Round 5 Feature Match: Paul Cooper Vs. Treveon Young

Round 5 Feature Match

Alright guys we have some Round 5 action. We have Paul Cooper from Kansas City, Missouri playing Hieratic Dragon Rulers. Treveon Young from Pine Bluff, Arkansas playing Fire Fist.

Paul wins the dice roll and opens with 2 Forbidden Lance, Hieratic Dragon of Su, Cardcar D, Battle Fader, and Hieratic Dragon of Eset. He sets one summons Cardcar D and activates the effect to draw Maxx “C” and Hieratic Seal of Convocation.

Treveon activates Fire Formation Gyokku to hit the set Lance. He activates Pot of Duality to reveal Fire Formation Tenki, Effect Veiler and Lance, he opts to take the Tenki. Tenki is activated to search Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear. Bear attacks for 1800-6200 to set Tenki. He sets two cards to his back row and ends.

Paul draws Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet for his turn. He activates Convocation to search Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit to his hand. He Special Summons it and then Special Summons Hieratic Dragon of Su by tributing the Tefnuit, he summons Laboradite Dragon from the effect of Tefnuit. Su is activated tributing Nebthet from hand to destroy a facedown and Book of Moon turns Laboradite facedown in the chain, he summons Wattaildragon from deck from Nebthets effect. Su and Wattaildragon are used for Hieratic Dragon King of Atum and Compulsory is activated to send back Atum but Lance saves it. Atum brings out Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from the deck and it Special Summons Su from grave. Su destroys the set Tenki by tributing Eset from his hand and Special Summons another Wattaildragon from deck. Su and Wattaildragon are used again to Special Summon Constellar Ptolemy M7. M7 activates the effect to add Tefnuit back from his grave to hand. He attacks over the Bear with M7 900-7100. He passes with that.

Treveon sets 3 cards and ends his turn.

Paul draws Breakthrough Skill for his turn. He activates M7 to add back Su to his hand. He attacks with Atum for 2400-4700 and M7 for 2700-2000. He sets Breakthrough and passes with that. Treveon MST’s the Breakthrough on end phase.

Treveon draws then Normal Summons Wolfbark and activates the effect, Paul chains Maxx “C” to draw another Su and Bear is Special Summoned. Both monsters are used to summon Tiger King and setting Tenki, giving paul another Tefnuit. A set Tensu is activated to Normal Summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Dragon. Tiger King’s effect is activated to negate Atum and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon’s effects. Dragons effect sends Tensu and Tenki to grave to Special Summon Bear back from grave and giving Paul Curse of Dragon to his hand. Bear’s effect is activated to destroy M7 by sending Tenki to the grave. Gyokku is activated to target Paul’s set lance. Tiger King attacks into Atum and Bear attacks over Red Eyes. Main Phase 2 Steelswarm Roach is Xyz summoned, giving Paul Pot of Duality.

Paul draws another Su. He activates Breakthrough Skill in the grave on the Roach. Laboradite is Tribute Summoned for the Su. Su’s effect tributing Tefnuit to destroy a Gyokku and Wattaildragon is summoned from grave. Paul reminds Treveon that he’s at 2000 ops and Treveon picks up his cards.

Siding was quick and efficient on both sides. Treveoon will be going first in Game 2.

Treveon draws for turn and activates Pot of Duality for Tenki, Effect Veiler, and Duality. He takes the Tenki to search for Wolfbark. He summons Bear and sets 3 back row.

Paul opens with Cardcar, 2 Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, Wattaildragon, Nebthet. He draws Lance for his turn. He summons Cardcar and activates the effect to draw MST and Eset. He activates MST to destroy Treveon’s set Lance.

Treveon draws for turn and Summons another Bear. He attacks for 1700-6300 to set Tenki, the other Bear attacks for 1700-4600 to set another Tenki. He activates Tenki to search Dragon from deck. Main Phase 2 he uses the two Bears to Xyz summon into Abyss Dweller. He activates the effect to detach a Bear. He activates Tensu to Normal Summon Wolfbark to bring back Bear to Xyz summon into Steelswarm Roach! He passes with that.

Paul draws another Wattaildragon for his turn and scoops up his cards.

Treveon is able to go into both cards that shut down and coupled with a subpar hand from Paul he takes Game 2. Paul will be going first in Game 3 of this match.

Paul opens us up with Cardcar, 2 Effect Veiler, MST, Eset, and a Convocation. He activates Convocation for Su. Cardcar D is summoned and he sets MST. He activates the effect to draw Laboradite and Convocation.


Treveon activates Tensu and Paul destroys it with MST. He summons Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and attacks for 1200-6800. He sets 3 and passes.

Paul draws Tefnuit for turn and summons Eset for his turn. He passes with that.

Treveon summons Bear and activates Fire Formation-Tensen then activates Bear to send Tensen to grave but is shut off by Effect Veiler. He attacks over Eset for 1300-5500 and directly with Fossil Dyna for 1200-4300. He passed with that.

Paul draws Su for turn. He activates Convocation for another Eset that gets Normal Summoned. He passes back with that.

Treveon summons Fire Fist-Dragon and Paul scoops his cards up with that.

Treveon Young takes a 2-1 victory with his Fire Fist deck over Paul Cooper’s Hieratic deck and he’s moving on with a 4-1 record in today’s tourney.