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Charles Hsiao

There are more and more people joining Cardfight Vanguard as the game slowly gets more popular, and with that there are many people who are new to the game. Maybe they have watched a few episodes of the series and decided it looks fun. Maybe they say you having fun and wanted to play it too. Bottom line is that there will always be people who do not understand the rules.

One of the biggest complaint that participants of the Cardfight Vanguard United States Regional Tournaments had was judges and their rulings. The way that Bushiroad had people be judges was to be an official judge of a card store that hosts Vanguard Tournaments, fill out an application and bam! they were judges for that regional tournaments. Now most people that volunteer have some experience at least in the game so it was not all bad, but there were people that complained that the rules that the judge called right was wrong and vice versa. Do not confuse this with all judges though as people prominant in the Cardfight Vanguard comminuty such as Randal Muratomo (or Peshkatz for those that follow his Youtube channel) were judges for their regional as well, and there were many good words about judges as well. I have no complaint over the judges at the Los Angeles Regional Tournamnt while I was playing the three rounds I had matches before being eliminated. But that doesn't mean there aren't people who make beginner's mistakes. This is a list of most common mistakes I have seen in all games:

  1. When to perform drive/damage checks
  2. Selecting the starting vanguard
  3. Guarding with units that are higher grade than the vanguard
  4. How to use heal trigger
  5. How to use stand trigger
  6. Targeting Rearguards to Attack

1. When to perform drive/damage check.

Drive check is only done when your vanguard, or the center unit, is attacking your opponent. It does not matter what unit you are attacking. G0, 1 and 2 can perform one drive check while G3 does two. All card you drive check goes to your hand afterwards. When an attack hits your vanguard, you perform a damage check equal to the number of criticals your opponent's unit has. All cards that are revealed by your opponent's attack is sent to the damage zone. Each trigger gives one unit +5000 power and one other effect.

2. Selecting the Starting Vanguard

Each deck has a Grade 0 that is designated as the starting vanguard. With exceptions such as Lozenge Magus, Battleraizer and Turboraizer the unit you select as the starting vanguard should NOT be a trigger. Trial decks have a starter that does not have an effect; most-often used starters are either common or rare (Conroe being the exception).

3.  Guarding with Units That are Higher Grade Than the Vanguard

If this is war, and a soldier is demanding to be in charge of the platoon, what is the most likely answer? No. You cannot use a unit with a grade higher than your vanguard to defend from an attack. Only cards with equal or lower grade can be used to defend against an attack. Incerception works regardless of your vanguard's grade (for all those that experienced Still Vampir's megablast ability).

4. How to Use Heal Trigger

Heal trigger is special in comparison to the other triggers you can use in that you can use only 4 total in a deck. Heal trigger only works when you have equal or more damage not counting the heal trigger itself. For example, if Player A has 3 damage and Player B has 4 damage, if Player A reveals a heal trigger, it does not work because the heal effect occured while the damage count was 3 to 4. On the other hand, if Player B reveals a heal trigger then he can heal one point of damage. That means players who drive check a heal at 5 damage or damage a heal as their sixth damage will ALWAYS be able to heal.

5. How to Use Stand Triggers

How stand trigger works that is that you can stand up one REARGUARD to do another attack. The VANGUARD can not stand unless there is an effect that allows it to stand up. Otherwise stand trigger would be the most used trigger in the game period.

Those are the generic mistakes that I see happens alot when dealing with a new player to the game. But of course there are other situations that are more card specific that confuses people also. There is a list of what some of them are and the answer to some people's confusion.

  1. Dragonic Overlord's Counterblast
  2. Blond Ezel's Limit Break
  3. Battle Cupid Nociel
  4. Galahad/Tsukuyomi Superior Ride Chain
  5. Viviane + Spring Breeze Messenger + Effect When Superior Called

These mistakes have been made even for those who have gotten the hang of the game, and even then people have argued over some of the effects and how they work. This will hopefully clear some of the problems.

1. Dragonic Overlord's Counterblast

Eternal Flame, the name of Dragonic Overlord' skill, is a tricky effect with a pretty big cost, but the output can be worth it if used correctly. With the cost of 3, Dragonic Overlord gains 5k power for the turn, loses his "Twin Drive" ability, and can stand up again if it retires a rearguard. If this is used as a rearguard, Overlord does NOT get to do a drive check as that effect only applies when h is the vanguard. He can still only target the units in the front row, and any trigger bonus to gained from a previous drive check is kept until the end of the turn.

2. Blond Ezel's Limit Break

This one gave some people headaches for the beginners who jumped into Gold Paladin to use Blond Ezel. His limit break effect, with a cost of 2, allows him to act as a Gigantic Charger of Gold Paladin with the additional effect of gaining the superior called unit's power. However, it only works when you have an open rearguard circle. And no, that does not mean you can just retire a unit on your side of the field just to make space for Ezel's limit break. You can not retire a unit for no reason.

3. Battle Cupid Nociel

This card made it tough for the Angel Feather players because the question here is the timing of the card effect. It was later confirmed that you must finish guarding the attack before using Nociel's skill. That means the unit you just got from the damage zone can NOT be used to defend the attack that Nociel is guarding because it is past the moment where you call your guardians to defend yourself.

4. Galahad/Tsukuyomi Superior Ride Chain

People do not always focus on pulling off the ride chain listed all the way through, as some people like CEO over the Full Moon Tsukuyomi, or maybe Alfred over Godly Speed Galahad. So what happens then if you see the card you can superior ride but don't want to? Just don't ride it. The effect that allows you to superior ride says to select up to one of (insert unit name) and place it on the vanguard circle. That means you can choose zero of them, as zero is less than one. Also, the 5 cards you check are not shown to your opponent, so how would they know you had the card anyways?

5. Viviane+Spring Breeze Messenger + Effect When Superior Called

This issue usually comes up when a Viviane supported by Spring Breeze lands a succssful hit against the vanguard. What should the order of effect be? What if you superior called Pellinore or Lop Ear? Will there be a miss timing somewhere? The answer to that is no missed timing and you can arrange the order however you want. It can be Viviane, Spring Breeze then Pellinore or Spring Breeze, Pellinore then Messenger since the effects occur within the same moment. This one is a weird one but Bushiroad said this is how it is.

There are more mistakes out there that people make, and as the game advances to more and more skills there will be more questions rising up. Such is the nature of the game. If you do not know the answer, look it up or ask Bushiroad. Ask your friends or peers but be sure to later check as they are not always right. The Bushiroad site has comments where they can answer any questions you have regarding the card effects.

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