Round 6 – Eaton Guo (Evilswarm) vs. Mark Velez (Dragon Ruler)

Overpowering as the top tier may be, there are those who would war against the expected no matter the circumstance. But when it comes down to it, is that enough to take down behemoths? Let's take a look at the match between Eaton Guo and Mark Velez to find out!



Having won the die roll, Eaton starts with the strong play of Evilswarm Heliotrope backed by 4 backrow.

Velez pitches Corsesca for Tempest to tutor Blaster. Next, he banishes Tidal and Corsesca to drop Blaster which tutors him another Tidal. Blaster swings over Heliotrope and Guo eats some damage.

Guo draws, sets 1, and ends. Blaster returns to hand.

Velez banishes Corcesca and Blaster for Tidal which tutors Guard. Tidal swings direct. In MP2, Guard is pitched for Consonance. He then follows up with a 7 Sword that banishes a Redox which tutors another Redox. This gets a Ravine which is promptly activated to pitch Redox and dump Tempest.

Guo MST's 1 of Velez's backrow, sets 1 monster and passes.

Velez banishes a Tidal for Seven Sword and tutors a Tidal after drawing 2. He pitches Tidal with Ravine to dump Trigon. He drops Debris which reborns Trigon, but is stopped in his tracks when Guo Book of Moon's Debris. He banishes Guard and Maxx for Redox. Redox swings into Guo's set Kerykeion! In damage step, however, Guo activates Forbidden Dress on Redox keeping his Kerykeion alive! Having nothing more to do, Velez ends.

Guo drops Evilswarm Ketos, to which Velez responds by playing Maxx "C". He swings over Redox with Ketos, and then Trigon with Kerykeion. in MP2, Ketos pops Velez' set backrow. Kerykeion then banishes Heliotrope to get Ketos which makes it onto the field to make Evilswarm Ophion. Velez draws 1 for Maxx, and Guo searches Infestation Infection with Ophion's effect before ending.

Velez pitches Debris for Consonance, sets 2 backrow, then ends.

Guo swings into Velez' set Debris, sets 1 backrow, and passes.

Velez draws and ends.

Guo swings direct with Ophion and ends.

Velez draws and it seems like he's ready to give winning another shot. He targets Ophion with Book which baits out Guo's set Pandemic. On top of that, Velez chains Raigeki Break targetting Ophion as well, and then Guo chains Safe Zone on top of it all to save Ophion! Still locked down, Velez passes.


Guo draws and flips Infection to send back a Mandragora and tutor Evilswarm Thunderbird. T-Bird swings and then Guo ends.

Velez draws and passes.

Guo's T-Bird swings direct, and when guo tries to Pandemic his Ophion to attack for game, he's met with a Swift Scarecrow! He ends.

Velez draws and makes it clear he just found what he needed. He pitches 2 Blasters to pop Safe Zone to which Guo chains Eradicator Epidemic Virus to tribute Ophion and knock out any spells from Velez' hand before it can be destroyed! Sadly, Velez flashes him a hand of monsters. When he sets about banishing for some elements and Guo goes for the side deck.

Game 1 goes to Mark Velez!



Guo starts things off with a Dimensional Fissure and 3 set backrow before passing play.

Velez looks over his hand, evaluating just how much he isn't locked out of. He sets 3 backrow and ends.

Guo draws and passes.

Velez draws and passes.

Guo summons Evilswarm Castor, swings direct, sets 1 backrow, then passes.

Velez sets a monster and passes.

Guo MST's Velez' set Eradicator Epidemic Virus. He normal summons Mandragora and overlays it with Castor for Ophion. He detaches to search for Pandemic, to whichVelez chains Skill Drain! Guo chains MST, and for it secures an Infection from deck. Not one to get nothing from an exchange, however, Velez pitches Tempest for Raigeki Break, popping Guo's D-Fissure and tutoring another Tempest. Guo ends.

Velez begins his turn by pitching Electric Virus to take Ophion. He uses his effect to tutor Infestation Terminus. He then banishes Guard and Redox for Tidal which tutors another Redox. Deliberating on responding, Guo begins crunching numbers silently. Finally, he Solemn Warning's the Tidal. Velez then pitches Tempest and Corsesca to tutor Blaster. He swings with Ophion, sets 1 backrow and passes.

Guo sends back Mandragora with Infection to tutor Kerykeion. Kerk drops, banishing a Castor for Castor which also drops. They all swing and when a certain Cowboy shows up in MP2, it's off to Game 3 they go!



Velez begins by banishing Blaster for Seven Swords to draw 2 and tutor another Blaster. He sets 2 backrow and ends.

Guo normal summons T-Bird, swings, sets 1 backrow, and passes.

Velez pitches Tidal for his flipped Raigeki Break targetting Guo's backrow. Guo chains T-Bird's effect, and when he does, Velez flips over Skill Drain! Gozen Match gets destroyed and the bird gets caged. He then activates Ravine to pitch Debris and dump Tempest. Debris are Tempest are banished to summon Tidal which tutors Velez another Tempest. Tidal swings over T-Bird and Velez passes play.

Guo draws and passes.

Velez pitches Tempest with Ravine to dump Redox. He then banishes Blaster and Redox to summon Tempest with tutors him the same. In response, Guo flips Torrential Tribute! SToped in his tracks, Velez ends.

Guo normal summons Heliotrope, swings direct, then ends.

Velez pitches Redox with Ravine to search Corsesca. Tempest and Tidal are then banished for Redox which tutor the same. He syncs Corsesca and Redox into Stardust Dragon which swings over Heliotrope! He sets 1 backrow and ends.

Guo special summons Mandragora, normal summons Castor, and then overlays the two into Evilswarm Bahamut. Velez asks Guo to hold on while he checks the card's fine print. Play resumes, and when it does, Guo activates Bahamut targetting Stardust! Velez asks if Guo has something to chain, to which he replies by playing Infestation Pandemic. Velez chains Book of Moon on Stardust, and then after a ruling clarification, chains his set MST targetting Skill Drain, and finally Stardust on top to save it! Bahamut swings direct and in the end phase, Stardust comes back to Velez.

Velez starts banishing for a very fat, very melodic Blaster and Guo decides not to prolong the inevidable.

This round goes to Mark Velez!

Both players performed well, Guo having waded through 3 rounds of Dragon Rulers, 1 of 3-Axis Fire Fist, 1 round of Zombies, and Velez through 4 rounds of the mirror, 1 Blackwing and now 1 Evilswarm. Hopefully we'll see them back tomorrow for more features!