Round 5 Feature Match: Larry Musgrove vs. Sean McCabe

Sean McCabe already showed us what his Constellar deck was capable of in Round 3, but Larry Musgrove's Dragon Ruler deck will be a new challenge!

Game 1

Musgrove wins the die roll and opens the duel.

Musgrove Normal Summoned Card Trooper, milling Dragon’s Ravine, Vanity’s Emptiness, and Raigeki Break. He set one card and ends his turn.

McGabe used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy a set Skill Drain. Fire Formation - Tenki grabbed McCabe a Constellar Kaus from his deck, which he Normal Summoned. Card Trooper fell to Kaus, but Musgrove drew a card thanks to Card Trooper! McCabe set two and ended his turn ahead by 1500 Life Points.

Musgrove Normal Summoned Debris Dragon, targeting Card Trooper, but McCabe stopped the summon with Vanity’s Emptiness! Musgrove followed up by using Blaster’s destruction effect to destroy a set Mystical Space Typhoon and the Emptiness was destroyed! He followed up by summoning Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders by banishign Card Trooper and Flamvell Guard and combined the two into Star Eater which destroyed Kaus!

McCabe set one monster and ends.

Musgrove activated Gold Sarcophagus and banished Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms, searching another Tempest from his deck to have three cards in hand. Musgrove followed up by summoning a Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos from his hand, removing Debris Dragon and Redox to search another dragon to his hand! Blaster took out the facedown Pollux, and Star Eater knocked McCabe down to 3500, putting him ahead by 3000.

McGabe responded to Musgrove’s Assault by destroying both Blaster and Star Eater with Dark Hole and tried to make a push with Constellar Sombres, but Musgrove had the Veiler, only taking 1550 from Sombres.

Musgrove brought back Blaster after banishing Star Eater and a Tempest from his hand, netting him a Debris Dragon from his deck. He Normal Summoned the Dragon-tuner to bring back another tuner, Effect Veiler, and made a Scrap Dragon! Musgrove played it safe and destroyed Debris Dragon and Sombres as the same time and swung in for direct damage!

McCabe set a monster but conceded game one when Musgrove revealed a Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls!

Musgrove took game one with the help of Dragon Rulers and Synchro Dragons after fighting his way through stun cards like Vanity’s Emptiness.

Game 2

McCabe debated side deck choices for a while, but started game two quickly after making his final decisions. He opened up with Tenki and thus Kaus, and brought both Pollux and Kaus to the field! using Kaus’ level boosting effect, McCabe produced a Constellar Pleiades for the first time in the match! He finished his turn by setting four backrows.

Musgorve responded with the massive field with a set monster and three other set cards as well. During the End Phase, McCabe destroyed a Return from the Different Dimension and a Mystical Space Typhoon with two copies of Mystical Space Typhoon.

Pleiades attacked the set monster, but died to Fencing Fire Ferret, unable to utilize its effect at all. Additionally, McCabe took 500 damage from the Ferret’s ability.

Musgrove made an unorthodox play and summoned Debris Dragon with no targets in graveyard, content to attack for 1000 and extend his lead.

McCabe thought for a while before Special Summoning Cyber Dragon and merely destroyed the Debris Dragon to cut his deficit to just 400.

Musgrove started his turn by banishing Redox and Debris Dragon for Tidal’s effect, and while he was able to summon Tidal, his Redox couldn’t activate its effect with McCabe’s newly activated Soul Drain!

Even with Soul Drain face-up, McCabe didn’t have a powerful play and merely set one monster before ending.

Musgrove used Gold Sarcophagus to banish Royal Decree, hoping to survive for just two more turns.

McCabe got on the offensive by summoning a Constellar Kaus to the field, and with a Tenki still face-up, attacked for 1900, bringing both players to exactly 5000 Life Points each!

Musgrove waited for his Gold Sarcophagus and set one trap before ending.

McCabe attacked again for another 1900 and ended his turn.

Musgrove finally got Royal Decree to his hand and sets it. Following the set, he used Blaster’s effect to destroy the Kaus that had dealt him nearly 4000 damage; Musgrove ended.

McCabe fought back with another copy of Kaus, but Musgrove’s fresh set was Raigeki Break! He used it to destroy the Kaus, discarding Tidal.

Musgrove banished the Tidal and Ferret from his graveyard for his Blaster, searching a Tidal from his deck. He attacked for 2800 to retake the duel, leading 2200 to 3100.

McCabe deliberated for a while, piecing through Musgrove’s graveyard before making his move. He Special Summoned Cyber Dragon and ended.

Musgrove banished Flamvell Guard from grave and a Redox from hand to Special Summon Blaster yet again. He used Redox’s effect to snag another copy from his deck and then used Blaster to destroy the defensive Cyber Dragon.

McCabe played Dark Hole to wipe the field and immediately summon Consteallar Sombres, hoping to use its effect for an Xyz Summon! However, Musgrove had a backup plan and flipped Sombres facedown with his set Book of Moon! McCabe was forced to end his turn.

Musgrove banished a Tidal and a Blaster from his graveyard for Redox and opted only to use Tidal’s effect. He sent Redox to destroy Sombre, but when Musgrove saw that it has 1600 DEF, the same as Redox’s ATK, he conceded game two!

In a very strange ending, McCabe had caught up with Musgrove. Musgrove was going first in the final game, hoping to keep his record perfect moving into the sixth round.

Game 3

Musgrove opened game three with Card Trooper again, milling another copy of Card Trooper, Blaster and Redox. He banished Blaster and Trooper for Redox, took another Blaster from his deck and ended his turn after setting an impressive amount of backrows.

McCabe summons Cyber Dragon and Normal Summoned Consteallar Kaus from his hand. He triggered Kaus’ effect, bumping its level up to five, hoping to get an Xyx Summon out of his two monsters. He stacked both for Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and attacked trooper for 2200 damage! Tiras not only protected itself from destruction, but was able to blow up a set Royal Decree! McCabe followed with two copies of Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy... two copies of Raigeki Break.

Musgrove summoned his Debris Dragon but ran into another Vanity’s Emptiness. He played his Field Spell and pitched Redox with Ravine’s effect to add a Dragunity Corsesca. He followed up by fueling Tempest’s effect with the Dragunity Corsesca to search a Blaster from his deck, hoping to find an out to Tiras and Vanity’s Emptiness.

McCabe sent in Tiras to attack for and used Tiras’ effect to destroy the Ravine and then ended his turn.

Musgrove used two copies of Blaster to destroy Tiras which also destroyed the Vanity’s Emptiness. He followed up by summoning Debris to bring back the Card Trooper and used its effect to mill, even though Trooper didn’t gain any attack. It worked out for him when sending a Tidal to the graveyard.

Tidal banished a Redox and a Tempest to summon itself while Musgrove added Tempest and Redox to hand and then performed a Synchro Summon into a Black Rose Dragon and attacked for a ton of damage! During Main Phase 2, he stacked his Tidal and Black Rose for Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack and made two Mecha Phantom Beast Tokens for protection! He ended his turn with one facedown card.

McCabe summoned Algiedi and then Special Summoned Kaus with Algiedi’s effect. He boosted both to Level 5, destroyed the tokens, Xyz Summoned another Pleiades and returned Dragossack to the Extra Deck!

Musgrove didn’t seem bothered at all by the loss of his defensive wall and used Sacred Swords of Seven Stars to banish a Redox from his hand, draw two cards, and add Redox from his deck to hand. He then summoned Tidal by banishing Debris Dragon and Black Rose Dragon from his graveyard, and then summoned Blaster by removing a Fencing Fire Ferret from hand and a Corsesca from graveyard. He then banished another Blaster and a Debris Dragon from graveyard to summon Tempest, giving him three Dragon Rulers on the field!

Tidal attacked Plaides, but it was returned to the hand with the Constellar’s effect. Tempest and Blaster attacked directly and brought McCabe down to 300! He ended his turn.

McCabe Normal Summoned Constellar Sombres and banished his fallen and to summon Kaus. bump to 5 each. He made Pleiades attack Tempest and set his final card! But during his End Phase, Musgrove’s Mystical Space Typhoon destroyed McCabe’s set Soul Drain.

Musgrove banished a Card Trooper and Tempest for Redox to get another Corsesca from his deck and made a Scrap Dragon! He forced the activation of Pleiades and then summoned Blaster to attack over Pleiades for exact game!

Musgrove takes the seesaw match in a huge way forcing his way through multiple Constellar Pleiades and Tiras, Keeper of Genesis!