Round 1: James Frazier (Handy Dandy) vs Wesley Carter (Evilswarm)

James Frazier is here piloting a unique version of the HAT deck that took YCS Philly by storm! But if there is anything that can answer the constant advantage and +1 power of the HAT deck it is devilishly consistent Evilswarm deck! Can Wesley pull out the win?

Game 1:

James begins the duel by drawing to 6 total cards before activating Pot of Duality, revealing another Duality, Majesty’s Fiend and Dimensional Prison. He grabbed the other Duality before setting Fire Hand and 2 backrow to end his turn.

Wesley drew for his turn before setting 3 and passing his turn as well.

James flipped his Fire Hand into attack position and swung for 1600 damage. He then activated a fresh Pot of Duality and snagged Compulsory Evacuation Device off of the reveal, passing up Majesty’s Fiend and Artifact Moraltach. He set a monster and a trap before passing.

James 8000, Wesley 6400

Wesley set one and passed.

James drew before flipping Ice Hand up. Wesley responded with Torrential Tribute and Ice Hand blew away Wesley’s set Solemn Warning before summoning another Fire Hand. Fire Hand attacked for 1600 before James set 1 to end his turn.

James 8000, Wesley 4800

Wesley summoned Evilswarm Castor, followed quickly by Evilswarm Heliotrope. James activated Artifact Sanctum but was stopped short by Wesley’s Wiretap. James used Compulsory Evacuation Device after the resolution of Wiretap before Wesley attacked Fire Hand with Castor for 150 damage. Fire Hand blew away Castor and snagged another Ice Hand from the deck before Wesley set 1 more and passed his turn.

James 7850, Wesley 4800

James attacked with Ice Hand for 1400 damage before passing.

James 7850, Wesley 3400

Wesley summoned Heliotrope back to the field before attacking Ice Hand for 550 damage. Ice Hand destroyed a set Compulsory Evacuation Device and grabbed the final Fire Hand from James’s deck.

James 7300, Wesley 3400

James attacked Heliotrope and took 350 damage before destroying the Evilswarm and grabbing his final Ice Hand and attacking for 1400 damage, dropping Wesley to 2000 life points.

James 6950, Wesley 2000

Wesley drew and Normal Summoned Evilswarm Castor, followed by Evilswarm Kerykeion. James activated Torrential Tribute, but Infestation Pandemic saved the Evilswarm Monsters as James’s Ice Hand flew off to the graveyard. Wesley attacked for 3350 damage before overlaying for Evilswarm Ophion and searching for an Infestation Pandemic. He set pandemic before passing back to James.

James 3600, Wesley 2000

James set 2 before summoning Cardcar D and drawing 2 new cards.

Wesley attacked with Ophion, but two copies of Dimensional Prison had other plans in mind as James got around the Infestation Pandemic through sheer numbers.

James set 2 and passed

Wesley set 1 and passed.

James activated Call of the Haunted, bringing back Ice Hand and tribute summoning Majesty’s Fiend. James went for game and shut down Wesley’s Fiendish Chain with a set Wiretap to seal the deal.

James 3600, Wesley 0

Game 1 was taken by a storm of helping Hands and an incredible amount of traps. Can Wesley overcome the wall of offensive defense that James’s deck can make?

Game 2

Wesley started off with summoning Rescue Rabbit, but James's Effect Veiler stopped the potential onslaught of monsters altogether. Wesley set 2 s/t cards and passed.

James summoned Ice Hand and attacked Rescue Rabbit for 1100 damage before setting 3 cards and ending his turn.

James 8000, Wesley 6900

Wesley normal summoned Evilswarm Castor and Kerykeion. Kery attacked Ice Hand for 200 damage. Ice Hand destroyed Infestation Infection and brought out a Fire Hand. Castor attacked Fire Hand for 150 damage before dying as an Ice Hand replaced it. Wesley set 1 more before passing.

James 7650, Wesley 6900

James summoned his final Ice Hand before attacking into Kerykeion and taking 200 damage. Ice Hand destroyed a set Mystical Space Typhoon before bringing out a Fire Hand. The second Ice Hand attacked Kerykeion again, losing another 200 life points. The Hand of retribution eliminated Wesley’s Bottomless Trap Hole and brought out the final Fire Hand. James then overlaid the 2 Hands for Blackship of Corn and sent Kerykeion to the grave for 1000 damage.

James 7250, Wesley 5900

Wesley set a monster and 2 backrow to end his turn.

James attacked with Blackship and destroyed Heliotrope before setting 1.

Wesley passed.

James attacked for 2100

James 7250, Wesley 3800

Wesley set a monster and passed

James attacked and destroyed the set Kerykeion.

Wesley set 1

James attacked for 2100

James 7250, Wesley 1700

Wesley conceded after seeing his final draw.

James stuck a Hand in the toolbox and claimed victory over Wesley's Evilswarms in an impressive 2-0 finish! The day has just begun and my Hand puns are nowhere near finished! Best of luck to James and Wesley throughout the rest of the tournament!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!