain before Fire Hand attacks over Mageleine for 200 more damage.

Nate took a ride on the Jelly train and turned her into a Hootcake, a Gelato and a Ticket.

Aaron summoned Arsenal and overlaid with his Fire Hand to make Evilswarm Exciton Knight and proceeded to blow up field! Gear Gigant’s effect special summoned an MK-2 before he activated Soul Charge for 3, make Gigant and Zenmaines off of a revived Armor, Arsenal and Geargiano. Gigant added an Accelerator before Aaron decided to pass his turn.

Nate plays Dark Hole, demolishing all but Zenmaines and an MK-2 that the destroyed Gear Gigant brought back. He continued by summoning Mageleine and searching for Anjelly. He attacked MK-2 but lost his Mageleine to Zenmaines in the End Phase.

Aaron summons Armor and attacks for 2600 total damage before setting the Armor and a Black Horn of Heaven.

Nate used MST on Black Horn before summoning Anjelly to net a Hootcake and a Gelato. He all but sealed the duel by activating Mind Control, taking the set Geargiarmor and overlaying for Number 101: Silent Honor ARK and using its effect to steal the ATTACK (Fixed! :D) Position Zenmaines and attack directly for 2100 damage.

Aaron Normal Summoned Geargiano and tributed him off for an Armor before specialing an Accelerator and making Blackship of Corn to send the immortal Hootcake to the grave and inflict 1000 damage to Nate.

Nate normal summoned T.G. Striker and sent his ARK to crash into Aaron’s Ship. ARK had managed to purchase a reinforced Hull though, as this naval battle left ARK alive and let Striker attack for 800 damage.

Aaron set an Ice Hand before passing.

Nate secured the game by summoning another Messengelato and sending all of his monsters to attack Aaron, bringing his opponent down and cementing his place among the victorious of the ARG Circuit Series!

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