Plants 2.0

Hey everyone it's Jerome Porter back with all of you with my weekly article on a deck I like to call xyzcentric or plants 2.0!

Here's my list


3x maxx c
1x gorz
3x wind-up rats
3x wind-up rabbit
1x wind- hunter
2x wind-up magician
3x wind-up shark
3x tour guide
1x sangan
2x snowman eater


2x forbidden lance
2x space
1x heavy
1x pot of avarice
1x book of moon
1x dark hole
1x monster reborn
1x soul taker


2x solemn warning
1x solemn judgment
2x bottomless trap hole
2x dimensional prison
2x torrential tribute

Extra deck: 15

1x number 20
1x utopia
1x utopia ray
1x tiras
1x roach
1x zenmaines
3x zenmaighty
1x temtempo
1x djinn muzurath
1x acid golem
1x zenmaio
2x leviair

Side deck:15

2x dimensional fissure
2x forbidden chalice
2x messenger of peace
2x level limit area b
3x effect veiler
1x space
1x soul taker
2x stealth bird

Many of you dont know how this deck is resembled to plants:

Let's look at the monster line up for
Plants for a quick second

1x Dandelion
1x Lone fire
1x Spore
3x tengu
1x Debris dragon
3x Tour guide
3x Maxx c
1x sangan

Comparison time

Dandelion = Shark
Spore = Shark
Bulb = Shark
Lonefire = Magician+Zenmaighty
Tengu = Rabbit
Maxx c = Maxx c
Debris Dragon = Rat
Tour Guide = Tour Guide

See all the similarities that they have. They are the same cards if you ask me but better because all of the good cards in the deck aren't banned.  Also, outside of its xyz orgin the deck has a hand loop which is an added bonus. With this deck you can combo and discard anywhere from 3-4 cards out your opponents hand and with Pot of Avarice you can hit all of them!  This deck even has the same weaknesses of plants, Maxx C, but to a great player Maxx C is child's play. Effect Veiler almost does nothing to the deck as it only stops Rat+Zenmaighty and Magician+Shark. This may seem like a lot but with Wind-up Rabbit you can play around that card easily.


I will be abreviating some of there names:

wind-up magician= WM
wind-up shark= WS
wind-up zenmaighty= WZ
wind-up hunter= WH
wind-up rat= WR

Combo #1

Summon WM special WS get another WM in defense lower WS to level 3 then get WH from the deck. Next, tribute WM discard a card XYZ with WS and WH to make WZ and then use effect to detach WH and special summon WR from the deck. Then use WR effect to get WH from the deck and tribute the other WM on the field then xyz summon WZ with WR and WH. Then repeat until you have got 2 more cards from your opponent's hand and then make any rank three after that.

Combo #2

Normal summon WH and special summon WS. Then xyz into WZ and then use the effect to detach WH to get WR. Then use the Rat's effect to get WH.  Then tribute WZ and repeat until 3 cards are discarded from your opponent's hand.

Combo #3

Summon WM and special WS get another WM in defense. Lower WS to level 3 then get WH from the deck. Then, xyz summon into WZ with WH and WS.  Use WZ to get WR and use WR's effect to special summon WH from the deck. Then tribute WZ to discard a card from your opponent's hand. Next, xyz summon for WZ using WR and WH.  Then use his effect to get WR from the deck then use his effect to get WH from the grave. Then tribute your other WZ to discard a card from your opponent's hand then xyz summon into your last WZ.  Use his effect to either summon another WS or another WR. If you get WS then you can xyz summon into Number 16: Shock Master !!! If you get WR use his effect to get WS from the graveyard then xyz summon into Number 16: Shock Master !!! Then use Shock Master's effect to declare a card type depending on what is in your hand, on the field, and what you discarded out of your opponent's hand. The reason you get WS from the deck instead of WR is if your WZ lasts a turn without being destroyed you can use its effect next turn and get WR and use its effect to get another card out your opponent's hand and then xyz summon into something else. Also if you just happen to get dark holed if you did not call spells with Shock Master you can maybe topdeck a WR.

This deck doesn't always start out with the loop so if you open Tour Guide and Wind-up Rabbit in the same hand summon Tour Guide. If it doesn't get Veilered or Maxx "C"ed go into Wind-up Zenmaines. At that point your opponent doesn't know what you are playing. This also gives you the opportunity to see what your opponent is playing because they'll most likely summon a Rabbit or something to make Dolkka to neutralize Zenmaines unless they start of with Tour Guide and play Temtempo in their extra deck.

Other games you will open Wind-up Magician and Wind-up Rabbit. When you open those cards you sorta have the hand that can do either of 2 things: 1) Form the loop or 2) Form into alot of xyz such as Tiras, Adreus, Zenmaioh, Utopia, Roach, or Maestroke etc..

Here is how you do it either one.  Turn one you can set WM or summon Wind-up Rabbit. Then on turn 2 you can summon whichever one you didn't summon turn 1. Now, your field should look like WM and Wind-up Rabbit. Magician can be in defense or in attack mode (it's best that magician is in defense mode though). You end your turn and now your opponent has to be able to get rid of both of your monsters or you are going to start building up field presence. As a matter of fact, your opponent cannot get rid of both of your monsters because no matter what they do you are going to put another one on the board unless they play Dark Hole. When they attack or end their turn you use Wind-up Rabbit's effect to remove itself from play and trigger WM's effect to get another WM. Either situation that happens now on your turn you can use wind-up rabbit's effect to either remove itself or remove the used magician to get any windup from your deck, maybe WS or maybe WH depending on what you want to do. If you get WH by removing used WM you can go into the loop or if you remove Wind-up Rabbit you can get WS and go into Shock Master. If you have another WS shark you can go into any rank 3 and any rank 4. Then you can continue from there. Using Wind-up Rabbit has helps you play around Effect Veiler by baiting them out. You can also play around Maxx C by using Rabbit's effect on their turn.

Those are a couple of ways to use wind-ups. I am going to close this article with that. Well that's my brief explanation on the deck for now. I will be putting up other articles soon.

Please comment and thanks for reading. Until next week!

Jerome Porter

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