Round 1: Jordan Winters (Dragon Rulers) vs. Johnathan Hughes (Dragon Rulers)

Round one we have the pleasure of highlighting a match between Johnathan Hughes and Jordan Winters. Jordan Winters is fresh off his top in Toronto only a month ago, but that doesn't deter Hughes the slightest as shown by the hunger in his eyes.

Following a shake and a roll, Winters is chosen to go first.



He starts his turn conservatively, summoning a Card Trooper to mill Maxx "C", Poki Poki Draco, and Dragunity Corsesca. He pitches Tempest with Tempest to tutor Blaster, sets 1 backrow and passes.

Hughes begins by banishing Tidal to draw two with Seven Star Sword and then tutors another copy of Tidal. He follows up by pitching Flamvell Guard with Cards of Consonance to draw two. That seems to get him there as he pitches two Blasters to pop Winters' set Raigeki Break, which he chains by pitching Tidal to destroy his own Card Trooper! Hughes then plays Ravine, pitching Fog King to dump Redox. He uses Redox' effect banishing Guard and Tempest to tutor Debris Dragon before ending his turn.

Winters draws to four. He summons Debris to reborn Card Trooper who mills him Seven Star Sword, Blaster, and MST. He syncs the two into Ancient Fairy Dragon and then uses it pop Hughes' Ravine to search his own. He banishes Blaser and Maxx to summon Redox which tutors him Guard. Winters special summons it using AFD's other effect and then overlays the two sevens for Dracossack in attack, and detaches Redox to summon two tokens. He banishes Tidal and Corsesca to summon Tempest, which tutors another copy of Tidal. Winters stops for a moment, looking over his field and grave to consider his options. Finally, he syncs Tempest and Guard for Stardust Dragon! He sets 1 backrow and then passes.

Hughes draws to five. He drops Debris to reborn Fog King! Mirroring Winters, he pauses a moment, considering the amount of resources he has to burn to clear Winters' field. Redox is reborned by banishing Scarecrow and Maxx and then synced with Debris to make Star Eater! Debris and Blaster are then banished for Tidal to tutor another Blaster, but only for a moment. Reconsidering, Hughes puts back the Blaster and pulls a Guard from deck. Tidal and Fog King are then overlayed for Mermail Abyssgaios whose effect is immediately used! Hughes attempts to swing over Dracossack with Abyssgaios, but is met with a Castle of Dragon Souls! Redox is banished for its cost, tutoring Winters another Redox, and Gaios goes down into the abyss! Undeterred, Hughes' Star Eater devours Winters' Stardust Dragon before proceeding to MP2. There, he pitches Guard with Consonance, sets 1 backrow, and passes.

Winters looks over his banished pile. He asks Hughes if he has anything before his main phase. Hughes replies, "no." He then used tributed Dracossack for its own effect to pop Hughes' backrow! Hughes chained it, pitching Blaster to Phoenix Wing Wind Blast a token. Debris and Tempest were banished for Blaster to tutor another Debris which was summoned to bring back Guard. Blackrose was synced which was in turn synced with Guard to make Scrap Dragon! He used its effectm targetting Castle and Eater which brought back Blaster. A battle phase later and Game two was under way!

Game one goes to Jordan Winters!



Hughes banishes Tidal for Sword to draw 2 and tutor another Tidal. He drops Trooper and with it, mills Consonance, Sword, and Scarecrow. He sets 1 backrow and passes.

Jordan draws into Ravine, Trooper, Castle, MST and 2 Tempests. He MST's Hughes' backrow revealing it to be Decree! He pitches double Tempest to tutor Blaster and then pitches it with a freshly played Ravine to dump Redox. He reborns it by banishing Tempest and Blaster which tutors him Guard. He summons Guard and syncs the two for Crimson Blader which swings over Hughes' Trooper! In MP2 he sets 1 backrow and then passes.

Hughes draws to 7. There isn't much he can do, locked down as he is, but he intends to do as much as he can. He banishes Tempest for Sword to draw 2 and tutor Debris. He sets 2 backrow and then plays Ravine to pop Winters' Ravine. Tidal is pitched to dump Redox and then ends.

Jordan drops Trooper and mills Tidal, Poki Poki Draco, and Blaster. He banishes Tempest and Poki for said Blaster, but gets locked out by Vanity's Emptiness! He tutors Debris off Tempest and then swings with Crimson Blader and Trooper before ending.

Hughes draws to 5. He pitches Blaster to dump Tempest with Ravine. Swift Scarecrow and Trooper are banished to reborn Redox which is synced with a fresh summoned Corsesca to sync into Colossal Fighter! Tidal and Tempest are then banished for Blaster which tutors a copy of each card in turn. He enters battle phase and mulls over what Winters' backrow are. Colossal attacks over Trooper which draws Winters a card, and then he sets 1 card backrow for a total of 2 in MP2 before ending.

Winters draws to 4, his top deck being Return from the Different Dimension! Keeping cool, he summons Debris to reborn Trooper which mills him MST, Terraforming, and Maxx. Blackrose Dragon is synced using the two, and then its effect to clear the field is activated! Hughes has no response. Winters then chains Castle of Dragon Souls, to which Hughes offers the hand shake! Valiant as his efforts were, winter had come for Hughes.

Game two and the round goes to Jordan Winters!