Round 4 Feature Match: Britten Malone (Dragon Rulers) vs Nathan Forte (Dragon Rulers)

Today we have duelists Britten Malone and Nathan Forte squaring off in Round 4 of the ARGCS Columbus both hopeful to make day 2 for a chance at the $1500 prize credit!

Game 1

After winning the dice roll, Nathan took the first turn! After drawing to start things off he decided to simply set 1 and pass his turn.

Britten drew for his turn before playing Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars by banishing Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms. He drew into Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos and Cards of Consonance before searching for Debris Dragon with Tempest's effect. He then continued by activating Cards of Consonance and discarding Debris to allow him to draw into Mystical Space Typhoon and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Britten used MST to destroy Nathan's facedown Wing Blast before activating Dragon Ravine. Using Ravine's effect he discarded Blaster to send a Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to his grave. He then banished Blaster and Debris from his grave to special summon Redox before adding a Flamvell Guard to his hand with Blaster's effect. He then normal summoned Flamvell Guard and synchro summoned Stardust Dragon using the Guard and Redox. He set his own Phoenix Wing Wind Blast and passed his turn.

Nathan drew for his turn before banishing Tidal and Tempest to summon Redox to his field. Britten responded to the activation of Redox's effect by activating Maxx "C" and, when Redox resolved, drew 1 card. Nathan added another Tempest and Tidal to his hand thanks to his dragons' effects before ending his turn.

Britten drew and then used Sacred Sword by banishing Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to draw Redox and Vanity’s Emptiness then added another Tidal to his hand with Tidal's effect. He continued by activating Ravine's effect and discarded Tidal to send Blaster to his grave. He thought about his plays for a moment before finally banishing Flamvell Guard and Redox to special summon Blaster from his grave. Nate responded with his own Maxx "C" and drew one card after the summon. Britten searched for another Redox and set Emptiness before passing his turn.

Nathan drew and then began his turn by banishing Redox and Tempest to special summon a Tidal from his grave. Britten responded with another Maxx "C" to draw into Terraforming. Nathan added Redox and Debris thanks to his dragons and then sent Tidal to attack Britten's Stardust Dragon. Britten responded with Phoenix Wing, discarding Terraforming, to send Tidal back to the top of the deck! Nathan continued by discarding Blaster and Trigon to destroy Britten's Emptiness. He then normal summoned Debris, special summoning Trigon with its effect and allowing Britten to draw Dark Hole. He then synchro summoned Ancient Fairy Dragon, letting Britten draw Tidal, and used its effect to blow up Britten’s Ravine, adding his own Ravine to his hand as well as 1000 additional lifepoints. Nathan set 1 to his back row and passed his turn.

9000, 8000

Britten drew Phoenix Wing before activating Redox's effect by banishing 2 Maxx "C" from his grave and special summoning the boulder dragon. He then banished 2 Tidals to special summon Blaster from his grave. He overlaid Blaster and Redox into Big Eye to take Ancient Fairy Dragon away from Nathan and used the Fairy Dragon's effect to blow up Nathan’s Ravine! This let him add his own Ravine and 1000 more lifepoints. He activated Ravine quickly and then discarded Redox to send Tempest from his deck to his grave. Stardust and Fairy Dragon attacked for 2100 and 2500 putting Nathan's life points at 4400.

4400, 9000

Nathan drew for his turn and then banished Tempest and Maxx "C" for a Redox, searching out Debris with Tempest. He summoned Debris to special Trigon. Britten used Phoenix Wing to send back Debris by discarding his Dark Hole. Nathan banished his faceup Redox for Sacred Sword (since his plan was now foiled) and drew 2 new cards. Then, using Cards of Consonance by discarding Debris he drew 2 more new cards. Nathan then activated Return From the Different Dimension to bring back a Redox, 2 Tempest and a Tidal. Redox and Tidal were overlaid into Mecah Phantom Beast Dracossack. He then attacked Ancient Fairy with Tempest for 300 damage, sent Tidal to crash with Big Eye, used Dracossack to attack Stardust for 100 damage and finally sent Trigon to attack directly for 500 damage. He continued by banishing Debris and Ancient Fairy Dragon for Tidal so he could overlay for another Dracossack and make some tokens. The new Draco then tributed a token to destroy his own Trigon to save himself from damage and then made some more tokens before ending his turn.

2200, 8100

Britten drew Tempest for his turn before activating Ravine’s effect by pitching Tempest and added Dragunity Corsesca to his hand. He banished Tempest and Stardust for a Blaster and Tempest's search got him Debris Dragon. He banished Redox and Debris for another Redox before normal summoning Cosesca and synchro summoning into Red Dragon Archfiend. Archfiend attacked tokens to destroy them all with its effect before Blaster attacked and destroyed one of Nathan's Dracossack's and inflicted 200 damage.

2000, 8100

Nathan draw and used his remaining Draco's effect to make some more tokens. He summoned Flamvell Guard and synchro summoned another Ancient Fairy Dragon. Fairy used its effect to destroy Britten's Ravine and gave Nathan 1000 much needed lifepoints and another Ravine of his own. He banished Guard and Debris from his grave for Redox and then overlaid Redox and Fairy Dragon into Big Eye. Number 11 took Britten's Red Dragon before Nathan banished Ancient Fairy and Trigon for Blaster as well as banishing 2 Tempests for Tidal. Kenny then conceded the match as there was just too much to deal with.

Nathan wins game 1 after a clutch Return from the Different Dimension swings the game heavily in his favor.

Game 2

Game 2 will have Britten starting out setting 2 Mystical Space Typhoon and a Phoenix Wing Wind Blast before passing his turn.

Nathan also set 3 and passed his turn.

Britten drew Dragon Ravine and then passed, not having much of a play.

Nathan drew and then discarded Blaster and Flamvell Guard to destroy Britten’s facedown MST. Britten then used the MST to target Nathan's Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Nathan used Wind Blast to target Britten's set Wing Blast by discarding a Tempest. Britten discarded his Sacred Sword to hit another Wing Blast which then attempted to return Britten's last set, MST, by discarding Swift Scarecrow. Britten finally responded by using MST to destroy Nathan's last set card, which was also a MST. They both laughed at how exceedingly similar their hands were before Nathan continued by banishing Tempest and Flamvell Guard to special summon Blaster. Britten used his Maxx C in response to Blaster's effect to draw a new card before Blaster attacked directly for 2800 damage.

8000, 5200

Britten drew for his turn, activated Dragon Ravine and discarded Electric Virus to send Blaster to his grave. He special summoned Tempest by banishing Redox and Tempest before Nathan just scooped up his cards without any hand advantage for hope of a comeback play during his next turn.

Game 3

Game 3 will see Nathan start off by drawing to 6 cards and then using Sacred Sword to banish Blaster and draw 2 new cards before searching for Trigon. He then set 1 card to his backrow and passed.

Britten drew and then MST'd Nathan's Phoenix Wing Wind Blast before making some Sacred Swordplay and banishing Tempest to draw 2 cards and add Corsesca to his hand. He summoned Card Trooper and used its effect to mill the top 3 cards of his deck, (Electric Virus, Blaster and Terraforming) to his graveyard before attacking for 1900 damage and ending his turn.

6100, 8000

Nathan draw for his turn and then discard Debris and Tempest to add Redox to his hand. He banished Redox and Debris to summon Blaster and added another Redox to his hand. He summoned Dragunity Corsesca and synchro summoned Crimson Blader! Blader smashed Britten's Card Trooper for 2400 damage, but Britten got to draw 1 card thanks to his Trooper's effect. Nathan ended without setting anymore cards.

6100, 5600

Britten draw, discard Corsesca and Tempest to search for his own Blaster. He discarded 2 copies of Blaster to destroy Nathan's Crimson Blader. He activated Ravine, discarding Redox to send Tempest. Lastly he Set MST and Electric Virus before passing.

Nathan discarded Blaster and Trigon to destroy the set MST. He continued by discarding Redox and Maxx C to bring back his Crimson Blader! Britten knew he was in a bad spot at this point, especially so when Nathan continued by banishing Corsesca and Blaster for Tempest. He sent Blader to destroy Electric Virus, locking Britten out of his special summons in the next turn and then attacked with Tempest for 2400 damage before setting. He then set 1 and pass.

6100, 3000

Britten drew for his turn and decided to scoop it up after being locked out of any real plays!

Nathan Forte shows us that dueling is definitely his personal forte as he pulls ahead of Britten Malone in this exciting feature match! Both players will move on and continue playing but Nathan is definitely the winner today!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!