Round 3 Feature Match: Leo Anaya vs Christian Lopez

Alright Alter Reality Gamers, we're back in Round 3 with two Undefeated players. First we have Leo Anaya from Albuquerque, New Mexico who had a deck analysis done before the Event today. He is playing his own spin on the Dragon Ruler deck, he's added ninjas to his deck to further the decks options. Next we have Christian Lopez from San Antonio, Texas who plays at Heroes and Fantasies and Alien Worlds, his local tourneys. He's playing Tidal Mermails today. Let's jump right into the match.

Game 1

Feature Match Leo

Leo wins the die roll and opts to start the match. Leo starts with drawing his 6th card. His hand is Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Trap stun, Dragon's Ravine, Sacred Seven Star Sword, and Reinforcement of the Army. He activates Reinforcement of the Army for Ninja Grandmaster and searches for Ninjutsu Art of Super-Transformation. 7 star sword banishing Blaster to draw Vanities, and Ninjutsu Art of Super-Transformation; searching Blaster for Blaster. Ravine sends Blaster to send Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to the grave. Leo sets 4 cards to his backrow and passes.

Leo's Opening Hand

Christian draws for 6. Sets a monster and passes.

Leo draws his third Ninjutsu Art of Super-Transformation for his turn! He activates Ravine and discards the Transformation to send Tempest, Dragon Ruler of the Storms to the grave. Redox is special summoned banishing Blaster and Tempest to search out another Tempest and a Guard. Maxx "C" comes down for Christian to Redox's effect. Guard is normal summoned to synchro for Stardust Dragon giving Christian another draw. Hanzo attacks into the face down which is a Mermail Abysslinde; Linde's effect specials Mermail Abyssleed. Leo activates Ninjutsu Art of Super-Transformation to send Hanzo and the Abyssleed for Blaster and gives Christian another card from Maxx "C". Blaster attacks over the Abyssleed and Stardust attacks directly for a total of 2600 damage.

Christian draws for his turn. He reveals Mermail Abyssteus and pitches Atlantean Marksman to special targeting a backrow and searching abyssgunde for the effect. He normal summons Abysspike discarding marksman to search his deck for another Abyssgunde. "You're going to YOLO me aren't you?" replies Leo. Light laughter comes from the table. Christian activates Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls effect next discarding one of the Abyssgunde's effect that he searched to send another Tidal to grave, Leo chains Vanity's Emptiness causing Christian to lose out on his special summons! Christian lets it resolve and activates Mystical Space Typhoon on Leo's facedown which is trap stun and he chains it. All of the traps stay on the field due to the Trap Stun. He passes his turn with that.

Leo draws Raigeki Break for his turn and activates ravine pitching tempest for tidal. He specials Redox banishing Tempest and Tidal searching Tidal and Dragunity Corsesca. Dragunity Corsesca comes down and is used with Redox to summon Crimson Blader! Leo attempts to enter his BP but is shut off by Effect veiler. He stays in his MP1 and summons Blaster by banishing Redox and Dragunity Corsesca. Christian scoops up his cards when he sees that happen. Leo takes game 1 controlling the field and game with Ninjutsu Art of Super-Transformation and Dragon's Ravine.


Leo's game winning field

Light conversation and a little more friendly banter goes on during side. "It's all about the element of surprise with ninjas…Kinda ironic right?" remarks Leo. "Yea, it threw me off." replied Christian. Siding was quick and exact on both sides of the table.

Game 2

Christian Opening Hand

Christian starts off by drawing to 6. He leads off with a T set, passing his hand with that.

Leo's hand consists of 2 Raigeki break, Trap stun, Enemy Controller, Redox and Maxx "C". He sets 3 cards to his back row and ends.

Leo game 2 Opening

Christian draws and summons Mermail Abysspike activating the effect discarding…Atlantean Dragoons! He searches for Mermail Abyssmegalo and Mermail Abyssgunde for the respective effects. "OH no you drew the one Dragoons!" remarked Leo. Christian laughs and agrees with a smile. Christian reveals Abyssmegalo to which leo chains Maxx "C", discarding Abysspike and Abyssgunde; searching for Abyssphere and special summoning Abysspike. Leo draws two cards, Ravine and Tidal for the effect of Maxx "C". Christian attacks with the two pikes and attempts to attack with Abyssmegalo which Leo destroys with a break, discarding Tidal. Sets one to his backrow and ends.

Christian Feature Match

Leo draws Vanity's Emptiness for his turn. He activates Ravine discarding Redox, christian chains Sphere which gets shut down by Trap Stun, Leo sends Blaster to grave. Redox comes down banishing Blaster and Maxx "C", searching Flamvell Guard. Normal summons Guard to synchro for Crimson Blader. Crimson Blader attacks over Pike for 1200 damage. He sets two to his back row and ends his turn.

Christian draws for turn and flip summons Abysslinde. He enters his battle phase and declares an attack on Crimson Blader, Leo chains Vanity's Emptiness causing Christian to lose his monster and 1300 LP, shutting off his ability to summon level 5 or higher monsters for yet another turn.

Leo activates Ravine and sends Mind Control to send Tidal to grave. Tidal comes up banishing Tempest and Redox while searching a copy of themselves, Christian chains Maxx "C" to draw. In the battle phase Christian activates Gozen Match that gets destroyed immediately by a break. Leo attacks with both monsters for damage and passes.

Christian draws then activates Tidals effect sending Atlantean Heavy Infantry to send Abyssleed to grave and to destroy Crimson Blader from the Infantry's effect. Christian sets a monster and passes.

Leo draws Maxx "C" for turn and activates Ravine sending Tidal from hand and Blaster to grave. Tidal is special summoned by banishing Blaster and Tempest to search a Blaster and a Debris Dragon. Debris is summoned and brings back Guard. Guard is used with Tidal to Synchro Scrap Dragon. Scrap Dragon destroys Ravine and the facedown monster, which is an Abysslinde. Abysslinde brings up an Abyssturge activating effect sending Infantry to grave to destroy Scrap Dragon and adding Abyssgunde back to hand, Leo responds with Enemy Controller tributing his Scrap Dragon to take Abyssturge. Debris Dragon and Abyssturge are used to Xyz summon Queen Dragon Djinn and activates the effect to special summon Tidal from grave. Redox's effect is used to special summon Scrap Dragon. All 3 monsters attack directly for game!

Leo's Game ending field

Leo Anaya playing Ninja Rulers advances to the next round and stays undefeated at 3-0 in the first ever ARG Circuit Series!