Round 2 Feature Match Tahmid Zaman (Mermail) vs. James Moore (Harpies)

Welcome to Round 2 everyone! The duel kicks off with Tahmid rolling a 6 against Moore’s 4 and he elects to take first.


Tahmid opens with Mermail Abysshilde, Patrick Hoban, Genex Undine, Atlantean Marksman, Mermail Abyssocea and Mermail Abyssmegalo. He kicks things off with Undine sending Atlantean Dragoons to graveyard to add Genex Controller to his hand while netting him Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord with Dragoons. Upstart follows drawing him a Maxx “C”. He presses onward by discarding Hilde and Marksman to special Megalo netting him a Abyssphere to his hand while Special Summoning Ocea from his hand with Hilde’s effect. Ocea uses its effect targeting and sending Megalo to the graveyard to bring out Mermail Abyssturge and Linde in attack mode. Ocea and Undine are overlayed to make Mechequipped Angineer detaching Ocea to turn Turge to defense. This puts 5 waters in his graveyard allowing him to drop Moulinglacia. Moulinglacia hits Hysteric Party and Mystical Space Typhoon before setting a card and passing.


Moore starts things off by playing Hysteric Sign to add Elegant Egotist to his hand. He summons Harpy Lady 1 and uses the Elegant Egotist, but that is met by Maxx “C.” Egotist brings out Cyber Harpie Lady and he overlays the two for Ice Beast Zerofyne detaching Harpy 1 to use the effect. In response to that Angineer protects Moulinglacia. Zerofyne swings and kills Turge. Tahmid uses Sphere in MP2 to bring out a Linde and in the EP Linde allows him to bring out a pike that discards another Linde to add Mermaill Abyssgunde to his hand.

Tahmid draws Soul Charge for his turn and swings Linde into Zerofyne letting him bring out Turge which lets him discard Gunde to add a Linde to his hand and Special Summoning Megalo off of Gunde. Turge and pike make Lavalval Chain which sends Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to the graveyard. He banishes Undine and Linde to bring Tidal back and make Number 11: Big Eye with the Megalo and Tidal. He takes the Zerofyne and sets a card before ending his turn.


Moore kicks things off with a Channeler discarding a Channeler to bring out Harpie’s Pet Dragon. He makes a Big Eye of his own to take Tahmid’s Big Eye to take back his Zerofyne. Zerofyne uses the effect to boost it up to 3800 and swing over Lavalval Chain.


Tahmid draws a Maxx “C” and elects to start his turn off by banishing Turge and Hilde to bring back Tidal. After a moment to plan out the best route to take he switches Angineer to defense before swinging Moulinglacia over a Big Eye. In MP2 he uses Sphere for a Mermail Abyssteus, making Dracossack to destroy Zerofyne.


Moore sets a card and plays Carcard D to net two new cards and passes.

Tahmid uses Dracossack to pop Moore’s Phoenix Wing Wind Blast which is chained discarding Harpie Queen to send Dracossack back to the Extra Deck. Tahmid presses forward by bringing back Tidal and summoning Genex Controller. He swings out with the team and makes Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree in MP2 before passing.


Moore summons Queen, sets a card and swings over Angineer before passing.

Tahmid turns Moulinglacia to defense and swings Leo over queen. In MP2 Moore Compulsory Evacuation Devices Leo back to the Extra Deck.

Moore draws and sets a backrow.

Tahmid swings Moulinglacia into Dimensional Prison, plays Upstart and T-sets before passing

Moore draws and sets a card before passing.

Tahmid is forced to skip his BP for the turn and just passes.

Moore draws and sets another backrow.

Tahmid brings back Tidal, Flip Summons Linde, and moves to BP. Linde swings into a DPrison and Tidal is met by a Fiendish Chain. He sets a backrow and monster before passing.

Moore looks at his card for the turn and reluctantly passes.

Tahmid flips Pike, summons another Pike and shows a Sphere to take Game 1!

Game 2


Moore elects to take first game 2 and starts things off by setting 3 backrow and passing.

Tahmid opens up with Teus, 2 Lindes, Sphere and Effect Veiler. He summons Linde and attempts to attack but  is met by Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Hysteric Sign to send it back to the top of the deck. Tahmid sets a card and Moore adds Harpie’s Dancer, Channeler and Queen in the EP.

Moore begins his turn by discarding Queen to add Harpie’s Hunting Ground to his hand which is promptly played. Dancer follows targeting Tahmid’s Sphere that brings out a Linde that turns into a Pike. Pike discards Marksman adding Undine to his hand, and when Marksman targets Moore’s set card, he flips over Mind Crush to knock the Undine out of Tahmid’s hand. Dancer returns to his hand bringing out Channeler that destroys his own Hunting Ground. Channeler discards Pet Dragon, but Tahmid uses Veiler to stop it in its tracks. Moore plays Sign to add Egotist which is played to bring out Cyber Harpie Lady. He swings over the Pike with Cyber and Channeler connects directly. In MP2 Moore overlays the two to make Abyss Dweller and passes.


Tahmid discards Linde for Teus to add Gunde to his hand. Moore plays Mind Crush calling Gunde which allows Tahmid to bring back Linde to the field! Teus trades with Dweller and Linde connects directly.


Moore plays Channeler discarding Harpy 1 to bring out a Harpy Queen. He overlays the two forNumber 82: Heartlandraco. He uses the effect to attack Tahmid directly before passing.


Tahmid draws Maxx “C” for turn and elects to just turn Linde to defense.

Moore uses Heartland to attack directly again and sets a card.


Tahmid turns Linde to Attack Mode and passes.

Moore plays Hysteric Sign to add Egotist to his hand. Dancer comes to the party and Egotist brings along Harpy Lady 1 along with her. He overlays the two for Lightning Chidori and with nothing in his hand to stop the onslaught Tahmid concedes bringing them to the 3rd and final game!

Game 3

Tahmid plays first drawing Linde, Undine, Marksman, Pike, Veiler and Ocea. He plays Undine to send Dragoons to the graveyard to add Controller and Moulinglacia to his hand, discarding controller in EP.

Moore discards Queen to add Hunting Ground to his hand and summons Channeler discarding Cyber harpy, but Veiler stops Channeler yet again! Moore plays Hunting Ground and swings over Undine before setting 3 and passing.


Tahmid summons Pike discarding Marksman to add Marksman to his hand, but Soul Drain keeps Marksman from destroying anything. Pike swings over Channeler and he passes his turn.

Moore draws and discards Harpie Queen for Hysteric Party bringing back 3 Harpie Ladies! He makes Queen Dragun Djinn and uses the effect to bring back Harpie’s Pet Dragon. He makes Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack with Pet Dragon and Channeler and swings with both and passes.


Tahmid sets a monster and passes.

Moore destroys Tahmid’s Linde with Dracossack’s effect and swings with Dragun and passes.


Tahmid plays Moulinglacia but Moore has Needle Ceiling to get rid of everything but his Dracossack.

Moore shows another Hysteric Party and Tahmid extends the handshake. An explosive game 3 and a Soul Drain allows Moore to come back and take the match after losing the first game!