Kaijudo Begins at the ARG Circuit Series Ft.Worth!

bobby brakeHey Kaijudo Duelists! I am here at the first ARG Circuit Series covering the exciting Kaijudo events! We have a number of well known players here playing for the massive prize of 22 boxes so I was able to sit down and talk with some of them, before the tournament starts, and see their insight on what they are using and what they think of the meta post Shattered Alliances.

Robby Stewart is here, he got 2nd place at the first Kaijudo Championship in Seattle. I asked him what he thought the best deck is now that Shattered Alliances is out, he said “Dragons will still be really good because they still have the same engine and with the additions of Heretic Prince Var-rakka and [ccProd]Dragon Knight Volaron[/ccProd], they will only make the deck stronger.” Robby Stewart made the trip out here to hang out with the community and see what decks are being used and see what to watch out for the KMC season.

Ryan Bishop is also here, he was the youngest player at the Kaijudo Championship, at the age of 14, and also managed to make it to the top 8. When asking him what the top deck of the post Shattered formatted he said “Eternal Haven decks will be the best because it is a big blocker that cannot be targeted by your opponents cards effects, it is also has more power than most creatures.” Ryan came to hang out and play for the amazing prize support.

Joe Bass is here, he made top 8 at the Kaijudo Championship as well. He won the KMC at Comic Asylum just days after learning the game because of his extensive Magic: the Gathering experience.  His thoughts on the best deck of the format is “Eternal Haven ramp (nature) is the best because Haven is unbeatable and if you get it out quick, you can get an early win.” He came here at a shot to win the 22 boxes for first place.

Robert Hebert joined the ARG Circuit today, he recently received 2nd place on the Kaijudo Commentator Challenge and he also won an LCQ at the Championship so he was able to participate. He said this in regards to the best deck, “I think the top deck will be 4 civ Haven control. Haven’s Aurora Armor ability is too good. You just cannot get rid of it. The best deck against it though might be Megabugs with Cyber Scamp because they can swarm the field fast enough.” When I asked why he came here he said it was just to hang out with me, what a guy!

So it seems everyone think Eternal Haven is going to rule Kaijudo for the next couple months! These are just a few of all the awesome players here today! I will be updating all day for more ARG Circuit Coverage, so keep an eye out!


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