KMC Brake-down 7/5

bobby brakeI am going to start a series of articles where I go through each of the KMC’s on a weekly basis and talk about the decks that made top 8. I will also look at the percentage of each deck type for all the KMC’s. This will hopefully help people get a better understanding of what is being played and what decks are performing well. You can find all the deck lists at

The first weekend of this season was on July 5th. There were 3 KMC’s that weekend, one in Texas, Wisconsin, and California. Let’s start with the one in Tyler, Texas, since I was actually at that event.

Tyler, TX 7/5

 1st LDN Aggro Robby Stewart
 2nd LWN Tempo Joe Bass
 Top 4 LWD Tempo Thomas Lamont
 Top 4 Mono-Fire Rush Thomas Matchett
 Top 8 LWD Panopter Control Ryan Bishop
 Top 8 LN Aggro Jason Markulin
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Robert Hebert
 Top 8 LDN Aggro David Woodward

This top 8 had a wide range of Tempo and Aggro decks. Only 1 Panopter control deck made top 8 and I know there were at least 5 of them playing in the KMC. The Panopter deck surprisingly lost to the Mono-Fire deck in top 8. An interesting deck that popped up in the top 8 was a LDN Aggro deck, which both Robby Stewart and David Woodward used. They worked on this deck together and used the exact deck card for card. They sadly had to play each other in top 8 so only one of them was able to move forward and get the invite. I was also really excited to see a LN Aggro deck using Bristling Tatsurion! Tempo proves that is still a very good deck, and probably will be for a while, taking 3 spots of this top 8. Here is the percentage “Brake-down” for this top 8.

LDN Aggro 25%

LWN Tempo 25%

LWD Tempo 12.5%

Mono Fire 12.5%

LWD Panopter 12.5%

LN Aggro 12.5%

South Milwaukee, WI 7/5


 1st LWN Tempo Eric Shen
 2nd LF Rush Justin Aponte
 Top 4 LW Panopter Control Robert Arguelles
 Top 4 LF Rush Alexis Rogganbuck
 Top 8 LFN Megabugs Joseph Maldonado
 Top 8 LWDF Control Benjamin Rowe
 Top 8 LDFN Control Jason Czajkowski
 Top 8 LWD Tempo Philips Nguyen


This one was similar to Texas, expect had a little more control in the top 8. I think the LFN Megabug deck is really interesting; it used cards like Krakus the Dominator, Weaponized Razorkat, and Warmaster Tatsurion. There was only 1 LWN Tempo deck this time and he was able to take it all the way to the top. Robert Arguelles made top 4 using almost the exact same list that CVH used to win the 2014 Summer Championship a few weeks ago. Every deck in this top 8 was different, except for the 2 L/F Rush decks, the decks may have similar strategies, but it is good that we see a lot of diversity in how they are built. Here is the percentage “Brake-down” for this top 8.


LWN Tempo 12.5%

LF Rush 25%

LW Panopter 12.5%

LFN Megabugs 12.5%

LWDF Control 12.5%

LDFN Control 12.5%

LWD Tempo 12.5%


Los Angeles, CA 7/5


 1st LWN Tempo Andrew Rivera
 2nd LN Aggro Frankie Mach
 Top 4 LF Rush Zachary Mirman
 Top 4 LN Aggro Kevin Dang
 Top 8 LF Rush Kiet Lam
 Top 8 LWD Panopter Control Dylan Chu
 Top 8 LWN Tempo Jackie Moc
 Top 8 LF Rush Sho Sasaki

This top 8 was very aggressive. The majority of the decks were focused on winning by breaking their opponent’s shields as fast as they could. Once again, only 1 Panopter deck made the top 8. LWN Tempo won this KMC as well. So in all 3 KMC’s this weekend, a LWN Tempo deck qualified for the Winter Championship. Shaman of the Vigil made an appearance at this tournament and was able to get the invite as well. LF Rush made a big splash, taking up almost half the spots. Here is the percentage “Brake-down” for this top 8.


LWN Tempo 25%

LN Aggro  25%

LF Rush 37.5$

LWD Panopter 12.5%


Now that we have looked at each KMC individually, I want to analyze them as a whole. We are going to look at all the decks that made top 8 from this weekend and see how many of each deck topped the events.


KMC 7/5 Total” Brake-down”


Individual                                                       Generic

LF Rush 20.8%                                                  Tempo 29.1%

LWN Tempo 20.8%                                         Rush 25%

LN Aggro 12.5%                                               Aggro 25%

LWD Panopter 8.3%                                       Control  20.9%

LDN Aggro 8.3%

LWD Tempo 8.3 %

LW Panopter 4.2%

LFN Megabugs 4.2%

LWDF Control 4.2%

LDFN Control 4.2%

Mono Fire 4.2%

When you look at the deck type and percentages, the type of decks that topped a KMC this weekend were pretty evenly split, with Tempo just barley coming out on top. There were the same amount of Rush and Aggro decks this weekend, they can go back and forth against Tempo, but will struggle against the Control decks. Control came in at the lowest percentage probably because the amount of Tempo that was being played. Tempo tends to have a favorable match up against Control, but can have a huge weakness to rush. Overall I am very pleased with the results this weekend and I think it shows a pretty healthy meta. Every deck has its good match-ups and its bad ones. Hope this helps you decide what deck to use at your next KMC. Alter Reality Games is hosting a KMC at the Cleveland Convention Center on July 27th, I’ll be there hope to see you too!

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