How to Beat Eternal Haven

bobbyThere has been a little bit of a dilemma in the Kaijudo community ever since the release of Shattered Alliances, how do you beat [ccProd]Eternal Haven[/ccProd]? It is a huge blocker that can attack and cannot be targeted by your opponent spells and abilities. That makes it very difficult to deal with. There are only a handful of creatures that can attack over it in the whole game. I have searched around and came up with some good solutions to solving the problem. When facing down [ccProd]Eternal Haven[/ccProd], it may look bleak, but there are answers!

Stormspark Blast

Let’s get the most obvious choice out of the way. This is a way around Eternal Haven, however it does not get rid of it. This is the only shield blast that will stop Haven in her tracks, which is the main issue. The fact that once Haven is played, there is no reason for you not to attack with it. Right now there is no shield blast your opponent can have to banish this creature while attacking. This is better as an offense card against Haven than a defensive card. If you’re only hope is to have a Stormspark in your shields against a Haven deck, you probably already lost. This card as a blast just delays the inevitable. Yes, you will not lose that turn, but there is very little that will stop your opponent from winning the next turn. Now if you use it as an offensive card, that is a different story. Against Haven decks, it is very important to hold on to this card as long as you can. If you are able to build your field up with many creatures, it does not matter if your opponent has three Eternal Haven on their side of the field, just use this card and they all become useless.

Squillace Scourge

            As soon as this was previewed as a card from Clash of the Duel Masters I knew it would be one of the best cards in the game. Sadly it is a double edge sword against Eternal Haven. It is just as good against as it is for. This is by far the best card used to counter Haven and best card to use with Haven. You use this similar the way you use Stormspark, you hang on to it until you build your field up, then you play it and swing it for game. The advantage this has over Stormspark is that even if you do not win that turn, your opponent cannot attack you and fight back, you will need answers for their blockers on the following turn though. On the flip side, all your opponent needs is any double breaker, Haven, and a Keeper of Laws and it is game over. If they throw Squillace on top of that there is almost nothing that can be done. When playing against Eternal Haven decks you have to be very precise on the plays you make and try your best to not let your opponent set up their battle zone for this deadly 3 card combo.

Queen Kalima

            This is probably the best answer to Eternal Haven when it comes to instant banishment. Not only will it most likely banish the Haven with her ability but Kalima is also stronger so it can attack over her. Another card that is very playable along with Kalima is Mark of Kalima. Most of the time Mark cards do not see any play just because the other ability is lack luster unless you actually have the monarch in hand. I think most of the time they are underrated though. This mark however is really good. Worst case scenario you can banish two of your opponents creatures for only 8 mana. It also does not target like Kalima’s ability. The only problem you might face is if your opponent has more than 3 creatures in the battle zone, but still getting rid of 2-3 creatures is not a bad thing, no matter what they are. The weakness with Queen Kalima decks, and why it has not been doing so well at KMC’s is that it struggles against aggressive decks. It is great against Eternal Haven decks, but that is pretty much it. If someone can build a Kalima deck that does well against aggressive decks and maintains that late game control it should be one of the best decks in the game.



Devouring Smog/Ensnare

            I am not saying these two cards are good by any means, but as far as shield blasts goes, these are they only cards we have that stand a chance at removing Haven. This brings me up to the problem with Haven. If we had better shield blasts that did not target, Eternal Haven would not be a problem in the least bit. Most of the time this card does not even do anything against Haven because they will either attack with her first or just have another creature out they can sacrifice instead. The fact that Haven can just play a blocker for free with her ability limits the capability of this card. I am only bringing it up because it is all we have. I will point out, if you are lucky enough to use one of these cards with Piercing Judgment, then the likelihood of being able to banish Haven will increase. This is not the best option to dealing with Haven, but is definitely an answer at least.

This is just a quick look at some cards that are good against Eternal Haven. There are a lot more out there and I plan on going over those in my next article which will be a part 2 to this. Eternal Haven is a huge problem to deal with but if you play your cards right and build your deck correctly, you can overcome it. Let me know your thoughts and how you have been dealing with this Light Monarch!


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