REDU Preview – Cards to Keep in Mind with Billy Brake

Hello Yugioh Community! The Return of the Duelist sneak preview is only a few days away, how exciting! With this new set coming out I feel obligated to continue writing about some of my favorite cards that will be introduced into the TCG card pool! The cards that I am going to talk about today may not be the most competitive cards, but I feel they should at least be looked at and taken into consideration. They may not see a lot of play at first, but I feel like they have some potential. This weekend is also, “The Best Four Days in Gaming!” Gencon Indy will be going on at the Indianapolis Convention Center and your very own Alter Reality Games will have a booth there so be sure to stop by and check ARG out! If you are on the fence about going I strongly recommend the trip, this will be my 5th Gencon in a row and I have a blast every year!

Question of the Article: If you could pick your favorite under-rated card from the new set which one would it be?

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Madolche Puddingcess
Earth/Fairy/Level 5/ 1000/1000
Effect: When this card is destroyed by your opponent and sent to the Graveyard: Shuffle it into the Deck. If there are no monsters in your Graveyard, this card gains 800 ATK and DEF. When this card battles an opponent's monster: You can target 1 card your opponent controls; destroy it.

Why am I talking about this card!?
I wanted to at least touch on the new archetype Madolche! All of the Madolche monsters have very unique effects that return them back to the deck when they are sent to the graveyard and even back to the hand while their field spell card Madolche Chateau is active. Puddingcess is probably my favorite out of the bunch because not only does it have anawesome name, its effect can be quite useful. This more than likely 1800 atk (2300 while the field spell is active) monster can really put in some work when attacking monsters weaker than it or even when it is destroyed, its effect will still be applied. Needless to say if your opponent drops a Puddingcess you better have a way outside of battle to get rid of it! She can be a real handful since she only has to battle with a monster to be able to destroy any card in her path! Her effect triggers at the same time as flip effect monsters in the damage step, so if you happen to attack a Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter with Puddingcess her effect will chain to Ryko’s effect and still be able to destroy any card on the field, that’s pretty neat! I know this theme might not be the most competitive of themes released in REDU, but they sure do look like fun and are worth a mention!

Illusory Snatcher
Dark/Fiend/Level 7/2400/1000
Effect: When you Tribute Summon a monster: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, the Type, Attribute, and Level of this card become the same as that face-up Tribute Summoned monster.

Monarch help!?!?
Ah finally, some more support for an old fan favorite theme Monarchs! This deck has steadily fallen off the radar as the decks have become faster and faster, there was just too much xyz summoning to keep up, but not anymore! Now when Monarch duelist tribute for their Raiza the Storm Monarch to bounce an opponent’s card back to the top of the deck, you can trigger this guys effect and basically summon another copy of Raiza minus the effect. This single card has opend up many doors for monarch players. Most monarchs happen to be level 6 and when Snatcher copies their level you will have two 2400 atk monster to help lower your opponent’s life to 0 , but if they survive you will be able to overlay for a Photon Strike Bounzer which will put your opponent in a pretty tough spot! This guy gives any deck that tribute summons on a regular basis a huge boost. This card has many uses and I can’t wait for myself and other duelist to figure them all out and how to utilize Snatcher and achieve success!

Grandsoil the Elemental Lord
Earth/Beast-Warrior/Level 8/2800/2200
Effect: Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned(from your hand) by having exactly 5 EARTH monsters in yourGraveyard, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. When this card is Special Summoned: You can target 1 monster in either player's Graveyard; Special Summon that target to your side of the field. If this card leaves the field, skip the Battle Phase of your next turn.

While he isn’t the best card in the set, he is in the running for one of my favorite monsters! I have always been a big fan of the anti-meta rock kind of decks. Most of the art on earth monsters has just been pretty cool if you take a time to look at them and this guy is no exception. This earth powerhouse might have consistency issues, but if he makes his way to the field he can be a game-ender. Duelist are always complaining about how broken Monster Reborn is, and this guy is the same thing with a body. As hard as it might be to have exactly 5 earth monster in your grave, I feel there are a lot of decks that might be able to tech one copy of Grandsoil just for the fun factor and as a potential late game finisher. While I mentioned an anti-meta rock deck, more popular deck choices use a lot of earth monsters as well such as: Gadgets, Geargia, Six Samurai, and X-Sabers. All of the decks I listed can fill the grave up with earth monsters rather quickly and bring this guy online. You just have to be careful to drop him at the right time so you won’t be punished by your opponent and have to skip your next battle phase. This guy is the definition of a balanced powerful card, something we don’t see a lot of in Yugioh. I feel he is pretty under the radar right now and I know I will at least pick up a couple copies of this guy if not only to splash into a couple of fun decks!

Heroic Champion – Excalibur
Light/Warrior/Rank 4/2000/2000
2 Level 4 Warrior-Type monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card; until your opponent's next End Phase, this card's original ATK is doubled


Yes , this card has been released in the new wave of tins, but is also an Ultra/Ultimate rare in Return of the Duelist. He might be my favorite XYZ monster in REDU, only Gear Gigant X can rival this cards power. If duelist didn’t think Hero based decks were good, they might change their tune now. While he deals less damage when attacking directly than Blade Armor Ninja, I still think Excalibur is the better card. It is hard to argue with XYZ summoning for a 4000 atk monster with almost no draw back. This card can literally answer any big monster in the game (within reason) or just smash your opponent’s face in! Just make sure when you summon Excalibur you get the most use out of him the turn he is summoned because at the end of your opponent’s turn he will go right back down to 2000. This guy is powerful and I expect him to be in the extra deck of at least a few duelist that make the top-cut at the first YCS of the format in Toronto.

Conclusion: Return of the Duelist sneak preview is this weekend followed by the sets actual release a mere week after that! In this very exciting time I like to make sure I look over all the cards and not just the “best and most popular” . I went over a few of my favorite cards in the set, and they may not all be the most competitive, but I feel they are worth a look at. REDU introduces a lot of new types of cards to us and I feel there are many avenues to be explored in the process of trying to figure out what the best deck of the new format may be. I hope everyone has a great time at their sneak preview and if you happen to be going to Gencon Indy, make sure to stop by and say hello!

Thanks for reading if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments down below! Don’t forget to answer the question of the article located at the top!

-Billy Brake
-YCS Toronto and YCS Columbus Champion