March Banlist Wishlist

So it is just about that time of the year again. Last July I wrote an article entitled, "September Banlist Wishlist," which received quite a response from the crowd. I was actually quite surprised I was not hunted down at the next YCS I attended after that response, but I guess it was to be expected - my list was quite radical. But even if I stressed the word wishlist the first time, there were still readers who simply rejected the article for being unrealistic... but that was the point. This time around I have decided to take a similar approach and revise my wishlist from the previous format. I actually played a reasonable amount of games under my wishlist from last format, and my golly the games were incredible! They were slow paced, grind games with a lot of interaction - so I was actually quite pleased overall. Though after testing I did find some issues with the list, and things I should have changed. Anyway, let me first remind you what I wished for in September, and then follow it up with the revisions.

- Black Luster Solider – Envoy of the Beginning
- Exodia the Forbidden One
- Morphing Jar
- Sangan
- Wind-Up Hunter

- Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
- T.G. Hyper Librarian
- Leviair the Sea Dragon

- Card Destruction
- Final Countdown
- Future Fusion
- Gateway of the Six
- Limiter Removal
- Machine Duplication
- Mind Control
- Monster Reborn
- One for One
- Pot of Avarice
- Royal Tribute

- Ultimate Offerings

- Cardcar D
- Chaos Sorceror
- Deep Sea Diva
- Genex Undine
- Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World
- Herald of Perfection
- Inzektor Centipede
- Inzektor Dragonfly
- Judgment Dragon
- Jurrac Guaiba
- Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
- Magician of Faith
- Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
- Rescue Rabbit
- Sinister Serpent
- Tour Guide from the Underworld
- Tragoedia

- Blade Armor Ninja
- Evolzar Dolkka
- Evolzar Laggia
- Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
- Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity

- A Hero Lives
- Chain Strike
- Magical Stone Excavation
- Mystical Space Typhoon
- One Day of Peace
- Rekindling
- Shien’s Smoke Signal
- Six Samurai United
- Super Polymerization

- Call of the Haunted

- Reckless Greed

- Left Arm of the Forbidden One
- Left Leg of the Forbidden One
- Right Arm of the Forbidden One
- Right Leg of the Forbidden One
- Archlord Kristya
- Card Trooper
- Marshmallon
- Necro Gardna
- Spore
- Summoner Monk
- Tribe Infecting Virus

- Destiny Draw
- Primal Seed
- Scapegoat
- Swords of Revealing Light

- Magic Cylinder
- Mind Crush

Going into March 1st, 2013, here is what I would add:


Inzektor Hornet

Number 16: Shock Master

One Day of Peace



Atlantean Dragoons

Evigishki Mind Augus


Treeborn Frog

Tribe Infecting Virus

Wind-Up Shark

Fire Formation - Tenki

Wind-Up Factory



Inzektor Centipede

Pot of Duality

Bottomless Trap Hole

Mirror Force


Inzektor Hornet to 0/Inzektor Centipede to 3

I actually played Inzektors a considerable amount this previous format, and it was still so apparent that Hornet was a problem card. Even with only one Hornet and Dragonfly, you could still prefer absolutely destructive combos, and the existence of Hornet in this slow paced format would be to detrimental. I believe Inzektors are still playable with the combination of Ladybug and the triple Centipede, and are actually a far control deck. When I limited both Dragonfly and Centipede, I essentially rendered the deck useless - outside of unfair Hornet plays. By bringing Centipede back up to 3, this deck can perform powerful XYZ plays that are not dominate in the overall format.

Number 16: Shock Master to 0

How many games this format have been won with the Shock Lock? Imperial Order is banned for a reason, and it proved too easy to spam 3 level 4 monsters on the field. I might have gone forth and limited the playability of Wind-Ups, but there will always be an archtype that can find a way to abuse Shock Master, and the best solution would be to simply let the card go to the way side.

One Day of Peace to 0

I had this card limited to one in September, but with the existence of the GIshki FTK, it has become apparently that this pseudo- Time Walk is just awful card decision and has no business in competitive Yu-Gi-Oh.

Rekindling to 0

I had this card at 1 in September, but found it being beyond unfair in decks running the Flamveil Engine. A deck consisting of the Flamveil Engine with Hydrogeddon and Forbidden Lance was a powerful choice in my playtesting, and way entirely fair until Rekindling hit the table. With future releases of Fire type monsters, such as Lavals, I am not sure many people are going to have much issue with seeing this card go to 0.

Atlantean Dragoons to 1

Dragoons is one of the best tutor monsters the game of Yu-Gi-Oh has ever seen. Not only does it have a formidable 1800 attack, the interactions it has with the Mermail engine is astounding. Searching any Sea Serpent monster is quite too powerful when the format is slowed down as much as this list intends, and my honest feeling is a limitation, with the way the rest of the decks this format are structured, would not hurt the playability of the deck.

Evigishki Mind Augus to 1

Did you read my article last week? If not you should!

Geargiarmor to 1

With the other Geargia support, limiting Armor to one may not even be enough to keep the deck under control. This format is slow, and this card is the master of the grind game. The advantage you can accumulate off one Armor is unheard of, and the limitation to 1 was necessarily to insure the deck did not dominate the format. Again, similar to Dragoons, this deck is still playable with the remaining cards at its disposal, it just will not be oppressive.

Treeborn Frog to 1

Frog Monarchs were boarding too powerful when I playtested my previous banlist. So just as an effort to weaken the Frog engine, I have decided to limit Treeborn Frog to one. Again, the deck is still entirely playable, it just will be unable to find useful Swap Frog targets after the first copy.

Tribe Infecting Virus to 1

I had this guy at 3 originally, but the slow paced format proved too powerful with Atlantean monsters. It did not see any play in other archtypes, but the interactions with his watery friends was just too much to leave him at 3.

Wind-Up Shark to 1

Out of all of the ways to handle the Wind-Up archtype, I think limiting Wind-Up Shark is the most efficient way in terms of the monster lineup. Using Wind-Up Rat, Magician and Rabbit the deck can still grind out XYZ monsters, and in this format, remain as a consistent and fair deck. However, the ability of Shark to swarm the field and generate immense board presence is just too much. This was a mistake I made right with Konami in September. I thought limiting Zenmaity would be enough. Boy was I wrong...

Fire Formation - Tenki to 1

I know the Fire Fist archtype has just been released, which is why I only limited this single card. But everyone knows how powerful the tutor in decks are (which is probably why you see a trend appearing in this banlist). Being able to tutor up whatever monster you need just does not promote healthy Yu-Gi-Oh, especially when I am adament about keeping Mystical Space Typhoon at one in this banlist. With one Tenki, the deck is obviously slower, but still a powerhouse with the rest of the format and hopefully fair.

Wind-Up Factory to 1

It was just too much this past format, and another mistake I made alongside Konami. Tutoring up any monster is unfair, and in multiples is just ludicrous.

Pot of Duality to 3

In this format, the fact that you have to reveal the card you select has proven to be quite detrimental. It helps consistency, and after hammering away at the tutors of each deck, perhaps this type of engine can replace what each theme lost.

Bottomless Trap Hole to 3

This card just ended up being the perfect out to a lot of the popular cards in the format (Plasma, Firedog, Hydrogeddon, Cyber Dragon,etc.), so I really see no reason to bring it up to 3. Having more options when constructing decks is perfectly fine, and perhaps will create a Royal Decree vs. Trap Heavy deck dimension to the format.

Mirror Force to 3

I was never really for moving this card up from one until I played this format. I feel in love with Mirror Force again, and I am all for giving us three copies. I still think Dimensional Prison is better a high enough portion of the time that people will rarely find the need to run three, so it should not have a terribly large impact.

Alright guys. Time to call me crazy in the comment section again... I'll be back next week with a REALISTIC version.

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