Round 4 Feature Match – Nicky Lacaille vs. Joey Matthews

Round 4 Feature Match – Nicky Lacaille vs. Joey Matthews - Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

As Round 4 of the tournament gets underway we find ourselves with another feature match, this time with Nicky Lacaille and Joey Matthews.

Nicky starts the match after winning the die roll and has a starting hand of 2x PWWB, Blaster, Cards of Consonance, Sixth Sense, Tempest and Blaster. He sets three and passed turn to Joey. Joey activates Seven Star Sword, banishing Tidal to draw 2 and using Tidal's effect to search out another copy of itself. After thinking for a bit, he decides to end his turn and has to discard Tidal to reduce his hand to six cards. Nicky draws a Tidal and summons Blaster by banishing Tidal and Tempest, searching a Dragunity Brandistock and another Tidal and having the effect to summon chained to by Maxx C. Nicky then uses Consosance to discard Brandistock and draw 2 cards. Nicky attacks with Blaster to deal a quick 2800 damage before ending his turn.


Joey begins  his turn by drawing a card and normal summons a Mythic Wood Dragon, something that is new to feature matches here at ARG Metro Series Montreal! Nicky responds with a Sixth Sense, calling 2 and 3. Joey rolls a 3 and Nicky draws that many cards. Joey  then special summons Mythic Water Dragon via its effect and Nicky repsonds with a PWWB, discarding Tidal to bounce the Wood Dragon back to Joey's deck. Joey then discards 2 Blasters to pop Nicky's set PWWB, which is activated in response to Blaster, targetting Joey's defense position Water Dragon. Now both Mythic Dragons are the first two cards in Joey's deck. Joey then banishes Tidal and Blaster to summon Tempest, searching a Mythic Water Dragon via Tidal's effect. After Nicky explains why he calls 2 or 3 when using Sixth Sense, Joey uses Different Dimension Reincarnation, discarding Mythic Water to summon Blaster from the banished zone. He then overlays his Tempest and Blaster for a defense-position Dracossack and makes tokens. Blaster returns to Nicky's hand as Joey ends his turn.

Nicky begins by banishing a Blaster from hand using Sacred Sword, he draws two and grabs another Blaster before using Ravine to discard a Blaster and send Tempest to his grave. He then activates Cards of Consonance, discarding Flamvell Guard to draw 2  cards. Nicky then summons Redox in attack position by banishing Tidal and Tempest, with which he searches another Brandistock and a Tidal. After normal summoning the Brandistock and running over Joey's tokens, Nicky makes a Scrap Dragon and uses its effect to destroy his own Ravine and Joey's Dracossack, leaving him with no hand or field. Nicky sets one and passes his turn to Joey.

DSC04425Joey draws one and checks out his grave and summons Blaster from his grave by banishing a Mythic Water and another Blaster and Tidal for a Tempest summon, using his last Tidal to search for a Mythic Water. Joey crashes his Blaster into Scrap Dragon and deals 2400 direct damage with Tempest before ending his turn. Nicky starts his next turn with Sacred Sword, with which he banishes Redox and gets Sword and Redox's effects. By banishing Brandistock and Blaster from grave, he summons Tidal and Blaster and runs over Joey's Tempest before attacking directly, dealing a total of 3000 damage. Nicky ends by overlaying for Dracossack, setting two, and making tokens.

On Joey's turn, he activates Ravine and discards Maxx C to dump Redox to grave. He then banished Tempest and Redox to summon Blaster, Nicky chains Maxx C and Joey searches out another Tempest and Mythic Wood Dragon. After saying “Here goes nothing” he summons his Mythic Wood and Mythic Water, only to have Nicky PWWB the Wood, making Joey scoop up his cards.

Both players decide not to side out Sixth Sense and Game 2 gets underway with Nicky Lacaille up 1-0 this match!

Joey starts this game by shaking his opponent's hand, drawing his 6 cards and activating a Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing Tidal to draw 2 and add another Tidal to hand. He needs to discard Redox to reduce his hand size to 6.

Nicky's hand is Sacred Sword, double Maxx C, Sixth Sense, and Book of Moon and draws into another Sword. He sets 2 cards to his backrow and ends. On Joey's turn he drops double Tidal to send Card Trooper to his grave before summoning it back with Debris Dragon and has the Trooper Book of Mooned. From the Maxx C he dropped, Nicky has a lot of advantage going into next turn. He first activates Terraforming to add a Ravine, then a Sacred Sword. He banishes Redox to draw 2 and search another copy of itself. Nicky then plays Dragon Ravine, discarding Redox to send a Tempest from deck to grave. Nicky then activates Sixth Sense, calling 2 and 3 again. Joey rolls 3 once again! Nicky draws 3 cards and summons Blaster by banishing Tidal and Tempest, searching Brandistock and Tidal. Joey drops Maxx C to draw 1 off the summon.  After making a Crimson Blader using Blaster and Brandistock, he attacks over Joey's set Card Trooper, which gets him to draw 1. Nicky sets one card to his backrow before passing his turn.

On Joey's turn, in which he cannot summon level 5 or higher, he uses Sacred Sword to banish Tempest, draw 2 and add another Tempest to hand. He changes Debris to defense position, sets three cards and uses Terraforming to get a Ravine and play it over Nicky's. With Ravine, Joey pitches a Tempest to add a Dragunity Brandistock to hand. He sets one monster and ends his turn.

Nicky begins by, once again, banishing Tempest with Sacred Sword to draw 2 and search for a Debris Dragon. Joey uses Sixth Sense to mill 4 cards after he called 5 and 6, with Nicky rolling a 4. Nicky proceeds to summon a Blaster by banishing Redox and Brandistock. Searching Redox and having a Maxx C chained to the summon. Nicky attacks over Joey's Debris with Crimson Blader but has his Blader cleared by Divine Wrath. Joey uses Vanity's Emptiness to stop Nicky's Return From the Different Dimension, prompting Nicky to set two to his backrow and end. Joey sets a monster and passes the turn back to Nicky.DSC04426

On Nicky's turn, he MSTs Joey's Dragon Ravine, sending Emptiness to the grave as well. He discards Maxx C and Redox to revive his Crimson Blader and attacks over Joey's Brandistock, getting off Blader's devastating effect and ending his turn. Joey draws, sets a monster and passes back to Nicky.  Nicky uses Debris to Revive a Maxx C and synchro for Orient Dragon. He destroys Joey's set Trooper and attacks directly with Orient Dragon. Joey ends his next turn with a set card that gets Winged Blasted away, and he shakes Nicky's hand.

That's all for the feature match of Round 4, where Nicky Lacaille wins 2-0 and proceeds with a 4-0 record!


Written by: Michael Lottner