Round 5 James Saleh (Evilswarm ) vs. Steffon Bizzell (Dragon Rulers )

Going into this feature match there was a little controversy as to one of the competitor’s willingness to be shown on camera. However after coming to an agreement that we won’t be video recording or taking pictures of him during the match I was finally able to get this match going!

We have James Saleh coming here from New York playing Evilswarm against Steffon Bizzell who also traveled a relatively close distance from Pennsylvania playing Dragon Rulers. The match starts off with almost dead silence until the sound of the dice hit the table resulting in Steffon rolling a 3 vs. James’ 3.

Steffon Bizzell

Steffon Bizzell

Both of these duelists are sitting on X-1 records and will need to win this match in order to keep the dream alive.

Game 1

Steffon draws for his turn and elects to set a backrow and pass.

James drew his opening hand looking at Evilswarm Castor, Evilswarm Heliotrope, Gozen Match, Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, Effect Veiler, and Mirror Force. James summoned Castor which allowed him to bring out Heliotrope and overlayed them together to bring out Evilswarm Ophion. Ophion detached Castor to add Infestation Pandemic to his hand before attacking for 2550, setting 3 cards, and passing. During James’ End Phase Steffon flipped his set Book of Moon to turn Ophion facedown.

Steffon – 5450 James - 8000

Steffon drew for his turn and activated Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos to destroy James’ Gozen Match by discarding Flamvell Guard. He then used Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storm’s effect to discard Debris Dragon to add Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls to his hand. Tidal was activated by banishing Debris and Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders bringing itself to the field. Redox allowed him to add Mythic Earth Dragon to hand. Steffon played his last unknown card in hand, Flamvell Guard, in order to Synchro Summon Stardust Spark Dragon. In response to the summon James activated Effect Veiler targeting Stardust not realizing that Stardust could chain its effect in response to Veiler. Stardust swings over James’ set Ophion and passes his turn.

James draws for turn and windmill slams Black Luster Soldier onto the field. In his haste he attacks into Stardust not realizing that it could save itself from being destroyed. James just sets Torrential Tribute and passes.


Steffon – 4950 James -8000

Steffon activates Tidal by banishing Blaster and Tempest to add Blaster and Corseca to his hand. After Steffon summons Mythic Tree Dragon, James scoops it up realizing that he couldn’t handle a Dracossack play and the advantage Steffon had.

The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

Steffon – 1 James – 0

Game 2

After an intense 2 minutes of silent siding and a little worry about getting a slow playing both duelists shuffle up and hand their decks over for their opponent to cut.

James elected to go first and looked at a hand of Evilswarm Mandragora, Forbidden Lance, Torrential Tribute, Rescue Rabbit, Evilswarm Kerykeion, and Castor. James summons Caster and Mandragora to bring out Ophion and detaches Castor to search his deck for a Pandemic. Three cards get set to James’ backrow and the game of “Protect Ophion” begins.

Steffon summons Neo Spacian Grand Mole that promptly forces out James’ Torrential Tribute and Pandemic to protect his Ophion. Steffon activates Dragons Ravine and discards Mythic Tree Dragon to send Blaster to the graveyard.


James draws Dimensional Prison for the turn, summons his Rescue Rabbit to get 2 Heliotropes, and swings with everything before making a second Ophion and setting Dimensional Prison.


Steffon- 1550 James – 8000

Steffon begins his turn by discarding Dragunity Corsesca to send Redox to his graveyard. Steffon then uses Electric Virus to take one of the Ophions and uses its effect to add Infestation Terminus to his hand. Ophion attempts to bounce with the other Ophion, but its met by Dimensional Prison. A flashed Kerykeion and Dark Armed Dragon prompted Steffon to take this to game 3.

Steffon – 1 James – 1

Game 3

Steffon elected to play first this game and ended up with 3 set before passing his turn.

James drew his hand and was holding Dark Armed Dragon, Caster, Evilswarm O’Lantern, Evilswarm Thunderbird, and Dimenional Prison. James summoned Caster and Thunderbird to bring out an Ophion that dug through his deck to get a Pandemic by detaching Thunderbird. He attacks for 2550 before setting 3 cards and passing.

Just like game 2, Steffon had the Electric Virus to take Ophion, and uses its effect to add infestation Terminus to his hand. Steffon attacks with Ophion and its met by James’ Dimensional Prison. In Main Phase 2, Dragons Ravine is played to discard Blaster in order to send Tempest to the Graveyard.

Steffon – 5450 James – 8000

On James’ turn he drew a Thunder King Rai-oh and summoned it to attack for 1900 before passing.

Steffon – 3550 James -8000

Steffon goes into the tank in an effort to get around James’ board. He opts to discard Blaster in order to send Tidal to the graveyard. He then proceeds to banish Tempest and Blaster to summon Tidal. He plays one Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy James’ set Pandemic and a second one to destroy a Forbidden Lance which is chained to Tidal. Steffon plays Return from the Different Dimension to bring back his banished Blaster and Tempest. Blaster swings over Thunder King Rai-Oh and Tidal and Tempest make direct shots. In Main Phase 2 Steffon overlays his Tempest and Blaster to make a Dracossack with two tokens before passing his turn to James.

Steffon- 1775 James- 2900

James tops Rescue Rabbit and slams it onto the table to bring out two Heliotropes that brought out Evilswarm Bahamut. Bahamut used its effect by discarding O’lantern to take Dracossack and used the effect to make two tokens. He used one of the tokens to kill Tidal and kills a token with Bahamut.

Steffon drew for this turn and banished Tempest and Tidal to summon Blaster allowing him to add Debris and Tidal to hand. Tidal was promptly pitched  for ravine to send Guard to the graveyard, but it wasn’t there long as Debris brought Guard back to the field. Guard and Blaster made a Scrap Dragon, Electric Virus took Dracossack, Scrap Dragon targeted Dracossack and James' token to be destroyed, Debris and the token made an Ancient Fairy Dragon, and with an all out attack Steffon wiped the rest of of Jame’s lifepoints out! Steffon now moves on with a 4-1 record!


That's game.

That's game.