Round 5 Feature Match: Justin Huskey vs Kevin Silva

Game 1

Justin won the Die roll with 10 vs 6 and will be starting off the game! He opened with Dark Hole, Forbidden Lance, Mystical Space Typhoon, Constellar Pollux, Constellar Algiedi and Torrential Tribute. He began his turn by summoning Pollux and then using the extra normal summon to bring out Algiedi. He overlaid the 2 into Constellar Omega before setting 3 and passing.

Kevin drew to 6 cards and then normal summoned Card Trooper in attack mode and used its effect to mill 2 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders and a Dragon Ravine to the grave. He then banished Redox and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Hurricanes to special summon Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos and add Redox and Tempest to his hand from his deck. He sent his Blaster to attack Omega, but lost out in the damage step to Forbidden Lance, taking 400 damage! Kevin set 2 before passing his turn.

Kevin, 7600 : Justin 8000

Justin drew Algiedi before entering his battlephase and attacking with Omega over Card Trooper, inflicting 2000 damage but giving Kevin another card! Justin passed.

Kevin 5600 : Justin 8000

Kevin drew and thought about his plays for a moment before banishing a grave bound Redox and Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls (from his hand) to special summon Blaster. Kevin added Tidal and Mythic Wood Dragon to his hand with his dragon’s effects before continuing his turn with an attack from Blaster, inflicting 400 damage to Justin and destroying Constellar Omega. Kevin set 1 monster before passing his turn.

Kevin, 5600 : Justin 7600

Justin drew another Algiedi before playing Dark Hole, destroying Blaster and the set Card Trooper. Kevin drew one before Justin normal summoned Algiedi. When Justin activated Algiedi’s effect, Kevin activated Maxx “c” to draw 1 when Justin special summoned his other Algiedi. Justin attacked for 3200 total before overlaying into another Omega and ending, giving Kevin 1 more card.

Kevin, 2400 : Justin 7600

Kevin drew and then banished Tempest and Maxx C to special Redox from his hand and add another Tempest. He normal summoned Debris Dragon and targeted Card Trooper with his effect. Justin responded by activating Torrential Tribute and using Constellar Omega’s effect to save himself. Card Trooper was special summoned without effect and Kevin used PWWB, discarding Tidal to return the set MST to Justin’s deck, but MST was chained and destroyed a set Sixth Sense. After calling 5/6 and rolling a 4, Kevin milled Tidal, Veiler, Decree and Sacred Sword to his graveyard from his deck. He activated Tidal by banishing Debris and Tidal to special summon itself. He then used Blaster by banishing Wood and Blaster and attacked over Omega for 400 damage before attacking with Card Trooper and Tidal for 3000 more damage. He followed up the play by overlaying his dragons into Dracossack and making some tokens. He used Draco to destroy his Card Trooper and draw a card before setting 3 and watching Justin scoop it up.

A lackluster opening hand sealed Justin’s fate early in the game, without Constellar Pleiades even being option. Justin will get to start again though and we will see if he can pick up the slack and knock out a win!

Game 2

Justin opened Thunder King Rai-Oh, Constellar Kaus, Constellar Pollux and Constellar Algiedi along with Dark Hole and MST. He normal summoned Thunder King Rai-oh and set 2 before ending his turn.

Kevin normal summoned Card Trooper and milled Skill Drain, MST and Dragunity Corsesca before sending Card Trooper on a suicide mission into Justin’s T-King, drawing another card and setting 2 before ending his turn.

Justin drew another MST before normal summoning Constellar Pollux and used its extra normal to bring out Algiedi. Algiedi then special summoned Kaus to the field before Justin attacked with all three monsters, dropping Kevin to 2900 life points. When he tried to make his monsters into 5s with Kaus, Kevin paid 1000 lifepoints to activate a Skill Drain which fell prey to an MST from Justin. When Justin then tried to make another monster into a 5, Kevin used Effect Veiler to shut down the play. Justin overlayed his Kaus and Pollux (still level 4s) into Constellar Praespe. Kevin activated Phoenix Wing Wind Blast by discarding Tidal and sent Dark Hole to the top of Justin’s deck before Justin was able to end his turn.

Kevin, 1900 : Justin 8000

Kevin drew and special summoned Tidal by banishing Tempest and Corsesca. He then added another Tempest to his hand thanks to his banished dragon before normal summoning Flamvell Guard and syncro summoning into Colossal Fighter and attacking Algiedi. Prasepe used its effect to pump up Algiedi before the damage hit so he only took 200 damage. Kevin tried to set 1 before a blind space sent a second PWWB to his grave.

Kevin 1900 : Justin 7800

Justin drew dark hole and passed.

Kevin banished Tempest and Guard for Blaster to special summon Blaster and add Debris from his Tempest search. He normal’d Debris and special summoned Card Trooper, milling 3 before syncro summoning Ancient Fairy Dragon and destroying his Dragon Ravine. He banished Debris Dragon and Trooper for Redox and overlayed into Number 11: Big-Eye only to receive Justin’s handshake, signifying an end to the match!

The consistency of Kevin’s Dragon Rulers and the awesome milling power of Card Trooper keep him constantly in the game before finally exploding on the last turn for an astounding Big Eye play that sealed the game.

Kalen Nelson
Head of Press Staff for ARG Circuit events. I enjoy long walks on the beach, Party Hard by Andrew W.K and making awesome live commentary for the ARG LiveStream. Always feel free to come hit me up at events and say hi!