Rabbit Season

Greetings again. Do you remember when Tour Guide first came out and almost every deck could "splash" the Guide/Sangan engine into their decks because of how powerful it was? Even when Sangan got the ruling where you were able to search when it was an XYZ material, every deck tried to include Tour Guide into their monster lineup. Splashable cards whether it be a monster, spell or trap have always been around in the Yugioh world. Whether it be back when Dekoichi was the typical turn one set monster, Smashing Ground became the easy 1 for 1 answer, Neo-Spacian Grand Mole was bouncing all Synchros back, and then to the obvious Tour Guide bringing out Sangan turn 1. But what has became new Splashable cards in the Yugi World lately? My very own opinion, this has became "Rabbit Season".

Before getting into grave detail, I would like to give congrats to a good friend of mine Trevon Kelly for top 8'ing the Connecticut Regional this past sunday. Trevon is a good player in my eyes and has tons of potential. He does not travel to many events except locals and regionals, but he is always somebody I talk to about card choices and deck ideas in my local area. When he begins to travel, be on the lookout for his name at top tables soon.

Back to "Rabbit Season". With everyone knowing that Rescue Rabbit was a dominant force when it brought out Kabazauls or Sabersaurus, made a 2400 Solemn Judgment or a 2300 Divine Wrath was just absurd. I mean, im sure we had our fair share of opening Rabbit, making Laggia, setting some backrows, then following it up with Tour Guide next turn. I sure know I did. With new sets and cards being released, Rescue Rabbit has became a "splashable" monster in some decks. With being able to splash it in the new Brotherhood of Fire Fists to bring out Gene-Warped Warwolf, Vorse Raider, or Nin-ken dog. A Hero varient bringing our Elemental Hero Sparkman. Gem-knights to bring out Garnet or Tourmaline. Or the soon to be released Harpie deck to bring out the original Harpie Lady. See the splashability? Rescue Rabbit turns the cute little whistle blowing bunny into a plus of advantage. Each deck I mentioned can get a good amount of momentum from getting a Rabbit effect off. Dino Rabbit getting what I previously mentioned, Fire Fist getting Tiger King which gets a Tenki/Tensu/Tensen to generate more plus, Hero's for getting the possible OTK with Blade Armor Ninja/Excalibur, Gem-Knights for getting the first turn Lavalval Chain on field to send Gem-Knight Fusion to the grave and begin your fusion summoning. And then the Harpie Deck to combine it with Hysteric Sign/Elegant Egotist to produce a Shock Master or even Lightning Chidori. Each deck that can splash Rescue Rabbit into it, has its own purpose for playing the card in the first place. Because of the ability to gain plus, advantage, field control, etc. Outside of Dino Rabbit, Rescue Rabbit was not entirely splashable back in its release in Photon Shockwave. Then the mass release during the Collectable Tins, it became more available to the players who wanted to use it outside of Dino Rabbit. In Photon Shockwave, we got another pesky little Rabbit. Lets get into part two of "Rabbit Season"

Wind-Up Rabbit. We all know how annoying this card can be. Constantly dodging away from cards and coming right back and gaining plus from Wind-Up Factory/Magician. But with the release of Cosmo Blazer, Wind-Up Rabbit becomes searchable outside of Factory/Magician. Tenki becomes a way to get the floating bunny to your field. The little 100 attack boost is nothing too special, but hey, free attack points right? Wind-Up Rabbit is another one of the "splashable" monsters like Rescue Rabbit because you could put him in numerous decks. Wind-Ups of course, the Wilson Tsang Beast deck, the Chain-Beat deck with a bunch of chain-link cards involving Wind-Up Rabbit, and possibly even Fire Fist to have a floating monster and give you rank 3 plays. I personally have made the Wilson Tsang Beast deck and the splashability of Wind-Up Rabbit and Tenki in there is something the deck needed. Gives consistency and the ability to put pressure on your opponent. Wind-Up Rabbit is also dangerous because of Horn of the Phantom Beast. This trap card first became dominent after good friend of mine, Hansel Aguero won Nationals in 2011 with his Tech Genus Stun deck packing this card. After then, Horn of the Phantom Beast has been splashed in any kind of Beast/Beast-Warrior deck out there. But with Wind-Up Rabbit it becomes different. When your opponent goes to attack your Rabbit, most of the time they assume your going to banish it and they can score some free damage. But when you enter Damage Step and you flip over Horn, they can be mind blown by the fact they possibly fell literally right into your trap card. And you get to draw a free card along with Rabbit being a big beater now that can also dodge away from problem cards.

We all have experienced the wrath of Rescue Rabbit and Wind-Up Rabbit in past formats and this format as well. These two monsters have defined their own meta you could say with being powerful on their own but even powerful with the combos they can create. From Dino Rabbit to Harpies and from Wind-Ups to even tech Fire Fist, these two monsters have seemed to define themselves as splashable. So with upcoming regionals and YCS Miami, how will hunt down these Rabbits? Until next time, Play Hard or Go Home!

Joe Bogli
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