Questions on the Current Meta

Hello everyone, this is Kevin Silva or IamKevinSilva from youtube. I’m finally here to talk about the meta, upcoming decks, new cards, YCS experiences, and some helpful tips on how to get good at this game. I hope this article will help you with the current meta.

Before I get started on questions that people commonly ask me whatever I post here take it into consideration because I go to nearly every YCS and know the meta very well. I may have only topped 1 YCS, but I've won multiple 1000 dollar tournaments here in California. I have also topped multiple regionals in California ,which is pretty difficult to top. So, my statements do have some credibility.

Some Questions people ask me quite often for this format of March 1st, 2011:

What are the top decks of this format?

My answer: Six Samurai, Dragunity, Gravekeeper, Miracle Hero, X Sabers, Fish OTK, and Karakuri Machina Plants. Those are the defined meta decks as of YCS Charlotte.

What cards are worth lots of money right now?

My answer: Pot of Duality , Solemn Warning, Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana, CP Book of Moon, CP Bottomless Trap Hole, Scrap Dragon, Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Venominaga the diety of poisonous Snakes, TP Morphing Jar, Doomcaliber Knight , and Fossil Dyna Pachychaphelo. These cards are frequently asked for at big events such as YCS.

What do you think will be played at YCS Anahiem?

My answer: I’d say Samurais will be played more than anything due to the fact it won the last 2 YCS’s in a row. Legendary Six Samurai - Shi en is a big threat to most decks since it is so easy to summon it first turn. The card has a powerful effect of stopping any spell or trap per turn and having a strong 2500 attack, it’s really hard hard to take down. Since 9 Gravekeeper decks made top 32 at YCS Charlotte, there is a good chance that deck will be played as well, although there is no guarantee those 2 decks will be the most played, it’s just a prediction.

When are the Next YCS Events?

YCS Anahiem California is April 9th-10th, YCS Orlando Florida May 20th-22nd, YCS Providence, RI June 18th-19th, YCS Indianapolis August 4th-7th, YCS Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 16th-18th, YCS Columbus, Ohio October 21st-23rd, and don’t forget Nationals July 15th-17th at Pittsburgh PA.

If you were to play at YCS Anahiem what deck would you take?

A Good Sample deck I would take to YCS Anahiem would be something like this:

Kevin Silva Anti

16 monsters:

3 breaker the magical warrior

3 thunder king rai-oh

3 dd warrior lady

3 fossil dyna pachychaphelo

1 blackwing - gale the whirlwind

3 des lacooda

10 spells:

3 pot of duality

2 Mystical space typhoon

1 monster reborn

3 smashing ground

1 book of moon

15 traps:

2 solemn warning

1 solemn judgment

3 drastic drop off

1 mirror force

3 dimensional prison

2 scrap iron scarecrow

2 seven tools of the bandit

1 royal oppression

Usually, the point of an Anti-meta deck is to cut off your opponent's options and make sure they have unusable cards. Well this deck does the same thing, but adds something else on top of that: people don't realize when you add lock down or some kind of advantage starter your deck becomes a lot better then it was before. For example, you could use a plant deck with just plants, which is good, but there's always room for improvement. By adding charge of the light brigade and a few rykos your plant deck now has the ability to discard cards from your deck while destroying cards with ryko. It's really simple when you combine certain themes, it's usually better, not saying it will always be better. In this deck the surprise factor affects the opponent because they don't want to attack into dimensional prison or mirror force, but they don't want me to draw cards off Des Lacooda. Either not attacking or attacking messes their plays up drastically. When playing a deck where if the opponent attacks or doesn't attack means it's game over for them. Usually that would mean you have a 100% chance of winning, but you have to consider every option in this game because if you don't, that will lead to yet another loss in your yugioh history. Trap Stun and Royal Decree affect this deck to no end, that's why you see 3 breakers and 2 Mysticals in the deck, it destroys backfields.

I made a lot of strange card choices, but due to my indifferent playstyle I chose to run Drastic Drop off along with Des Lacooda for the main reason of combination. The combination of being able to set Lacooda along with scrap iron and drastic is almost a complete lock down. Your opponent has to waste 2+ cards to burn your set up, but afterward you already have a backup plan ready to go. As of how the deck looks like now I like it, although the only change I might make is to put Cyber Dragon into the deck. With this deck, it's all about timing. When to set certain cards, when to flip that Lacooda, and when to summon Thunder King. If you don't time it correctly your cards might become dead. The last thing to consider when using this deck is not to waste your cards. Anti meta is very limited on what it can do at first. After the controlling aspect picks up and you have control of the field then you won't have to worry as much, but your opponent is always going to try and explode.  This is why you have Thudner King Rai-oh, Royal Oppression, Solemn Warning, and other cards to disrupt their plays, which is another important aspect as well. Even if your opponent explodes, you still have the answers such as Fossil Dyna Pachychaphelo and many other cards.

I've ran a similar anti deck at my locals and have gone undefeated. The only unfortunate thing about this deck it's worth $1000+ so you have to be rich or have connections to even get access to this deck, the hype of it is so high. With that being said, I still recommend getting the cards to the deck.

Another thing I would like to mention: I never reveal my decks to anyone, so reading this article helps you quite a lot on my thoughts. To some I'm a threat, to others I'm a nobody, you decide how you wanna lose 😉

IamKevinSilva help you become a better player!