Hidden Treasures in Invasion Earth

bobby brakeWizards of the Coast announced recently that the next season of Kaijudo Master Challenges will start in the middle of February and go through May. That gives the players over three months of KMC’s and plenty of time for everyone to try and get their invite to the Summer Championship. I also like the idea of starting them a month before the next set, The Five Mystics, is released. That gives the players a chance to explore more cards from Invasion Earth than they did at the Winter Championship. Everyone played it safe at the Winter Championship because we were only given two weeks to try all the new cards out and most just used what they knew and only splashed 1 or 2 Invasion Earth cards in their deck. I chose to only use Cassiopeia and [ccProd]Reverberate[/ccProd] in my deck because I knew those cards were going to work very well without much testing needed. However, there are many cards in Invasion Earth that are actually really good that just weren’t given enough time to find the right builds with the cards. I am going to discuss some of my favorite and what I consider underrated cards from Invasion Earth.


This is a simple little shield blast that just has your opponent choose one of their creatures and taps it. There are two reasons why I love this card so much, the fast that it only costs 1 mana to play and that it gets around cards like Keeper of Laws and Eternal Haven. The fact that it costs 1 is very significant. If you need to cast it during your turn, you can most likely still play 1-2 more cards a long with it as well. Other spells require more mana and normally take up the whole turn. Another cool thing you can do with Detain is, if you have 7 mana you can play Detain, your opponent taps a creature, hopefully a small creature, then you play [ccProd]Herald of Infernus[/ccProd] and use [ccProd]Jump Jets[/ccProd] on it to attack over the creature they tapped. That combo only costs 6 mana if you have at least one fire bird in the battle zone. This card is really helpful in Dragons because it hurts those tempo players who try their best to play around the Herald [ccProd]Jump Jets[/ccProd] combo. This card is also great in control decks. It is so funny when you have this card and combine it with [ccProd]Twilight Archon[/ccProd]. Your opponent would have to choose which creature they want to banish due to Archon’s Impale ability. Using it with [ccProd]King Tritonus[/ccProd] is awesome as well when you can tap a creature and prevent another from attacking or blocking.

Veil Slip

This is probably one of my favorite cards against aggressive decks. You can make a deck around this card in itself. There are so many enter the battle zone abilities in Kaijudo. You can play cards like [ccProd]King Coral[/ccProd] or [ccProd]Vile Malvictus[/ccProd] 2-3 turns before you can even play them. That is if you have to cast it from your hand, this card is amazing as a shield blast. Another card I love to combine with Veil Slip is [ccProd]Razorkinder Puppet[/ccProd]. I can play it on turn 5 and discard a card and then do it again on the next turn and look at my opponent’s hand and discard another card. One card that I do not really like to use this with is [ccProd]Megaria the Deceiver[/ccProd] because Veil Slip goes in the discard pile before Megaria’s ability goes off. So you have a small percentage of hitting Veil Slip and just wasting your turn. I think this card is better than [ccProd]Oathsworn Call[/ccProd]. I know some people might disagree with me but this card is just more versatile in my opinion. It is not dead after turn 5 and there is way more targets for this card than Oathsworn. Using [ccProd]Crystal Memory[/ccProd] on turn 4 to search the deck is crucial with Veil Slip because I can either search for it or the creature I can use with it. When I am searching my deck with [ccProd]Crystal Memory[/ccProd] I can also see if I have any Veil Slips in my Shields and that can help me set up for turns in the future.         


When I first read this card I thought it was complete garbage. I do not think I quite understood the capabilities this card really had. It was not until the Winter Championship when I played against Steve Warner, he is part of the R&D for Kaijudo, that I realized this card was actually not that bad. I was using Megabugs against his deck which I am still not quite sure what to call it but it was unique and very creative. I was doing fine until he played Galsuar and then attacked with one of his creatures. I did not have removal for the Galsaur, but I thought I was fine because I could attack over his one tapped creature, I attacked it and then he protected it with Galsaur. I completely forgot he was a protector. This was also the first time I saw a protector actually do something. I then had to crash all my creatures into his Galsaur. After that I built a deck focusing around him and cards like Ra-Vu the Indomitable. It is a really fun combo if you can pull it off.  The key is to have a creature out before you play Galsaur, that way you can attack with it and then protect it when your opponent is forced to attack it. This card completely shuts down rush decks and I do hope it sees competitive play.

These are just a few of my favorite cards from Invasion Earth that people do not normally use in their decks. You cannot base a card just off its first impression, even if it seems terrible you should try it out and it might actually work. A huge win factor in Kaijudo is surprising your opponent. People always tend to just play through the motions but if you use something out of the ordinary you might throw your opponent off and be able to take advantage of that. Remember is not all about winning, but having fun and enjoying the game.

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