Looking Ahead – Qliphorts

Hello duelists! This week I'd like to look ahead to a deck that we will be seeing a lot of next week: Qliphorts! This is the first deck to feature an archetype that focuses on using Pendulum Summoning and can do it effectively and efficiently.
All the Qliphort monsters, when acting as Pendulum scales, disallow monsters other than Qliphorts to be special summoned. All of the Qliphorts except Scout and Towers can be normal summoned without tributing but their original attack becomes 1800 and level becomes 4. Now let's get right into an overview of the deck!
Qliphort Carrier
This is the card that I tend to search first with Scout when I'm going first, especially if I have Saqlifice as he allows you to end the game on your next turn (assuming you have Saqlifice equipped or a Disk in hand already, because when he's tributed he returns a monster on the field to the hand).
Qliphort Helix
I've never found myself liking Helix very much, but I would definitely still play it. The main application that I've found while using him is that you can destroy your opponent's Scout if you don't have Mystical Space Typhoon or any other forms of Spell/Trap removal. I don't think he's very good against Burning Abyss because all their traps are chainable and in most Shaddoll decks the only real trap card they play is Vanity's Emptiness (or Artifact cards, which you don't want to destroy).
This is a very essential card to the deck. It is an equip spell that has four different effects. The first effect is the equipped monster gains 300 attack. This puts you over most normal summons but is otherwise not terribly relevant. The second effect is that if you were to tribute summon for a Qli monster then the monster that you're tributing will count as two tributes! That may not sound like much at first but this allows you to summon Qliphort Disk on your next turn and summon out two more monsters with his effect. If you already have two Qliphort monsters on the field you can equip Saqlifice to one of them and then tribute summon for Apoqliphort Towers out of nowhere, and this can very easily just end the game against most decks. The third effect is that the equipped monster cannot be destroyed by battle. Now most of you might think that destroying a monster by battle is a thing of the past, but I disagree. The only way that most decks can get past this is by using a trap card to get rid of the monster that is equipped with Saqlifice or to use a monster effect to destroy the monster. The other two most popular decks can't do that very efficiently (with the exception of the newest Synchro monster Virgil for Burning Abyss) and the only way that they can summon him successfully is assuming that you don't have a single real trap card which is unlikely. The best part is that even if they do get rid of your monster, Saqlifice has a fourth effect just ready to kick in! The fourth and final effect is probably the best one, "If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard you can add a Qliphort monster from your deck to your hand." So even if your opponent gets rid of your monster, Saqlifice just goes and replaces it! Saqlifice is definitely one of the cards that makes Qliphorts such a scary deck.
Qliphort Disk
This is the big power play in your deck: when he's tribute summoned he will special summon any 2 Qliphort monster from your deck! The way that I like to set up for him is by using Scouts effect turn one and adding either a Carrier or Saqlifice (if I already have a monster), Summoning Archive, equipping Saqlifice, then assuming that both Scout and Carrier survive a turn, then I would use Scouts effect to add a Qliphort Disk to my hand normal summon it, use Carrier's effect when tributed to bounce one of my opponent's monsters (assuming they have one), use Saqlifice to add an Archive to my hand and use Disk to Special summon any Qliphort monsters from my deck. Then put Archive I just added into the Pendulum zone, Pendulum summon the Carrier that was tributed and attack for game (that's 9400 damage (21+21+21+31)). This is assuming you've gotten rid of their backrow, or they don't have any responsive backrow.
Qliphort Shell
This card just seems like a worse version of Qliphort Disk to me, they both require 2 tributes but Disk can end the game a lot quicker and isn't as hurt by cards like Compulsory Evacuation Device, Bottomless Trap Hole, Torrential Tribute, etc. The only difference is that when your opponent is low on life, and has some monsters on board you can use his effect to do piercing damage and that may end the game, but that hasn't come up very much for me, Carrier does a good job of getting rid of big monsters for me. I wouldn't play more than 1 Qliphort Shell if any.
Qliphort Scout
This is the card that makes the deck so ridiculous. Its effect is simple but powerful. I don't think I need to go into much discussion on how powerful this card is. Every turn, for the mere cost of 800 life points, you can add any Qliphort card from your deck to your hand (including Spells or Traps). So if this card stays on the field for as few as 2 turns, odds are you've already gained so much advantage that you're winning.
The only Qliphort that isn't a Pendulum monster: Apoqliphort Towers
This card I won't talk about too much in this article because I feel that he deserves an article to himself, and I'll probably make that next week's article.
That's all for this week's article! If you'd like to see me write about a certain topic feel free to message me on Facebook. The Circuit Series stops by Raleigh, NC next on November 8-9.
And as always, Play Hard or Go Home!