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Hello Yu-Gi-Oh community! I would like to start off this article by introducing myself, my name is Justin Diaz im 16 years old and i live in Brooklyn, NY. i have been playing the game for a while but started to play competetivly the beggining of this year.

a few weeks back i decided i wanted to play something diffrent at a regionals so i decided to run worms. at the regionals i went 6-2 coming in 11th barely missing the top8 cut. at the start of a day i versed a plant deck then lost round 2 to lightsworn. i was able to win the next 5 rounds but then lost the last round to heroes.i was very satisfied with the deck and what it can do under very little test play. i noticed the deck was able to pull out of plenty of situations and elimante big monster easily. i will first show my decklist and then explain some of the combos and stategies of the deck .


Monsters 16:

3x worm xex

3x worm yagan

3x worm cataros

2x worm king

2x effect vieler

2x maxx "c"

1x honest

Spells 7:

3x pot of duality

2x forbbiden lance

1x monster reborn

1x book of moon

Traps 18:

3x w nebula metorite

2x offering to the snake diety

2x solemn warning

1x solemn judgement

3x dimensional prison

2x bottomless trap hole

1x mirror force

1x compulsary evacuation device

1x trap dushoot

1x starlight road

1x dark bribe

Side deck: 15

3x thunder king riaoh

2x breaker the magical warrior

2x fossil dyna

2x cyber dragon

2x gravekeepers watcher

2x smashing ground

2x mystical space typhoon

extra deck 15:

1x ally of justice catastor

1x brionac

1x oreint dragon

1x black rose dragon

2x stardust dragon

1x scrap dragon

1x trishula

1x shooting  star dragon

2x chimeratech fortress dragon

2x number 39: utopia

1x steelswarm roach

1x gachi gachi gantestu

at a first glance you can see the deck plays like anti meta by playing plenty of backrow. but a worm deck can also make big plays by bouncing back your opponents monsters and special summmoning big monsters like worm king. lastly you may notice i dont play torrential tribute or dark hole. i choose not to run either of them becuase they can really be a dead draw when you always want to protect your monster on the field. let me start to explain some key cards in the deck

first ill start off with worm xex and worm yagan. both monster work well with eachother.

worm xex reads

light reptile/effect 1800atk/1000def 4 stars

When this card is Normal Summoned, you can send 1 Reptile-Type "Worm" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. If you control a face-up "Worm Yagan", this card cannot be destroyed by battle.

and worm yagan says

light reptile/effect 1000atk/1800 def 4 stars

If the only monster you control is "Worm Xex", you can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard in face-down Defense Position. If you do, remove it from play when it is removed from the field. When this card is flipped face-up, select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls, and return it to it's owner's hand.

as you can see both monster work well with eachother creating some strong opening plays. since worm xex can send worm yagan to the graveyard it gives the player acess to abusing worm yagans eff.  also by using worm xex to send worm yagan to the graveyard and then using worm yagans eff to special summon it also gives you the option to xyz the following turn

another powerful card in the deck is w nebula metorite.

Change all face-down monsters on the field to face-up Defense Position. During the End Phase this turn, change all face-up LIGHT Reptile-Type monsters you control to face-down Defense Position, then draw 1 card for each. After that, you can Special Summon 1 Level 7 or higher LIGHT Reptile-Type monster from your Deck.

w nebula metorite is the draw power of the deck. nebula can arguably be the best card in the deck. w nebula metorite combo with cards like worm xex and yagan can potentially lead to a plus 3 which can really change the game.  nebulas only monster target in the deck is worm king, (who i will disuss later ) who can be a really good beatstick . nebula can really give an advantage over your opponent. lastly since nebula sets your worms it allows you to use their effects all over again

now lets talk about worm king

light reptile/effect 2700atk/1100 def 8 stars

This card can be Tribute Summoned in face-up Attack Position by Tributing 1 Reptile-Type "Worm" monster. You can Tribute 1 Reptile-Type "Worm" monster to select 1 card your opponent controls, and destroy it.

worm king plays similar to gravekeepers decendant. worm king can potentially be bad in your hand but if you bring it out by nebulas eff or by tributing one worm monster it can be a pretty big beat stick. kings eff also puts pressure on your oppenent becuase essenctially they cant stop it becuase he comes during the end phase.

the last card i want to discuss it offering to the snake deity.

Target 1 face-up Reptile-Type monster you control and 2 cards your opponent controls; destroy all three targets.

one thing you may notice is the card is similar to icarus attack. the diffrence is offering says destroy your monster not tribute it. this means that if offering is negated your monster wont have to be sent to the graveyard as a tribute. offering also allows you to get insane plusses. for instace lets say your oppenent has three backrow. you attack with worm xex and they dimensional prison you then chain offering to get rid of two cards giving you a plus 1. offering also allows you to stop your opponents plays by getting ris of two cards.

as you can see worms have plenty of great cards. they are a very underated deck nut when played they can be very deadily. i hoped you learned something about reading this article and changed your view on worms. until next time remember to always enjoy your day.

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