Round 5 Feature Match: Denny Yu vs Aaron Furman

The age old battle of Fire vs Water continues today at ARGCS Las Vegas as Denny Yu's Mermails face off against Aaron Furman's Fire Fist! Will Denny's Water put out Aaron's Fire? Or will Aaron burn so hot he turns Denny into steam? Let's find out!


Game 1

Denny shuffles up and elects to go first after winning the dice roll. Drawing to 6 cards in hand he begins by playing Upstart Goblin, giving Aaron 1000 free life points. He follows up with a second Upstart before setting 4 cards and ending his turn.

Denny 8000, Aaron 10000

Aaron begins by playing Pot of Duality and revealing Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla, Mystical Space Typhoon and Upstart Goblin. He elects to take and summon the Gorilla. After attacking for 1600 damage he sets 3 cards to his backrow before ending. Abyss-sphere is activated but Aaron responds with Maxx “C” drawing 2 cards, one for the Linde that Sphere brought out and one for the Mermail Abyssleed brought by the Linde.

Denny 6400, Aaron 10000

Denny begins his turn by attacking with Abyssleed but was stopped by a Fiendish Chain. Denny tried to MST the Fiendish Chain and continue his assault but was shut down by a second one. Denny proceeded to activate Abyss-sphere in the battle phase to attempt another attack but was shut down yet again by Solemn Warning (-2000). After being stopped so many times Denny decided to end his turn.

Denny 6400, Aaron 8000

Aaron drew to 4 cards in hand before summoning Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear. He dove into his extra deck and attempted to summon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK but was shut down by Denny’s own Solemn Warning. A taste of his own medicine! Aaron set 1 and passed his turn back to Denny.

Denny began by drawing to 3 cards before activating Reckless Greed, netting him an additional 2 cards. He continued by summoning Abysslinde and attacking for 1500 damage before setting 2 to end his turn.

Denny 6400, Aaron 6500

Aaron drew and summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark and used its effect to return his Bear to the field before consolidating them into an Abyss Dweller. He sent the Dweller in and attacked Linde while activating its effect inflicting 200 damage and denying Denny’s special summon. He set 1 backrow before attempting to pass his turn. Denny activated yet another Reckless Greed before letting Aaron end, getting even further ahead in in card economy.

Denny 6200, Aaron 6500

Denny set one then passed his turn, but not before a blind MST destroyed a Breakthrough Skill.

Aaron set 1 and passed, unable to surmount the frozen Abyssleed.

Denny activated Breakthrough Skill from his graveyard, but Aaron used Forbidden Lance to save his Dweller from the effect. Denny discarded Mermail Abyssoscea and Mermail Abyssgunde for Mermail Abyssmegalo, Dweller activated its effect in response but was not enough to stop Megalo from overlaying with Leed into the almighty Mermail Abyssgaios, who attacked over the poor Dweller for 1900 damage. He set 1 more before passing back to Aaron.

Denny 6200, Aaron 4600

Aaron summoned a Bear, set 1 and passed.

Denny activated Abyss-squal on his turn to bring back 2 Linde and an Oscea. He overlaid a Linde and Oscea into Ghostrick Alucard. Alucard blew away Aaron’s set Forbidden Lance before sending Alucard and Gaios to attack over the Bear.

Denny 6200, Aaron 2400

Aaron drew Pot of Duality before scooping it up when he failed to reveal Dark Hole.

A commanding lead is taken by Denny in the mid game thanks to a couple of Reckless Greeds, placing him ahead in card economy and putting Aaron down for the count in game 1. Game 2 is not even close to being decided yet and with Fire Fist having the chance to go first we will see how the side deck affects the outcome of the duel.


Game 2

Aaron begins his turn by drawing to 6 cards before playing Fire Formation - Tenki and searching for a Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla. He summons Gorilla before activating Dimensional Fissure and setting 2 cards to end his turn.

Denny drew then set 3, but a stray Sphere was destroyed by a blind MST in Denny’s end phase.

Aaron drew before Denny activated Overworked to try and destroy Gorilla. Forbidden Lance saved the Gorilla and allowed him to send Tenki to the grave to destroy a set Malevolent Catastrophe with the primate’s effect. He activated another Tenki, adding Bear, and attacked for 3400 damage total, netting Fire Formation Gyokkou off of Bear’s effect before overlaying into Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King and setting his final Tenki.

Denny 4600, Aaron 8000

Denny set one and passed.

In Aaron’s standby Denny activated Reckless Greed to snag a +1 before Aaron activated Tenki for Bear before attacking for 4200 damage, setting his Tensu from his deck. Aaron activated Tensu, summoning the Wolfbark from his hand and overlaid Bear and Wolfbark into Abyss Dweller and ending his turn.

Denny 400, Aaron 8000

Denny set a monster and 2 backrow before ending.

Aaron drew and entered his standby phase, Denny thought long and hard for a moment before activating Overworked and Dust Tornado destroying tiger king and Dimensional Fissure. When Aaron summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh Denny simply scooped up the deck and went to game 3.

Game 2 was decided early on by an often hated floodgate card. Dimensional Fissure and a great inflow of Fire Formation – Tenkis kept Aaron very much ahead of his opponent this game. Game 3 allows the combo happy Mermail to setup a potentially amazing field before Aaron may be able to respond.


Game 3

Denny started off the final game of Round 5 by setting a monster and 2 backrow.

Aaron began by summoning Gorilla and attacking into the set Mermail Abysslinde. Linde snagged Abyssmegalo for Denny while Gorilla snagged a Fire Formation Tensu. Dust Tornado quickly demolished the lone Fire Formation before Aaron was forced to end his turn.

Denny used his summon for the turn to bring out Mermail Abysspike discarding Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to add Abyssgunde from his deck to his hand. He attacked over the Gorilla with Abyssmegalo and then for 1600 damage with Pike.

Denny 8000, Aaron 5600

Aaron had a hand full of monsters, so he simply summoned Thunder King and attacked over the wimpy Pike for 300 damage. He set his one Trap Card but Denny’s end phase MST quickly put an end to the forlorn Fiendish Chain.

Denny summoned Mermail Abyssturge, discarding Gunde to recycle Linde back to his hand before flooding the field with 2 Teus and a Pike to demolish the last of Aaron’s lifepoints.

A quick Game 3 is decided by a lack of Spells and Traps in Aaron’s opening hand. The constant flow of Mermails put out the Fire in this matchup but we will see what happens through the rest of the tournament!

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!