KMC Brake-down 7/26-27

bobby brakeI am back again with another “Brake-down” of the 3rd week for the KMC’s. I look at each of the decks from this weekend and show the percentage that made the top cut at each event and overall. Last weekend we saw Tempo take the back seat while control reigned supreme. A new deck won a KMC called 5-civ “Fresh Ave” deck. It is a control deck that is 42 cards and consists of all creatures. This was made famous by Ryan Valentino at the New Holland KMC. Did this deck cause a trend that will be seen for the rest of the KMC season? Well, let’s take a look!

Carrolton, GA 7/26

1st LWN Tempo Eric Arriola
 2nd LWN Tempo Thomas Lamont
 Top 4 LN Aggro Karim Soliman
 Top 4 LF Rush Hunter Simons
 Top 8 WF Tempo Xavier Green
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Neil Thomas
 Top 8 LDN Midrange Cathy Boatman
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Nathan Bond

            There was not any 5-civ Fresh Ave decks in the top 8 at this KMC, but there sure was a lot of Tempo! My friend Eric Arriola won the whole thing with LWN Tempo. Half of the top 8 was LWN Tempo, which was to be expected because the further south you go, you tend to see more Tempo and Aggressive decks. One Rush and one Midrange snagged a spot each. An interesting WF Tempo deck made top 8 using 3 copies of Swarming Rapids Lurker. Let’s Brake-down this KMC’s top 8.

LWN Tempo 50%

LN Aggro 12.5%

WF Tempo 12.5%

LF Rush 12.5%

LDN Midrange 12.5%


Monroeville, PA 7/26


 1st Mono-Nature Midrange Mohamed Al-Hendy
 2nd LDN Midrange Spencer Swan
 Top 4 LN Aggro Richard Zapp
 Top 4 LDN Kalima Mark Woodin
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Bryan Le
 Top 8 5-Civ Fresh Ave Chase Cosgrove
 Top 8 LDN Midrange Christian Van Hoose
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Sean Castor


            5-Civ Fresh makes its 2nd appearance, but losing in top 8 this time. Mohamed got his invite this time using his mono nature midrange deck and so did Spencer Swan using a LDN Midrange deck.  This top 8 is a bunch of Tempo and Midrange decks with Mark’s Kalima making a statement that she is still very relevant. Surprisingly there were no rush decks in the top 8. Let’s Brake-down this KMC’s top 8.


Mono Nature Midrange 12.5%

LDN Midrange 25%

LN Aggro 12.5%

LDN Kalima 12.5%

LWN Tempo 25%

5-Civ Fresh Ave 12.5%


Victoria, BC 7/26


1st LWD Control Julian Anonby
 2nd LDF Control Kevin Winther
 Top 4 LWDF Corrupted Brandt Carron
 Top 4 LF Rush Michael Stanwood
 Top 8 LN Boulderfist Alex MacLeod
 Top 8 LDF Control Tyler Winther
 Top 8 LDF Control DonLee Wilson
 Top 8 LWDN Control Nathanael Tonn


            This looks like a heavy control KMC. Over half the decks in this top 8 was control. I am glad to see that Kevin Winther got his invite again. It is awesome that a Corrupted deck made it all the way to top 4. Corrupted is a deck I believe has a lot of potential, but does not see enough play. A very similar LN Boulderfist deck that Dave Penergrass used to get his invite made it to top 8 at this event. Then there were some more control decks to finish out the rest of the top 8. Let’s Brake-down this KMC’s top 8.


LWD Control 12.5%

LDF Control 37.5%

LWDF Corrupted 12.5%

LF Rush 12.5%

LN Boulderfist 12.5%

LWDN Control 12.5%


Cleveland, OH 7/27


 1st 5-Civ Fresh Ave Chase Cosgrove
 2nd LF Rush Alexander Greene
 Top 4 LN Aggro Richard Zapp
 Top 4 LN Aggro Nathan Reinhart
 Top 8 5-Civ Fresh Ave Matt Robinson
 Top 8 LDF Control Shawn Zima
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Chris Durand
 Top 8 LF Rush Edward Costello


            This was the ARG KMC that I was at. Sadly I did not make top 8 because I lost to Nathan Reinhart and Chase Cosgrove in swiss. Chase ended up winning it all using the 5-Civ Fresh Ave deck he made top 8 with the day before. That deck has came out of nowhere and now a lot of people are using it because of how well it has been performing. Richard Zapp made top 4 2 days in a row with his impressive LN Aggro that uses Charging Greatclaw. Nathan Reinhart had a very fast LN Aggro deck using Commissar Soris and Sunstorm Dreadnaught. Sadly Matt Robinson lost in top 8, but I was watching him all day and he was making some crazy moves, like summoning 6 creatures off the top of his deck with Borran. Rush made more of an appearance in this top 8 than the other KMC’s this weekend taking 2 spots. Let’s Brake-down this KMC top 8.


5-Civ Fresh Ave 25%

LF Rush 25%

LN Aggro 25%

LDF Control 12.5%

LWN Tempo 12.5%


Now that we have looked at each KMC this weekend let’s combine them all together and see what types of decks were in the majority of the top 8. Here is the Brake-down for all the KMC Top 8’s together.


Individual                                                       Generic

LWN Tempo 21.9%                                        Control 31.2%

LN Aggro 15.6%                                            Tempo 25%

LF Rush 12.5%                                               Aggro/Midrange 31.2%

WF Tempo 3.1%                                             Rush 12.5%

LDN Midrange 9.4%

Mono Nature Midrange 3.1%

LDN Kalima 3.1%

5-Civ Fresh Ave 9.4%

LWD Control 3.1%

LDF Control 12.5%

LWDF Corrupted 3.1%

LWDN Control 3.1%


This week overall, Control and Aggro/Midgrange went down a little bit a Tempo saw more spots in the top 8. The percentage of Rush stayed exactly the same. Outside rush being a small percentage; this is spread out pretty evenly. This is probably the way I like it the most because I do not want rush to be as dominant as other decks because it really is not that fun to play against, but it should always be a threat people will have to learn to deal with. There are still a lot of different decks that did well this weekend, come back next week to find out how the meta is changing!

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