Round 2 John Brad (Mermails) vs. Roland Morton (Geargia-Karakuri)

Round 2 John Brad (Mermails ) vs. Roland Morton ( Geargia)

Welcome to Round 2 everyone! We have John Brad piloting his Mermail deck against Roland Morton armed with his Geargia-Karakuri deck.


John Brad


Game 1

Morton wins the die roll and elects to go first. He sets a Geargiaarmor and 4 backrows before passing his turn.

Brad mirrors this play, but sets only 3 and passes.

Morton draws for his turn and flips Trap Stun before flipping the Amor face-up to net him a Geargiaaccelerator. He then proceeds to special the Accelerator, uses Armor to set itself facedown, summons Karakuri strategist mdl 248 “Nishipachi,” uses the effect to turn Armor back face-up allowing him to net another accelerator that is instantly Special Summoned to the field. He presses forward by tuning Strategist with Accelerator for Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 “Burei” that allows him to bring out a Karakuri Watchdog MDL 313 “Saizan” that is Synchro’d with Accelerator for Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X “Bureido” allowing him to bring out another Saizan in defense. Burei turns Saizan to Attack Mode allowing Morton to net another card with Bureido’s effect. Saizan and the Armor are then turned into a Stardust Dragon. Morton then attacks into Brad’s set Mermail Abysslinde with Stardust allow Brad to bring out a Mermail Abysspike that ditches an Atlantean Dragoon to bring Mermail Abyssgunde and Mermail Abyssmegalo to his hand. Burei swings over pike and Bureido connects on a direct hit for 2800. Morton sets one card before passing his turn.


Brad draws for his turn and flips over a Reckless Greed. He proceeds to ditch Gunde and Atlantean Marksman for Megalo getting him a Linde to the field and an Abyssphere to his hand, but the Marksman hits Morton’s Waboku. Linde crashes into Stardust bringing out a Mermail Abyssleed and uses the effect in MP2 to tribute off Megalo but is met by Morton’s Fiendish Chain. Brad sets 3 cards and passes.


Morton draws for turn switches Burei to defense allow Buredio to net him another Waboku. Morton flips Call of the Haunted targeting Armor, but Brad has a Vanity’s Emptiness to the stymie the play. Morton enters BP and swings Bureido over Leed causing brad to lose his Emptiness in the process. Stardust swings, but that is met by a Sphere bringing out Linde. Stardust runs over the Linde bringing out Mermail Abyssturge that ditches a Megalo to retrieve back a Linde from the Graveyard. Morton sets 2 more to his backrow and passes with an Effect Veiler in hand. Brad plays a Reckless in the End Phase.


Brad plays Sphere for his turn bringing out Mermail Abyssteus in defense. He then reveals another Teus ditching Linde to add Pike to hand. Pike is summoned with no effect and is promptly Overlayed with Turge to make Number 101: Silent Honor Ark, but that’s stopped in its tracks with an Effect Veiler. Teus is overlayed with Teus to make a Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack netting Brad two tokens. He attacks into Stardust but Morton has a Waboku to keep his Stardust alive. With no further plays Brad is forced to set a backrow and pass.

Morton draws another Veiler for turn, and Bureido switches to def netting him a Fiendish Chain. Burei switches Bureido back to attack mode with its effect and in Battle Phase Stardust and Burei kill the tokens before Bureido runs over the Dracossack. Morton summons Veiler, Brad has an Emptiness, but Morton has Seven Tools of the Bandit causing Brad to scoop it up!


Roland Morton


Game 2

After a momentary silence as both duelists side decked, Brad elects to play first.

Brad sets 3 cards and passes.

Morton draws for turn, T-sets and attempts to end Main Phase, and Brad flips Sphere but that is met by a Mystical Space Typhoon.

Brad draws and passes his turn. Morton flips Geargiagear in the EP, but Brad has Emptiness for it.

Morton draws MST for turn and plays it on Brad’s set Fiendish Chain blowing away the Emptiness in the process also. He flips Saizan before Normal Summoning an Accelerator. Brad plays Maxx “C”, and Morton elects to swing with both before making an Abyss Dweller in MP2.


Brad draws and Morton uses Dweller immediately. Brad plays Dark Hole, Summons Marksman and attacks and allows him to bring out a Dragoons that swings in also. Brad sets one and passes his turn.


Morton draws, summons Strategist, uses the effect to turn Marksman to Defense before swinging into it but Brad has Raigeki Break ditching Leed to destroy the Strategist. Morton sets Solemn Warning and passes.

Brad summons Gunde and makes Number 47: Nightmare Shark that’s met by Warning. Brad swings with Dragoons and passes.


Morton draws summons Geargiano MK-II but is met by a Veiler. He sets a card and passes his turn.

Brad draws and passes.

Morton draws Geargiaarsenal uses the effect to Special Summon Armor, flips it facedown and passes.

Brad draws Pike ditching Megalo to add Marksman. He contines his play by overlaying his Dragoons and Pike into Bahamut Shark before attacking into Armor allowing Morton to get an MK-II. Brad in MP2 detaches Dragoons to get Mermail Abysstrite in Defense, and adds Megalo with Dragoons before passing.

Morton draws Fiendish Chain, summons MK-II to get an Arsenal. The Arsenal gets Geargiano which is quickly tribute to get a Saizan. Both are tuned into a Burei bringing out a Saizan in Defense. Burei switches Bahamut to Defense and swings over it. He sets one and passes.

Brad draws and turns Trite to Attack. He swings into Burei and Morton uses his Fiendish, Brad sets a card and passes.

Morton draws Dimensional Fissure and windmill slams it before swinging Burei into Trite and passing.


Brad draws and sets a card before passing.

Morton draws and swings with Burei and Saizan Directly. He sets a card and passes.


Brad draws and summons Marksman before playing his Torrential Tribute. He sets a card and passes.

Morton draws MK-II allowing him to bring out Geargiano. He overplays them into Soul of Silvermountain, but it’s met by Raigeki Break.

Brad draws and plays Reckless, summons Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls and attacks into a Book of Moon.

Morton draws and sets Waboku, and Brad plays another Reckless in EP.

Brad flips Tidal, summons Genex Undine and attacks into Waboku and passes.

Brad draws Armor sets and passes. Tidal goes back to hand at EP.

Brad summons Linde and overlays into Wind-Up Zenmaines and passes.

Morton draws Genex Ally Birdman, flips Armor but Fiendish stops it in its tracks. He summons Birdman and tunes them into Burei and passes.

Brad turns zenmaines to attack and swings into Burei and detaches Undine to protect it. In the EP he destroys Burei with Zenmaines and passes.


Morton draws Armor sets it and passes.

Brad reveals Tidal and Morton uses a set Debunk to stop it! Brad turns Zenmaines to Defense and sets a card and passes.

Morton draws flips Armor to get Accelerator before flipping the Armor facedown and setting Compulsory Evacuation Device and passing.

Brad draws, plays another Reckless, sets a card and a monster and passes.

Morton flips Armor for Accelerator, Specials both Accelerators, overlays into Geargigant, but that is met by Bottomless Trap Hole! Gigant gets Geargiano in Defense before passing.

Brad summons Gunde flips Linde and attacks with everything, but Morton uses Compulse on Zemaines in order to stay alive. In MP2 Brad makes Zenmaines and passes.

Morton sets Mirror Force and passes.

Brad summons Maxx “C” and Morton scoops it up.

Game 3

Morton elects to go first.

He sets Armor and four cards before passing.

Brad sets 5 and passes. In the EP Geargiagear is flipped allowing Morton to get Geargiano and MK-II.

Morton draws Birdman, flips Armor, but that is met by a Torrential Tribute! The Armor gets Accelerator and summons MK-II, but that is met by Emptiness. Morton swings for 1000 and passes.


Brad draws and summons Pike and attacks into MK-II, but a Mirror Force is flipped getting rid of Pike and Emptiness. Brad flips Sphere in BP bringing out Linde that swings over MK-II.

7000-7500 and time is called

Morton passes and in the EP Linde and Sphere are destroyed bringing out a Leed that is met by a Torrential Tribute.

Brad draws and passes.

Morton summons MK-II to get an MK-II in Defense. Soul of Silvermountain is made but it’s met by a Fiendish Chain Causing him to pass.

Brad draws plays Dark Hole, summons Turge but that’s met by a Bottomless Trap Hole! With no more plays and being down in life Brad picks up his cards.

Some great draws allows Morton to sneak out with a win!