Round 2 Joshua Furlong (Dragon Rulers) Vs. Andrew Irons (Evilswarm)

Round 2 Feature Match

Good afternoon everyone! It’s Corey Encinas coming live (well live after some editing) from Worcester,MA (pronounced Wuusster) with some Round 2 ARCS action. We have Josh Furlong from New Jersey playing Dragon Rulers but not the Standard Dragon Rulers players have come to know, he’s playing the new Mythic Dragons and the new Rank 8 Xyz monsters from Shadow Specters. His opponent Andrew Irons is from Connecticut and he’s playing Evilswarm that he switched to right before the event. Without further ado let’s get this Round 2 feature underway.


Game 1:

Andrew will be going first in this match and draws for turn. He Normal Summons Rescue Rabbit and activates the effect, Josh chains Maxx "C" to Special Summon two Evilswarm Heliotropes. Josh draws Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos from the effect of Maxx "C". Andrew Xyz Summons Evilswarm Ophion and lets Josh draw sixth sense. He activates the effect to get Infestation Terminus from his deck. Sets 3 and ends.

Josh draws Phoenix Wing Wind Blast for turn and activates Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms effect sending another Tempest and itself to add Blaster to hand. “You are playing dragons!” says Andrew. Blaster’s effect is activated to send itself and another Blaster to destroy the Ophion! Josh sets 2 and passes.IMG_2880

Andrew summons Evilswarm Castor and normal summons Evilswarm Kerykeion. Kerykeion banishes Ophion and adds Heliotrope, which gets normal summoned thanks to Kerykeion. Andrew enters Battle and attacks with Kerykeion, Castor, and Heliotrope dropping Josh to 2700 after the successful attacks. In Mp2 he Xyz summons another Ophion and Josh chains Phoenix Wing Wind Blast discarding Tidal Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to try and send back Ophion but Andrew activates Infestation Pandemic to save the Ophion. Ophion activates it’s effect and to add another Pandemic from his deck. “You forced me to use the other one.” ,says Andrew. He sets 2 and ends his turn. Josh activates Sixth Sense calling 5 and 6, Andrew rolls a 3 causing Josh to send Trap Stun, Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars, and Return From The Different Dimension!

Josh draws for turn and draws Sacred Sword and scoops up his cards unable to deal with the other Ophion! Andrew reveals Dark Hole, Pandemic, Terminus, and Mirror force in his back row.

Siding was methodical and relatively quick on both sides. Josh will be going first in game 2.


Game 2:

Josh opens with Trap Stun, Dragon Ravine, Xyz Encore, Gold Sarcophagus, Tidal, and Sacred Sword. He activates Sacred Sword to draw Flamvell Guard and Compulsory Evacuation Device, searching Mythic Water Dragon with Tidal’s effect. He activates Gold Sarc banishing a Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to add Mythic Tree Dragon to hand! Ravine is activated discarding Flamvell Guard to send Blaster to the grave. He normal summons Mythic Tree Dragon and Andrew activates Maxx “C”. Mythic Water Dragon is special summoned and Andrew draws. He makes Mythic Tree Dragon makes itself an 8 star and Xyz summons intoDivine Dragon Knight Felgrand. Sets 3 and ends.

Andrew draws Normal Summons Heliotrope and sets 5 to end.


Josh draws Tempest for his turn and activates Ravine discarding Tempest to send Tidal to the grave. Blaster banishes Tempest and Flamvell Guard to Special Summon itself and Andrew activates Bottomless Trap Hole, Josh chains Trap Stun, Andrew activates Sixth Sense and Infestation Terminus targeting Blaster and Josh’s facedown Compulsory which is chained targeting Heliotrope but Andrew chains Dark Illusion. At the end of all this Blaster is back in Josh’s hand and Andrew mills 2 to the grave since Josh rolled a 2 for Sixth Sense. Josh attacks for 2800 and drops andrew to 5200 lps.


Andrew draws to 2 in hand. Sets 1 and passes his hand.

Josh draws Ravine for turn and adds Redox from Gold Sarc. He activates his on field ravine to discard Redox sending Tidal to the graveyard from the Deck. Blaster is special summoned banishing Redox and Tidal adding Mythic Tree Dragon and Mythic Water Dragon to hand. Tree is Normal Summoned and Water is Special Summoned. Tree becomes 8 to Xyz into another Felgrand! Andrew scoops up his cards realizing he can’t stop any attacks!


Josh fires back in game 2 with his Mythic Dragon deck combos! The players didn’t side further so after some Pile Shuffling play goes to Andrew to start game 3.


Game 3:

Josh opens with Tidal, Guard, Gold Sarc, and 2 Xyz Encore! Andrew draws and activates Allure of Darkness to draw 2 and banish Evilswarm Mandragora. He sets 5 and passes his turn.

Josh draws Mythic Water Dragon for turn. He activates Gold Sarc banishing Redox and on the effect Andrew chains Mistake stopping the search! Josh sets 2 and passes but Andrew activates Mystical Space Typhoon and Sixth Sense calling 5 and 6! Josh rolls a 6 causing Josh to lose his facedown Xyz Encore and Andrew to draw 6!IMG_2886

Andrew activates another Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy the other facedown Xyz Encore after drawing for his turn. Heliotrope is Normal Summoned. He enters Battle Phase and attacks for 1950 dropping josh to 6050. He sets 2 to his back row and passes.

Josh draws Tempest for his turn. He activates Tempest but Andrew chains Imperial Iron Wall! Josh passes back for his turn unable to do anything else.

Andrew draws for turn and Normal Summons another Heliotrope. He attacks 3900 dropping Josh to 2150 to his 8000.

Josh draws a Tidal for his turn and adds Redox for Gold Sarc. Josh activates Tidal sending another copy of itself to the Graveyard to send Blaster. He sets a monster and passes his turn.

Andrew draws and summons a Castor. He attacks the facedown taking 50 damage from the guard. Andrew moves to Main Phase 2 and Xyz summons into Number 21: Blackship of Corn to send Guard to grave burning Josh for 1000 dropping him to 1150. He passes his turn without anything else.

Josh draws for turn and concedes unable to overcome the Mistake and Imperial Iron Wall!

Andrew Irons take game 3 thanks to a huge Sixth Sense and opening up with Mistake and Imperial Iron Wall!


After match interview:

Hometown: Preston, Connecticut

Locals: Don’t have one right now.

What made you play Evilswarm today? I was playing Harpies but switched last minute due to the fact I kept drawing Pet Dragon so I sold that today to the vendors and bought evils warms again.

Tech cards you are playing: I’m playing Terminus because Compulsory went to one.

What decks are you not wanting to play today? Fire Fist and Mermail. I lose to Mermail every time. I could open Ophion 5 back row and still get out sacked by Mermail.

How do you feel resolving Sixth Sense for 6 in game 3? Amazing…that card should have never been printed. It should be banned tomorrow after I win the Circuit that is.

Shoutouts- Teamdeception09 and to Robbie Kohl.