Round 2 Feature: Hooman Farah Vs. Dustin Davis






Alright everyone we have some Round 2 feature match action here. First off we have Hooman Farah from Las Vegas, NV playing Blackwing and his opponent Dustin Davis is also from Las Vegas, NV.

Hooman wins the die roll and opens with Blackwing-Blizzard the Far North, Black Whirlwind, Blackwing-Gale the Whirlwind,Blackwing-Shura the Blue Flame, Book of Moon, and Icarus Attack. Black Whirlwind comes down and Shura is summoned, with Whirlwind searching Blackwing-Bora the Spear to his hand. Bora is Special Summoned in Attack Position and both monsters are used to Xyz summon into Abyss Dweller! He sets 2 and passes his turn with that.

Dustin uses Harpie Queen from his hand to search Harpies' Hunting Ground to his hand. Hooman shakes his head at that. Harpie Channeler is summoned and hunting ground targets book of moon which is chained turning it facedown. Dustin sets 2 and passes with that.

Hooman draws Allure of Darkness for his turn. He detaches Shura for Dwellers effect. He summons Blizzard and searches Blackwing-Kochi the Daybreak to his hand with the effect, and summoning Shura from the grave. He activates Allure to draw Kalut and Dimensional Prison and banishes kochi for the resolution. He attacks with Abyss Dweller into Fiendish Chain and Hooman chains Icarus Attack to destroy the Hunting Ground and the Fiendish Chain, causing Dweller to destroy the Queen. He sets one to his back row and ends his turn with Dweller and a Defense Position Shura.

Dustin draws for turn then flips his set Hysteric Sign to search an Elegant Egotist to his hand. Harpie Lady 1 is summoned to the field then Elegant Egotist is activated to summon Cyber Harpie Lady from the deck in Attack Position. Dweller is attacked by Cyber Harpie Lady and it’s banished by Dimensional Prison. Harpie Lady 1 attacks over the Defense Position Shura. He sets 1 then ends.

Hooman draws Shura for his turn and summons it to the field, Whirlwind is used to search a Blackwing-Zephyros the Elite to his hand from the deck. Shura attacks over the Harpie Lady 1 for 200-7800, Blackwing-Kalut the Moon Shadow for 1400-6400, and Dweller for 1700-4700. He passes with that.

Dustin activates Pot of Duality for his turn and reveals Torrential Tribute, Hysteric Party, and Harpie’s Pet Dragon, taking the Hysteric Party and shuffling the rest back. Reckless Greed is activated to draw 2. Next Harpie Queen is used to search for Harpies' Hunting Ground from deck to hand. Dustin sets 2, activates Hunting Ground and passes with that.

Hooman draws his second Dimensional Prison for his turn. He enters his Battle Phase and attacks with Kalut into a Reckless Greed and Hysteric Party discarding Cyber Harpie Lady to summon back Cyber Harpie Lady, 2 Harpie Queen in Attack Position and Harpie Lady 1 and Channeler in Defense position and destroying the Hysteric Sign, which Hooman chains Abyss Dweller to make sure Sign doesn’t let him search. Hooman stops his attack and attacks with Shura to summon another Kalut in attack. Dweller attacks over the Channeler. Main Phase 2 Hooman summons Zephyros to search Blizzard. He Xyz summons into Diamond Dire Wolf detaching Zephyros to destroy a Kalut and the Hysteric Party to destroy the 3 face up Harpie monsters! He sets prison and ends with that.

Dustin can’t draw for turn so he sets 2 and ends.

Hooman draws Dark Armed for his turn then activates Dire Wolves effect to destroy a Kalut and Dustin’s set Bottomless Trap Hole. Dustin scoops knowing that he can’t draw for his turn.

Hooman makes a blind dweller and it ends up working in his favor. Diamond Dire Wolf puts in its share of work to make sure that Hooman keeps his advantage. Dustin will be going first in Game 2.

Game 2:

Dustin opens with a summoned Harpie Channeler using the effect pitching Hunting Ground for the effect and Hooman chains Maxx “C”. Dustin summons Harpie Dancer letting Hooman draw Shura. He uses Dancer to bounce the Channeler to his hand then sets 3 back row to end his turn.

Game 2:

Hooman opens Game 2 with Icarus , Blizzard, Bora, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Maxx “C”. Hooman draws another Icarus for his turn and summons Shura to the field. Shura attacks over the Dancer and attempts to activate the effect but is shut off by Solemn Warning 2000-6000. He sets Space Typhoon and ends his turn.

Dustin sets 1 and passes with that.

Hooman draws Pot of Duality for his turn. He summons Blizzard and activates to summon Shura…right into Torrential! Both monsters are destroyed and Hooman passes with that.

Dustin summons Harpie Lady 1 and attacks for 1600-6400. He passes with that.

Hooman draws Dark Hole for turn, and activates Duality revealing D.D. Crow, Book of Moon, and Maxx “C”, he opts to take the Crow and shuffles the other 2 back in. Bora is summoned to the field and Icarus is activated by Dustin to tribute the Lady 1 targeting Hooman’s Bora and and Space Typhoon which is chained to destroy Dustin’s set Hysteric Party! He passes with that.

Dustin summons Channeler for turn and activates the effect pitching Dancer to special summon Harpie’s Pet Dragon in Defense. Next both monsters are used to Xyz Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and two tokens. Draco attacks for 2600-3800. He sets a back row and passes.

Hooman draws Maxx “C” for turn. He sets Crow and Icarus to end his turn.

Dustin draws and Icarus is activated destroying Dracossack and a set Icarus. Dustin sets 2 back row and ends his turn.

Hooman draws Dark Armed then passes.

Dustin draws then passes back again.

Hooman draws another Maxx “C” then passes.

Dustin draws then passes.

Hooman draws Gale for turn and summons it to attack for 1300-4700. At the end Phase Dustin activates Mind Crush calling Exodia the Forbidden One and discards Hysteric Sign since Hooman doesn’t have Exodia in his hand. He searches Channeler, Hunting Ground, and Queen from Sign's effect.

Dustin activates Hunting ground and summons Channeler into an Icarus Attack destroying Queen and Hunting Ground. He passes with that.

Hooman sets Maxx “C” and Icarus to end his turn.

Dustin activates Duality revealing Sign, Fiendish and Cyber Harpie, taking Sign and activating to search Elegant Egotist to his hand. He ends his turn with that.

Hooman draws Whirlwind for his turn then passes.

Dustin activates Upstart Goblin into another Upstart giving Hooman 2000+5800. Queen is used to get a Hunting Ground to hand and Cyber Harpie is summoned activating Hunting Ground to destroy Hooman’s set Icarus Attack. Elegant Egotist is activated to summon another Cyber Harpie and Hooman chains Maxx “C” to draw Bora. He attacks over the Maxx "C" and directly for 2000 and passes back with that.

Hooman draws Kalut for his turn and he concedes with that not wanting to let time expire.

Dustin controls the field with his Field Spell and his Sign searches to take Game 2! Hooman will be going first in Game 3.

Game 3:

Hooman opens with Double Whirlwind, Bora, Blizzard, Effect Veiler, and Dark Armed Dragon. He summons Bora and searches Kalut, and Zephyros to his hand.

Dustin uses Queen to get Hunting Ground to his hand. Duality gets him Hysteric Party. He summons Dancer and pops a Whirlwind then bounces herself for cost and summons her again to pop the other Whirlwind. He sets 3 and ends his turn.

Hooman draws Kochi for his turn and summons Zephyros for turn. He attacks over for 200-7800 and with Bora for 1700-6100. He ends with that.

Dustin activates Upstart 1000+9000 then his set Reckless giving him another card to hand. He uses Party to discard Cyber Harpie for cost and summons back Cyber, Dancer, and Queen in attack popping his Hunting Ground in the process. Another Party is activated discarding Hunting Ground to summon back Queen and Dancer. He Xyz summons into Phantasmal Dragon with the 3 Harpies. He attacks directly for 2000-7000 and sets 2 to end his turn.

Hooman draws Book for his turn and summons Blizzard to try and summon back Bora but is shut off by Fiendish Chain. He synchros into HTS Psyhemuth with the two monsters. Dark Armed Dragon is summoned next and the effect is activated to target a set Reckless which is chained giving Dustin two more cards. He sets Book and passes his turn.

Dustin attacks directly again for 2000-5000. He sets one and ends his turn.

Hooman draws allure for his turn. He activates Dark Armed to destroy Dustin’s set bottomless. Allure is activated to draw D.D. crow and kochi and he banishes Kalut from his hand. Zephyros is used to bounce Dark Armed to his hand 400-4600. He Xyz Summons into Ice Beast Zerofyne and Dustin scoops it up with that!

Hooman is moving on in the tournament with a 2-0 record with Blackwings!