Round 1 Feature Match, Zachary Leverett vs Vishon Bhatia

Round 1 Feature Vishon Bhatia VS. Zachry Leverett

Alter Reality Games St. Louis Event begins today looking at two Dragon Ruler players who are both using their own take of the deck with the Blue Eyes engine to provide access to as any dragon rulers as possible! Who will come out on top?

Game 1
Vishon wins the die roll and after a pause to shuffle the match accelerate to a start. Drawing to 6 cards In his hand he hold: Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders, Cards of Consonance, Torrential Tribute Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Mythic Water Dragon, and Mirror Force he sets his mirror force and torrential before turning the turn over to Zachary.

Zachary draws sets one card and passes his turn

Vishon draws into White Stone of Legend, he activates Cards of Consonance drawing 2 cards and uses the effect of White Stone to add a copy of the infamous Blue-Eyes White Dragon from his deck to his hand. Next, he banishes the freshly discarded White Stone and a Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders to summon a Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls from his hand, Zachary chains Maxx C to the effect of tidal. None the less, Redox adds Mythic Tree Dragon to Vishons hand. Vishon attacks with the Tidal for 2600 points of damage before turning over his turn.

8000 Vishon-5400 Zach

Zachary plays Upstart Goblin, giving Vishon 1000 lifepoints, but allowing him to draw one card. He then banishes Maxx C from his graveyard and Tempest Dragon Ruler of Storms from his hand to summon Redox revealing to Vishon that this is a mirror match. Tempest adds an additional Tempest to Zachary’s hand with its effect. Zachary then normal summons debris dragon prompting the activation of the set Torrential Tribute from Vishon Zachary ends his turn, both players’ monster card zones washed away.

Vishon draws for his turn and activates Dragon’s Ravine he uses the effect of the Ravine sending a Blue Eyes as cost to send a copy of Tempest from his deck to his graveyard. He then follows up by summoning a Mythic Tree Dragon which prompts a preemptive Maxx C from Zachary. Vishon, not discouraged, special summons Mythic Water Dragon from his hand. Zachary reveals a waiting Compulsory Evacuation Device to send the Mythic Tree Dragon back to Vishons hand. Vishon opts not to continue plays and end his turn.

Dragon Shrine allows Zachary to further his plays complimenting an impressive field

Dragon Shrine allows Zachary to further his plays complimenting an impressive field

Zachary draws, he activates Seven Star Sword, banishing a Tempest drawing two cards, and grabbing a Debris Dragon from his deck with Tempest’s effect. Going further he then activates the effect of an in hand Tidals, discarding a second copy of itself from his hand to send a White Stone of Legend from his deck to his graveyard. White Stone then allows him to add a Blue Eyes White Dragon from his deck to his hand. Next, he activates a set Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding the recently added Blue Eyes returning Vishon’s set Mirror Force to the top of his deck. Free from the threat of set traps, Zachary normal summons Debris Dragon and uses its effect to recur White Stone of Legend. He then banishes his second Debris and Maxx C from his graveyard to summon a Redox, Redox and White Stone are consolidated to synchro summon Crimson Bader. Zachary proceeds to activate Dragon Shrine to send Blaster Dragon Ruler of Infernos from his deck to his graveyard. He then banishes the Blue Eyes and White Stone from the graveyard to summon the Blaster which Dragon Shrine provided him access to. The battle phase begins The unprotected Mythic Water Dragon is cut down by Crimson Blader, and attacks directly for 1000 points of damage with Debris Dragon and 2800 with Blaster. Before he enters his end phase, Zachary concludes his turn by syncro summoning Star Eater using Blaster and Debris

Vishon 5200-Zachary 5400

Vishons draws his Mirror Force for turn due to Wing Wind Blast. He sets it and uses Dragon’s Ravine to discard a copy of Blaster and sending a copy of Tidal to grave. After a moment to think he sets the Mythic Tree Dragon before ending his turn.

Zachary draws, now having two cards in hand. He banishes a Debris Dragon and a Tidal for Redox in defense position. He chose not to activate Tidal’s eff, but Normal summoned Flamvel guard and consolidated toe two into Scrap Dragon he uses Scrap Dragon’s effect to target itself and the set Mirror Force destroying them both. He banishes Scrap Dragon and Guard for Blaster and Vishon concedes game 1

A skillful use of Phoinix Wing wind blast and copulse to manipulate the momentum of the game allows Zachary to come out the victor of game 1

Game 2:

Vishon elects to go first again, and Zachary offers to honorably side out 6th Sense and Return from the Different Dimension. “Let’s keep the game a little more skill based” Zachary declared, as both players revealed the cards being removed from their decks.

Vishon draws opening a hand of Sacred Sword of Seven Star, White Stone, Redox, Debris Dragon, Mirror Force and Cards of Consonance. He plays Consonance pitching White Stone, drawing 2 cards and adding a Blue-Eyes from his deck to his hand. He then plays Sacred Sword banishing Redox and adding Mythic Tree Dragon to his hand. He normal summons Tree Dragon special summons Mythic Water Dragon, and uses tree to copy Mythic Water Dragon. Both now at level 8,

Vishon overlays the 2 dragons into Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand. Last he sets Mirror Force and Debunk before passes turn
Zachary opens with another duo of Tidals discarding both to send a Blaster from his deck to his graveyard He sets three cards and ends his turn.
Vishon draws to hold 5 cards in hand, attacks with Felgrand for 2800 points of damage and ends his turn.

Vishon 8000- Zachary 5200

Felgrand Vs. Collosal Fighter

Felgrand Vs. Collosal Fighter

Zachary draws and begins his turn activating Trap Stun, Tidal and Blaster are banished for the Second Tidal which prompts a Maxx C from Vishon, using Blaster to add a second copy of Blaster, Zachary summon white stone of Legend and sychros summons Collosal Fighter. White Stone nets a Blue Eyes. Zachary then attacks Felgrand reviving Collosal after it is destroyed by Felgrand as to reduce it of all its materials, and destroy it (during this time neither player remembered the in effect Maxx C). Then reviving Colossal one last time, Zachary attacked directly before ending his turn.

5200 Vishon-5200 Zachary

Vishon draws for turn. He activates Dragon’s Ravine discarding Blue Eyes. Zachary chains Mystical Space Typhoon (MST) when Vishon declares he intends to send a card from deck to grave. Vishon then sets Vanities Emptiness and MST before banishing the Blue Eyes and Mythic Water Dragon from his hand to special summon Tidal from his graveyard via Tidal’s own effect. He normal summons Mythic Tree Dragon and attempts to use its effect to copy Tidal’s level but the play is foiled by a Wing Wind Blast returning Mythic Tree Dragon to the top of Vishons deck marking the end of the turn.

Zachary drew and activated Ravine. Then he used the effect to discard Blue Eyes to send to grave, but Vishon duplicates Zachary’s response from last turn and chains MST. Zaachary activates a second Trap Stun, banished Blaster and White Stone for Tidal, searches a Flamvell Guard with Blaster, Normal summons the Flamvel Guard, and syncho summons Crimson Blader, he Attacks over Tidal with Crimson Blader and Colossal Fighter attacks directly for 2900 (Felgrand being a warrior in grave increases the Fighters attackpower)

Vishon 2000-Zachary 5200

Vishon draws his Mythic Tree Dragon again, but is reassured when he finds Zachary having no cards in his hand. Facing down Crimson Blader and Colossal Fighter on field, He sets a Dragunity Corsesca and passes.

Zachary draws and immediately attacks with Blader falling into Vishon’s Mirror Force. “The one card I needed you not to have!” Zachary groaned. The pair of attack position were destroyed and the set Corsesca remained on the field.

Vishon draws, and banishes White Stone and Mythic Tree Dragon from grave to special a Tidal which ws lurking in his graveyard. He then summons Tree Dragon uses its eff to copy Tidals level. Succsfuly resolving the Tree Dragon’s effect, he overlays the two for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracosack, then uses Dracosacks effect Turning out 2 tokens before attacking directly and ending his turn.


Zachary drew for his turn. He banished Blue Eyes and Famvell Guard as the cost for his own Tidal’s effect, but Vishon chained Vanities Emptiness. Locked out of special summons, Zachary set a monster and passed the turn.

Vishon draws an additional copy of Tidal, He uses Dracosacks effect, tributing a token to destroy Zachary’s set Seven Star Sword.

Zachary draws and passes.

Vishon uses Dracosacks effect to Tribute itself, destroying Debris Dragon. Because Dracosack went from Vishon’s Field to his graveyard Vanities Emptiness was destroyed and Zachary concedes to the potential of Zachary special summoning a number of monsters.

Game 3

Zachary goes first this time, drawing for six cards, activates Dragon Shrine sending Blaster to his graveyard. Time is called in the round, and after procedures are explained, Zachary Banishes Tempest and Blaster for Redox adding additional copies of Blaster and Tempest. Maxx C chained by Vishon and Zachary passes turn

Vishon opens Maxx C Redox Dragon Ravine MST 2 Tidal. He activates Dragon Ravine, he discards Redox after looking through his extra deck he decides to send White Stone of Legend from his deck to his graveyard, adds Blue Eyes to his hand. He then discards a pair of Tidals of his own sending a copy of Blaster to his graveyard. During the end phase, Redox returns to Zachry’s hand.

Zachary draws activates an additional Dragon Shrine, sending a Blue Eyes triggering Shrines second effect to send Kipimodo Dragon to his graveyard. He then banishes a Tidal and a White Stone from his hand revealing Blaster, Vishon chains Maxx C Blaster hits the field and Vishon draws one card. With Tempest effect

Zachary adds Debris Dragon. He then summons it, uses its effect to reccur Kipmodo Dragon and synchro summoned for Ancient Fairy Dragon with the pair. Vishon in response uses his set MST to destroy his own Dragon’s Ravine. Zachary ponders his options. He discards 2 Redox to special a Blue Eyes, attacks with blue eyes and blaster for 5800 damage.

Vishon 2200 Zachary 8000

Vishon draws Compulsory Evacuation Device. He activates Trade-In discarding Blue Eyes to draw two cards. He then proceeds to uses Sacred Sword to banish Tempest and draw two cards while Tempest nets Vishon a Debris dragon. He reveals Redox banishing 2 Maxx Cs and Zachary chained his own Maxx C drawing one card. Vishon banished Tidal and Blue-Eyes for Blaster Tidal adds an additional Tidal, and he then summons Debris Dragon summoning a White Stone. He ponders his options. Blaster debris come together to form Star Eater, with Redox and White Stone following to summon Stardust Spark Dragon in defens mode. In the battle phase, Star Eater attacks over Ancient Fairy Dragon, and Vishon sets 4 cards in his main phase 2.

Zahary starts his turn and banishes Maxx C and Tempest, for Redox, adds Debris with Tempest. He summons Debris Dragon and uses its effect to again resurrect Komodo Dragon. He synchros the Debris and Komodo Dragons for Black Rose Dragon activating its eff. Vishon chains Compulse returning Black Rose to the extra deck so it cannot be banished for another dragon ruler, but He forgets to use Stardust Spark before the chain resolves. After that, Vishon sees the inevitable and concedes the match.