Put a Mask on and Have Fun with Billy Brake!

Hello Yugioh Community! I want to start off by saying congratulations to the winner of YCS Lima, Hector Delgado! Even though this YCS had about 100 less participants than the average Texas Regional tournament, you have to give credit where credit is due. He was able to take Dino-Rabbit to the top and be crowned the champion of the weekend! This week we are going to put the GX back into Yugioh! For those of you who don’t know I genuinely enjoy playing this game, winning can be a lot of fun, but every now and then I like to build up fun decks to mess around with at locals and regional events! ( You can see my article on using Wind-Ups at a regional right after the release of Soldier and Dog!)  The deck I chose to mess around with this time is Jaden’s favorite : Elemental Hero!

Question of the article: Do you have a fun deck you mess around with? What deck is it?

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Sadly, the nature of most decks containing E-Hero monsters tend to be mainly focused on Skill Drain with an anti-meta focus and this is mainly because the deck tends to perform better when run this way. My deck does have an anti-meta tendency to it, but I wanted to include some offense in the form of Mask Change. Anytime new cards come out I like to take them for a test run and Masked HERO Acid and Dian are no exceptions. They are both very powerful and can make for a lot of cool tricks so I had to put a little bit of focus on them when constructing my deck.  I also wanted to make sure I only used Elemental Hero monsters in my monster line-up, got to keep the theme alive!. I also tried to make this build as affordable as possible so the lack of Maxx “C” will be no surprise.   Let’s take a look at my deck list!

Monsters: 10

1 Elemental Hero Stratos

2 Elemental Hero Wildheart

2 Elemental Hero Ocean

2 Elemental Hero Bubbleman

3 Elemental Hero Neos Alius


The first thing you probably notice about the monsters are the two copies of Elemental Hero Wildheart. Back in the day, thanks to ARG Writer Jeff Jones, this guy was very popular in little city decks. Luckily because of Masked Hero Dian Wildheart has begun to see some play again! In the current format players are using two copies of Torrential Tribute and multiple copies of Fiendish Chain and Wildheart eats them for breakfast. He is a solid card right now and the easiest access for Masked Hero Dian. I also chose to run 2 copies of Elemental Hero Ocean along with 2 copies of Elemental Hero Bubbleman. Ocean can be underwhelming at times, his effect can be semi-useful, but if he isn’t working out he can always be replaced by his frozen cousin Elemental Hero Ice Edge! Bubbleman can provide for some awesome OTKs and can be the top deck that gets you back into the game!


3 Miracle Fusion

3 Mask Change

3 Pot of Duality

3 E-Emergency Call

1 Forbidden Chalice

1 Future Fusion

1 Book of Moon

1 Reinforcements of the Army

1 Super Polyermaztion

1 Dark Hole

1 Heavy Storm

1 Monster Reborn


20 spell cards! Better watch out for Naturia Beast! This deck is pretty reliant on using spell cards to win duels, but that is because they are all very powerful. I didn’t include any copies of Mystical Space Typhoon because Mask Change has a built in Harpie’s Feather Duster when you bring out Masked Hero Acid.  Most of the spell I chose to use were pretty standard, but I decided to tech a copy of Forbidden Chalice rather than using a second copy of Super Polymerzation in the main deck. Chalice is amazing against the Dino-Rabbit and Inzektor match-up and there can be times you just need your guy to be a little bigger. When your opponent summons a Jurrac Guiaba and he is trying to attack your Elemental Hero Ocean you can flip up Chalice entering the Damage Step, take down the Guaiba, and be able to use Ocean’s ability during your standy-by phase to get back Elemental Hero Startos! OH the endless plusses!


2 Fiendish Chain

2 Hero Blast

2 Torrential Tribute

2 Solemn Warning

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Starlight Road


There really is nothing special about the trap line-up. I like using a couple copies of Hero Blast because in my opinion it is one of the best trap cards in the game. It’s a plus one monster removal you can chain and use during your opponent’s turn, it doesn’t get much better than that.  Everything else is pretty standard. If Fiendish Chain is a little too expensive for you , you can try and replace them with more copies of Forbidden Chalice which are a little bit cheaper!


2 Elemental Hero Absolute Zero

2 Elemental Hero Nova Master ( Assuming you are siding another copy of Super Poly.)

2 Elemental Hero The Shinning

2 Blade Armor Ninja

2 Masked Hero Acid

1 Masked Hero Dian

1 Stardust Dragon

1 Masked Hero Vapor

1 Elemental Hero Gaia

1 Elemental Hero The Great Tornado

The Extra deck is fairly normal. It can be tough trying to make sure you fit all of the fusions you are going to need for this deck, but I think I was able to cover everything that was a priority.



Since you are running 2 copies of Elemental Hero Bubbleman having these two cards can mean game for your opponent. First you have to be able to set your entire hand so you will be able to use Bubbleman’s effect to special summon him from your hand. You summon Stratos, search Bubbleman, special Bubbleman, Overlay Stratos and Bubbleman for Blade Armor Ninja, then detach Stratos to activate Blade Armor Ninja’s effect to allow him to attack twice. You then use Monster Reborn on Stratos, search out Bubbleman and repeat the process. You will have 2 Blade Armor Ninjas that can attack two times each for a combined total of 8400 damage.


This is pretty simple and most players know about it, but it doesn’t make it any less awesome when you are able to pull it off. If you activate Mask Change on Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and then Special Summon Masked Hero Acid, both of their effects will trigger blowing up all of your opponent’s monsters and their backrows.


When you activate Mask Change all you do is target the Elemental Hero you want to send to the grave to summon the Masked Hero. It is not a cost so if your opponent decides to activate Solemn Warning it will simply destroy the Mask Change, but your targeted Elemental Hero will remain on the field!

Conclusion: Yugioh can be a very competitive card game, but if you aren’t having fun playing it you are doing it wrong. Sometimes it is important to build decks that you have fun playing with even if they might not be the most competitive. The Elemental Hero theme has been a favorite deck of mine ever since I net decked Jeff Jones’ little city deck years ago! Mask Change can be a very powerful card and now with the release of Acid and Dian it is even better.

Thanks for reading if you have any suggestions for future articles feel free to let me know in the comments down below! Don’t forget to answer the question of the article!

-Billy Brake

-YCS Toronto and Columbus Champion