Perspective Duel – Billy Brake vs. Bobby Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! I am back this week with something a little bit out of the normal for my articles. I always have players asking me about my play style or how I play against a certain match-up so I decided to start a new series of articles called Perspective Duel. You will notice these are very similar to a feature match, but written by me allowing myself a chance to provide insight to why I made certain plays and my thoughts going through my head during the duel.

This is my first time trying something like this so please leave some feedback in the comments down below and let me know how you feel about it! If this is something a lot of readers enjoy, please let me know so I can do more of them in the future!

Pregame – This match-up pitted my synchro plant deck with a tech Dimensional Prison, up against my Brother Bobby Brake’s Dino-Rabbit deck with 3 copies of Maxx “C” in the main instead of Dimensional Fissure, which were in his side deck. With my Brother fresh off his Top 8 appearance in YCS Kansas City, I knew this was going to be a tough match.

Perspective Duel – Billy Brake (Synchro Plants) vs. Bobby Brake ( Dino-Rabbit)

Dice roll – We decide to roll 2 dice and whoever rolled the highest combined number will go first. I rolled a 9, Bobby also rolled a 9, I rolled a 7 and he rolled snake eyes so I will get to go first!

Game 1
My opening hand was Dandylion, Tour Guide from the Underworld, Maxx “C”, Reborn Tengu, Dimensional Prison, and Mystical Space Typhoon. I was pretty satisfied with my opening hand, I had a pretty decent setup to where even if Bobby had a turn 1 Rescue, I was in pretty good shape. I summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld bringing out Sangan in attack mode then set my Dimensional Prison and passed. Bobby drew for his turn and then activated Mystical Space Typhoon destroying my set Dimensional Prison. He then summoned Jurrac Guiba and attacked over my Tour Guide from the Underworld, I responded to his attack by activating Maxx “C “, and I took 700 points of damage, he activated the effect of his Jurrac to special summon another copy of Jurrac Guiba from his deck allowing me to draw a card for Maxx “C”, he then moved to main phase 2 and xyz summon Evolzaur Dolkka netting me another card, he set 1 card to his backrow and ended his turn. I drew Torrential Tribute and Pot of Avarice off Maxx “C” during my Brother’s turn and Monster Reborn for my turn. I set Mystical Space Typhoon and Torrential Tribute to my back row, and set Dandylion ending my turn. I was hoping he would get greedy and walk into my Torrential, or worst case I would activate my own Torrential next turn to get Dolkka off the board. Bobby summoned Tour Guide form the Underworld, I activated my Torrential Tribute, not wanting to destroy his Sangan he would bring out, but he chained Forbidden Lance to protect his Evolzaur Dolka. The torrential resolved destroying both my Sangan and Dandylion at the same time, and then my brother special summoned Sangan from his deck. Since two mandatory effects triggered at the same time in my grave I was able to choose how I wanted to place them on the chain. I activated Sangans effect first and chained Dandylions effect; he opted to negate my Dandylion with Dolkka. I searched my deck for Spirit Reaper and added it to my hand thanks to Sangans effect. He attacked me directly for 2500 damage and ended his turn. I drew Spore for my turn. I could see some plays coming together next turn for me, but if he was able to summon another Rabbit, it was going to be tough for me. I simply set reaper and passed. He summoned Rabbit and banished it to summon two copies of Kabazuls from his deck, he then xyz summoned for Evolsaur Laggia, just what I didn’t want to happen. He attacked into my Spirit Reaper and ended his turn, I had to bank on the fact that Spirit Reaper would buy me some time.

I drew Mind Control for my turn and with that I decided to make a move. I used Mystical Space Typhoon on his face-down Dimensional Prison, I activated Mind Control on his Dolkka, and he had to negate it with Laggia. I then activated Monster Reborn on Dandylion, but he chained Maxx “C” and stopped me in my tracks. I set my Reborn Tengu and ended my turn with Pot of Avarice and Spore in my hand. Bobby drew to 3 cards in hand, Dolkka with one negation, Laggia with no material and a Sangan on the field. He summoned Tour Guide and brought out another copy and xyz summoned for Wind-up Zenmaines in def mode, luckily he wasn’t able to make a Leviair, the Sea Dragon and bring back Rescue Rabbit because he had too many full monster zones. He attacked my face down Tengu with Laggia, and didn’t activate Dolkka’s effect to negate it. I special summoned another copy in attack mode, he attacked it with Dolkka resulting in my losing 600 life, I then brought my third copy out in attack mode. He attacked my Dandylion with Sangan and opted to negate his effect with Dolkka and ended his turn.
Things were starting to look my way. I drew Trap Dustshoot for my turn with Bobby holding 2 cards in hand and a Sangan on field so I knew it would be live. I activated my Pot of Avarice to put all 3 copies of Reborn Tengu into my deck and only leave Dandylion in the grave for me Spore. I drew into Solemn Judgment and Mystical Space Typhoon off the Avarice. I summoned Spore and synched with Tengu for T.G. Hyper Librarian. I brought out another Reborn Tengu from my deck, removed Dandylion for Spore, synched with Tengu for Stardust Dragon, drew Maxx “C” off my T.G. Hyper Librarian’s effect and then summoned my last Reborn Tengu from my deck. I attacked over Laggia with Stardust Dragon, Dolkka with Librarian, and over his Sangan with Reborn Tengu. Bobby searched out Rescue Rabbit from his deck. He ended up taking a total of 900 life point damage. When I ended my turn he was left with a Wind-Up Zenmaines with 2 material and 3 cards in hand. During his Draw phase I activated my Trap Dustshoot his hand of Rescue Rabbit (I sent back), Solemn Warning, Monster Reborn, and Kabazuls. He summoned Kabazuls, activated Monster Reborn on Kabazuls, I chained Maxx ‘C’ to and drew into a game-sealing Enemy Controller. When he xyz summoned for Utopia I activated my Solemn Judgment, and Mystical Space Typhoon’d his Solemn Warning in the end phase. On my turn, I tributed my Spirit Reaper for Enemy Controller to take his Wind-up Zenamaines and attack directly for game.

Side deck
I knew his deck was back row heavy and monster reliant. So here were my choices of cards that I put in.
In: Mystical Space Typhoon, Dimensional Prison, Fiendish Chain, Smashing Ground, and Dust Tornado

I figured he would be siding into Dimensional Fissure so I wanted to take out some key cards that would be especially hurt by it. I couldn’t side out too many monsters not wanting to mess up my ratios, so I opted to take out cards that I didn’t feel would be key in my victory.
Out: Scapegoat, Debris Dragon, Enemy Controller, Trap Dustshoot, One for One

Game 2
Bob started off by summoning Sangan and setting one back row. I have to say any time a Rabbit deck doesn’t open up with Rabbit is a good thing! My opening hand was Reborn Tengu, Dandylion, Glow up bulb, Enemy Controller,Solemn Judgment, and for my turn I drew Sangan. This hand was pretty similar to my hand from game 1, but a little less powerful, none the less it was something I could work with. I decided to set Solemn Judgment and Dandylion concluding my turn. He summoned Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, a card I did not want to see with my hand, he attacked and bounced my face-down Sangan and attacked for 1000 damamge with Sangan. On my turn, I drew a Thunder King Rai-oh and summoned him. Bobby activated his face-down Solemn Warning, I was forced to chain my Solemn Judgment. I then sent Thunder King to attack over his Sangan for 900 damage. The duel stood at 5100 to 3500 in my Brothers favor. I set Enemy Controller and passed to Bobby’s open field and 6 cards in hand. He started off with a Mystical Space Typhoon on my backrow and summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld to bring out another one from his deck. He xyz summoned for Leviathan Dragon which I negated with Thunder King Rai-oh. He then activated Monster Reborn on my Thunder King and passed to me in fear of Gorz. This duel did not seem to be going my way.

I drew Black Luster Soilder for my turn. With a hand full of monsters and Bobby holding a Grand Mole I knew I had to do something to get my BLS online. I summoned Reborn Tengu and simply passed my turn. Bobby summoned his Grand Mole and moved to his battle phase. He attacked over my Reborn Tengu with Thunder King , bringing another Tengu from my deck, then bounced it to my hand with Mole to bring out the last copy of Tengu from my deck. He set a backrow and passed. I drew spore for my turn, a card that I knew could come in handy. I summoned Glow up bulb and synchro summoned for Ally of Justice Catastor, if my brother negated with my Thunder King I would then have the light and dark that I needed for my Solider, but he chose not to, leading me to believe his backrow was a Dimensional Prison or Fiendish Chain. I then activated Glow up Bulb’s effect, milling a Tour Guide from the Underworld and synched up for a Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, and my brother still did not tribute Thunder King to negate his summon. I called priority with Brionac discarding Spore and Dandylion, targeting both cards on his field, but he chained Fiendish Chain, but I got Dandylion’s effect. I banished Dandylion for Spore’s effect, I synched Spore with a token for T.G. Hyper Librarian and he had to negate with Thunder King this time. So now he had 3 cards in hand, drawing to 4 against my Fiendish Chained Brionac, a token, and 3 cards in hand. I passed.

Bobby drew and summoned Sabersaurus sending him to attack the token and passed. I special summoned my Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning and normal summoned my Reborn Tengu. I entered my battle phase and was able to attack over his monster for 1100 damage, 3000 from a direct attack from Soldier, and a final attack from Reborn Tengu to finish off the match. He then revealed his hand of Kabazuls. Pot of avarice with 4 monsters in grave, and a Grand Mole. My hand had not been the best, but Bobby wasn’t able to really get anything going to take advantage of it and I was able to walk away with the victory!

Thanks for reading! I hope you were able to enjoy this inside look on to what plays I make in certain situations, if this is something you would want to see more of please let me know! If you have any other suggestions for articles feel free to leave some feed back in the comments below! Remember, Play Hard Or Go Home!

-Billy “Back to Back” Brake
YCS Toronto & Columbus Champion