Impossible Victory

The victory seemed unthinkable but the story is true. It was my third Yugioh tournament and I was using Ancient Gears, which won me the first round. My next opponent was undefeated so far and used a deadly dragon deck. When the duel started he didn’t hesitate. He played his Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and ended his turn. The duel went on and I was already on the edge. He had summoned his Blue Eyes Ultimate only to have it removed from play for another Darkness Metal Dragon. I held on for a few more rounds and managed to use a Lightning Vortex on his dragons, but that didn't stop him. He blocked my Ancient Gear Beast with a Bottomless Trap Hole. I ended and I couldn’t catch a break. His Dragons continued to slaughter my monsters and I took out his cards one by one. Sadly, it was not enough. Finally, after about ten turns he had no monsters and still had all his 8000 points while  I was down to my last 3700. He placed a facedown and ended his turn. I drew and had no monsters on the field or in my hand, bummer. But, I did draw a Magic Cylinder and placed it facedown and played my Scapegoat and my four tokens appeared. I ended my turn and he drew.

He activated his facedown, Return From The Different Dimension. His life points dropped to 4000. He had a Blue Eyes Ultimate in there, one Five Headed Dragon, and three Blue Eyes White Dragons. How did he have all those? He played a Dragon's Mirror for his Blue Eyes Ultimate and a Future Fusion for his Five Headed. Luckily though I used Bottomless Trap Hole on his Five Headed Dragon. So there I was dealing with the strongest dragons ever made. What made it worse was the other participants watching the duel and saying how I was done for. He told me he was going to finish me off with his Five Headed Dragon so I just stood there shaking (actually shaking) and clueless. He started to attack with his Blue Eyes and I soon realized about the Magic Cylinder I had facedown. I acted like I didn’t know it was there and just played along with his little game. He had one more attack, no monsters on my field, my tokens were gone. The only thing that stood was his Five Headed Dragon and my life points. He attacked not realizing my facedown. I instantly flipped the Magic Cylinder and his points instantly dropped to zero. The others were as shocked as I was. I still was shaking and soon realized one thing, that it was the first of the three duels. I lost the remaining two duels to him but still was proud how being patient really did pay off. It was the perfect yet impossible victory.

Using your head seems like the best way to win a duel but it also takes skill, a plan, and a good deck. The duel between me and the Dragon guy tests a person's skill. It also takes common sense. I'm not a professional or a beginner but I know how to duel. My duel with the Dragon guy was just luck but also showed me that he didn’t see or realize my facedown. In a duel you can tell what kind of a trap it is by observing your opponent and sometimes taking risks. If he or she lays a facedown then activate a magic and a trap card during your turn. If they counter it then you can know it is safe to attack but, if they set a facedown and you don't attack and that card is still on the field then you know its a trap waiting to happen. Now, if there whole back row is loaded then pray you have Jinzo in your hand. If not your on your own.

Traps are not the only thing to watch out for. Your opponent might have strong monsters and could wipe you out very fast just like the dragon guy. There are simple solutions to every deck. For example, Lightsworns are tough to beat but now since Judgment Dragon is now more difficult to summon you have nothing to worry. Using a remove from play deck gives you a instant victory as long as you have the right cards. If you cant stand dragons like I do then use Level Limit Area B and stop the dragons in there places. When I dueled the dragon guy the next week I loaded my side deck with cards that stopped him from fusion summoning, and I put three Dragon Capture Jars in it too. Sadly before I could play any of those he had all the dragons out ready to strike. Also, if you can't defeat a deck then go online and see what its weakness is and build a deck that works well around that deck and others.

When you think about it Yugioh is more than a card game to some people, it's a way of life, or a thrill in life. Having to deal with a Judgment Dragon or losing to a dragon guy like myself strives your hunger for the game. You spend hours in your home building a deck you say or think will beat anything. Then when you go to a tournament you realize that your deck sucks after you lost all the rounds. You bring your trade binder just to trade or to show how many cards you have. It's more than a game to most people. It's a way of life withier it's winning or loosing to a person or even having an impossible victory.

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