Kaijudo Article Writing Contest: Doing a Sealed Event in Kaijudo

nathan bond

Hello Kaijudo Fans this is Nathan Bond here.  Most of you don’t know me I am very new to the Kaijudo scene, but you can see me in action in the tournaments at Comic Kings with CVH, Pogiforce, and the rest of the crew there. You can also see me on Pogiforce's videos at Atlantis Games and Comics.  I have my own videos up as Ramboscoob333.  Today what I have for you is some advice going into duel days with a format that most people are not very familiar with.  This format is sealed.

Sealed events play very differently than your normal tournament.  It is not because of who your opponents are but because of the nature of the tournament.  In a sealed event you do not bring your own deck.  At the tournament every player receives 6 packs and makes their deck from those packs.  Now this makes the types of decks you will see vary more than usual.  Though two major types will show up and that are rush and blocker stall.  The reason behind this is because with lack to selection of cards it generally comes down to playing as many low cost cards as possible.  So now I bet you are thinking to yourself well what should I play then.  Well the answer to that lies entirely with what is in your packs.

The first thing any player should do when making a deck for sealed is separate the cards they pulled into piles based on their civilization.  Then look at what you actually pulled one civilization at a time.  When you build your deck play what works best together, don’t play a civilization just because you got one amazing card in it if you have no real support.  A good example for that would be in the upcoming Dragonstrike Infernus Release Event.  Say I am in that tournament and out of my packs I pull an Infernus the Awakened, but I only pull 4 other fire cards.  Infernus may be a very powerful card but it is not practical for me to play Fire in my sealed deck.  I did not pull the amount of support needed to play fire.  Now let’s take the similar situation.  In this one I don’t pull Infernus but I do pull a good size fire pull with many options and good fire cards.  In this situation it would be good idea for me to play fire, and seeing as fire currently does not have blockers more than likely it will be for a rush deck.

The next thing I wish to bring to your attention when making your deck, do not fill your deck up with high cost cards unless you pulled a very sizeable amount of cards that let you charge additional mana in a turn.  Even when that is the case it is still not suggested to play this large amount.  Most of the decks you play against will be very fast and you cannot keep up with the speed.  This does not mean do not play very large creatures it just means be more thoughtful of which ones you do play and how many you play.  A good rule of thumb with this format is no more than one fifth of the deck.

The last thing to keep in mind with this is your deck size.  A deck only needs to be thirty cards for a sealed deck.  This being quite a bit smaller you cannot do as much with your deck.  Also the rule of only three copies of a card does not apply in sealed.  So if you pull say five copies of a common and it fits your colors and is a good enough card by all means play all five.

The last bit of advice I have for everyone who intends to play in the sealed event for Dragonstrike Infernus is keep looking at the cards as they get spoiled.  By doing this when you go into an event you have some idea of how a card will work and what it will work well with when you go to build your deck.

I would like to take this time now to talk about some of the cards that have been released and how well they will be in a sealed deck.  I will start with the three supers that have been revealed.  These dragons all cost nine mana and will be very hard to play in this format.  Though they are very good cards they will be better suited for a constructed deck.

Next we will discuss the fire birds.  Lux will be the best one for this event as it only cost two and keeps your dragons alive.  With this pack being themed around the dragons being able to keep your key creatures alive is an extremely good ability.  Both Kenina and Belua will work well.  The ability to make your dragons virtually unblockable by Belua will give your deck a better chance for victory.  Kenina giving your dragons power attack +2000 will help in getting rid of the big threats your opponent may play.  All the fire birds make the dragons cheaper to play as well so as we see more dragons they will show how valuable these cards truly are.

Branca the Treacherous will be a good card to play for sealed, as he is a simple and easy rush card.  Having lots of low cost creatures are good for events like this.  On the other hand though Burnclaw the Relentless isn’t as good for this format, because as it stands right now Branca is the only Drakon that has been revealed that he can evolve off of.  If more Drakons appear in this set that may change but as of right now Burnclaw will only be good in a constructed format.

The last card that I want to talk to you about is Dauntless Tusker.  This is the most recent card to be revealed to us thanks to CVH.  In a format like this he will be a very good card as there is supposed to be a good selection of dragons in this pack.  In constructed he will not be as good but any creature that you can drop for cheap and it is very powerful is always something you want in a sealed event.

Well now that you know what to look for in your upcoming sealed events for Dragonstrike Infernus, I wish you the best of luck in your pulls and deck constructions.  Stay tuned to upcoming spoils and duel on Kaijudo fans.