Plants vs Zo…Dragons

jeff jonesHonestly, I don't think I personally know 1 person who hated Plant based decks. I'm sure they exist, but Tengu Plants, Quickdraw Plants (my personal favorite deck of all time) and other Plant variants I think are some of the most beloved decks of Yu-Gi-Oh's past. Just recently I posted a facebook status about Lonefire Blossom, and easily got tons of comments and hundreds of likes, just because those people loved Plants.

Oddly, Plants are my favorite Type of monster. A lot of peoples are Dragons, Spellcasters, and Warriors, but not me. Ever since [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd] came out in Phantom Darkness, I fell in love (screw [ccProd]Dark Armed Dragon[/ccProd], all about dem Lonefires!) and any chance I get to try and use my ole buddy [ccProd]Dandylion[/ccProd] and Lonefire, I will take.

So recently the amazing utility of Redox and its effect to be used as a pseudo Monster Reborn has made me want to just throw it into basically everything. I also realized that [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd] + Redox... is just like Lonefire + [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd]. So that right there is amazing in itself.

lonefire blossomSo this is what I've come up with

1 [ccProd]Dandylion[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Effect Veiler[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Evil Thorn[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd] 3 Maxx C
3 [ccProd]Naturia Cherries[/ccProd] 3 Redox, the Dragon Ruler of Boulders
1 [ccProd]Spore[/ccProd]

3 D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation
1 [ccProd]Dark Hole[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Foolish Burial[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Heavy Storm[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Mark of the Rose[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Mind Control[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]One for One[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Pot of Avarice[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Super Solar Nutrient[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd]

1 [ccProd]Ally of Justice Catastor[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Armory Arm[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Black Rose Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Crimson Blader[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Formula Synchron[/ccProd] 3 [ccProd]Power Tool Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Scrap Dragon[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Stardust Dragon[/ccProd] 1 TG Hyper Librarian
1 [ccProd]Constellar Ptolemy M7[/ccProd] 1 [ccProd]Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack[/ccProd] 1 Number 11 Big Eye
1 [ccProd]Photon Strike Bounzer[/ccProd]

EffectVeiler-ORCS-EN-SR-LEGigavise is an old deck, but now has some new tricks. Lets start off with talking about our Monsters.

[ccProd]Effect Veiler[/ccProd] is very common in this format, and this deck is no different. It runs 3 because not only is it great against Dragons, but being a Level 1 Tuner makes this very important. It's a [ccProd]One for One[/ccProd] target if needed, but most of all it allows you to make [ccProd]Crimson Blader[/ccProd] with Redox to get those instant wins against Dragons.

3 Maxx C is also good against Dragons, but whats actually more important in this deck is the fact that Maxx C is an Earth. This means that you can turn dead Maxx C's into [ccProd]Monster Reborn[/ccProd] with a Redox.

[ccProd]Evil Thorn[/ccProd] is a card many people might not be familar with. It's a Dark Level 1 Plant-type Monster that allows you to get 2 more copies of the card from your deck by tributing it. This card has one single and very important use; [ccProd]Super Solar Nutrient[/ccProd]. We are going to talk a bit out of turn by talking about this Spell card because it is very important. [ccProd]Super Solar Nutrient[/ccProd] allows you to tribute a low level Plant-type Monster, to get a larger one from your deck. So by tributing one of your [ccProd]Evil Thorn[/ccProd]s, you can Special Summon your boss of bosses, [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd]. The quicker we get to [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd], the better. From there you can use [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd] to tribute the other [ccProd]Evil Thorn[/ccProd], grab a [ccProd]Spore[/ccProd] and make a level 8 Synchro Monster, or of course go into your win condition, [ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd].

[ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd] is how you win (in combination with[ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd]). It's an Earth Monster, and when you draw it that means you can ditch it with Redox, simply to bring it right back (and even use its effect if you haven't Normal Summoned yet).  [ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd] into [ccProd]Power Tool Dragon[/ccProd] is of course your main combo of the deck.

Naturia CherriesFinally 3 [ccProd]Naturia Cherries[/ccProd] round off the Monsters. Its Level 1, its a Plant, its a Tuner, and it's Earth.. it's literally everything you want for this deck. It sucks that they are ridiculous hard to find in real life though...

Next lets talk about the Spells.

3 DDR, 3 [ccProd]Mark of the Rose[/ccProd], and 3[ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd]. I kind of want to talk about [ccProd]Mark of the Rose[/ccProd] first, simply because this card is straight up busted. This card is the straight up nuts against Dragons. Steal their Dracossack, get 2 tokens, and if you want, pop the Draccosack (so they don't get it back) to kill an opponents card. Or, steal a Big Eye to Big Eye something else. You seriously cannot go wrong as even your worst case is you steal an E-Dragon and make a [ccProd]Crimson Blader[/ccProd]. [ccProd]Mark of the Rose[/ccProd] = MVP.

Of course the, the most important card is [ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd]. It automatically turns on your [ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd], allowing you to Special Summon [ccProd]Lonefire Blososm[/ccProd] again, which gets you a Tuner. From there you Synchro Summon a [ccProd]Power Tool Dragon[/ccProd], and [ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd]'s second effect kicks in and brings back your[ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd]. Then Power Tool goes and grabs 2 more [ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd] and whatever Equip Spell would be next best in your situation (in most situations, [ccProd]Mark of the Rose[/ccProd]). If you get the[ccProd]Supervise[/ccProd], just rinse and repeat. If not, whatever other cards you have will be used.

DDR works well with [ccProd]Spore[/ccProd] as it Banishes Plants, but mainly because Redox banishes all your Earths. You can banish[ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd], and DDR it right back. The deck sets up large fields fairly easily.

The last Spell is [ccProd]Super Solar Nutrient[/ccProd] which we touched on earlier. I use 3 simply because it plus almost any other Monster in the deck allows you to grab [ccProd]Lonefire Blossom[/ccProd].

maxx cIn the Extra Deck we see very familiar things for the format and Plant like decks. 3 [ccProd]Power Tool Dragon[/ccProd] is there because well, we need that guy. Draccossack and Big Eye are easily made with 2 Power Tool Dragons, Redox, and also being able to Mark of the Rose a level 7 Monster to Xyz with. And finally [ccProd]Photon Strike Bounzer[/ccProd] and M7. which are both easily made with 2 [ccProd]Gigaplant[/ccProd]s. Bounzer helps finish off opponents to make sure something like Gorz doesnt drop, or many times you can get your opponent down to 1000 life or lower and Bounzer can prevent them from using any effects. M7 can bounce any card back to your hand, so if you cant kill your opponent you can return a Maxx C or [ccProd]Effect Veiler[/ccProd], or if somehow a Monster on the field is blocking your way you can remove it with M7 to push for game.

The deck is extremely fun, and it's really cool to watch Dragons squirm against this. You can pull of some sick combos, and you just feel good whenever you activate [ccProd]Lonefire Blososm[/ccProd]'s effect. Now, I'm not saying this deck is "the best of the best", but I'm not here for that. I'm here to help you guys have fun! After all, that's what Yu-Gi-Oh is really about; fun, and your friends.

Until next time duelist, play hard or go home, and let your duels be ever in your favor.




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