Round 2 Feature Match: Robert Scarpelli Vs. Dalton Bousman

Round 2 Feature Match

Here in Round 2 Feature Match we have Daltoun Bousman and Robert Scarpelli. Robert is from Chicago,IL and Dalton is from Cedar Rapids, IA.

Dalton will be going first and opens with. Pot Of Duality, Mystical Space Typhoon, Fiendish Chain, Fire Formation-Tensu, Cardcar D, Effect Veiler. Duality reveals Coach Soldier Wolfbark, Brotherhood Of The Fire Fist-Bear, and Thunder King Rai-Oh taking the Bear. He sets two then activates Cardcar D’s effect and draws Fire Formation-Gyoku, and Upstart Goblin.

Robert draws then activates Mystical Space Typhoon on the set Fiendish Chain. He Gyokus the other set card. Bear is summoned to attack for 1700-6300 setting Fire Formation-Tenki to get Brotherhood of the Firefist-Leopard. He sets 2 back row and passes.

Dalton draws Mirror Force and activates Upstart 1000+9000 and another Upstart into 1000+10000 getting Tenki. He activates Gyoku for a back row card. Tensu is activated to summon Bear which is Solemn Warning’d 2000-8000. Tenki is activated to get Bear. Bear is summoned and activated to send Tenki to destroy Robert’s Bear. He attacks for 1800-6200 to set Tenki from deck. Sets Mirror Force to end his turn.

Robert draws for turn. He summons Bear for his turn and activates the effect to destroy Dalton’s Bear. He attacks and is destroyed by Mirror Force. He ends with that.

Dalton draws Mystical Space Typhoon for his turn. He flips Tenki to search Coach Soldier Wolfbark in defense and without effect. He attacks for 1900-4300. Main Phase 2 he sets Mystical Space Typhoon and passes back to Robert.

Robert draws for turn and Normal Summons Wolfbark which is Effect Veiler’d. He sets one card that gets destroyed by Dalton’s Mystical Space Typhoon and Robert scoops Game 1.

Dalton takes game 1 doing what his deck does best and grinds out the game with multiple Bears and back row. Robert will be going first in game 2.

Robert opens game 2 with Leopard to set Tenki and activate to search Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Spirit. Tensu comes up to Normal Summon Spirit, targeting Leopard gets D.D. Crow’d. Sets 2 and ends.

Dalton opens with 2 Overworked, Bear, Forbidden Lance and Wolfbark. Bear is summoned into Solemn warning again 2000-6000. He sets 2 and ends.

Robert draws and sets 2 more back row. Then turns Spirit to Defense Position and ends.

Dalton draws then Normal Summons Wolfbark to activate the effect which gets Fiendish Chained and Dalton chains Lance attacks. Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Tiger King to set Tenki which gets mst’d. he passes.

Robert Tensu Summons Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla sending Tenki to destroy Dalton’s set Overworked which is chained to destroy the Gorilla. Robert Normal Summoned Rooster to send Tensu and Dalton activates Fendish Chain is activated to stop the effect but it gets mst’d which lets him set Tenki to get Wolfbark to hand. He passes with nothing else.

Dalton draws Mirror Force for his turn. He attacks with Tiger King over Rooster 700-5300. He sets Mirror Force and ends his turn.

Robert draws for turn. He activates the Tenki he drew and searches for Bear with the effect. He Normal Summons Bear and Dalton activates Overworked to destroy the Bear. He ends with that.

Dalton draws Tensu for his turn. Attacks with Tiger King for 2200-3100. He sets the Tensu and ends.

Robert draws for turn and Normal Summons the Rooster activating the effect to set then activate Gyoku targeting Dalton’s set Mirror Force. He passes with that.

Dalton draws Bear for turn summoning it and revealing the set Tensu causing Robert to scoop his cards.

Dalton Bousman moves on with a 2-0 start with his 4-Axis fire fist deck here at the Circuit Series in Nashville!