ARG Circuit Fort Worth: Round 6 Feature Match Brady Brink VS. Oscar Zelaya

Round 6 Feature Match

Alright guys and gals it's time for some more undefeated action here in Round 6. We have Brady Brink North Dakota, playing a standard Spellbook deck. Oscar Zelaya is playing another Spellbook deck but his is laced with some techs that might surprise you. One of these players will move on undefeated and one will receive his first loss. Let's get this undefeated match underway!

Brady wins the die roll and opts to go first. His hand consists of Mystical Space Typhoon, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Fiendish Chain, Spellbook of Fate, Mirror Force and The Grand Spellbook Tower. He sets two and passes.

Oscar draws and activates Spellbook Library of Crescent selecting The Grand Spellbook Tower, Spellbook of Secrets, Spellbook of the Master, they roll a dice to select and add a card to Oscar's hand. Oscar summons Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and it gets Fiendish Chained on summon negating the effect! Master comes down to copy Crescent selecting Secrets, Tower and Fate; adding one to hand by dice yet again and shuffling the rest back to the deck. He ends his turn with that.

Brady draws World of Prophecy for his turn. He sets Wind Blast to his backrow and ends.

Oscar summons another Magician! Searching Secrets and activating it to search Master. He activates it to copy Secrets revealing Tower and adding Fate to his hand. He attacks with Magician for 500 damage, dropping Brady to 7500. He sets one to his back row and activates Tower to end his turn.

Brady draws Solemn Warning for his turn, sets it and ends but Oscar activates fate banishing Crescent, Secrets and Master to banish the newly set Solemn warning.

Oscar draws and activates Tower which is shut down by MST. He activates Eternity to get back Master to get back Secrets. Secrets gets Oscar Spellbook of Wisdom. Next Oscar summons Temperance of Prophecy and activates the effect to Summon High Priestess of Prophecy from his deck. Priestess activates her effect and Brady scoops up his cards! He didn't want to reveal to Oscar that he was playing the exact same deck.
A series of bad draws cause Brady to just set generic cards to give Oscar enough fuel to keep his engine going and taking game 1. There was little talk and quick side decking as we get into game 2. Brady will be going first.

Brady opens with Spellbook of Eternity, Fate, Warning, Mind Crush, MST, and Raigeki Break. Brady sets 2 cards to his back row and ends his turn.
Oscar draws and activates Crescent choosing Wisdom, Fate, Eternity; the dice roll chooses again and Oscar adds the mystery card to his hand. Quickly Brady activates Mind Crush declaring Secrets and Oscar discards the only copy of the card he has. He sets one card to his back row and play is back to Brady.
Brady drew Master for his turn. Setting another card to his back row and ends with nothing else but unplayable cards in his hand.

Oscar draws and plays Pod revealing Temperance, Fate, MST and takes the Temperance. Play was passed back to Brady.

Brady draws Mind Crush for his turn. Sets it to his back row and passes his turn.

Oscar draws and finally finds a Secrets for a Spellbook Magician. He summons it losing out to solemn warning, dropping Brady to 6000 to Oscars 8000.

Brady finally draws a monster, Temperance, for his turn but sets one card to his back row and passes.

Oscar draws and activates Tower but loses it out to MST. Brady activates Mind Crush declaring Temperance and Oscar loses the copy in his hand. He sets one and passes back to Brady.

Brady draws and finally gets a playable card…Spellbook Magician! He summons it activating the effect for Secrets. Secrets nets him Tower to his hand. Master comes down next revealing Tower to copy Secrets and get him another copy of Magician. He attacks for 500 damage and drops Oscar to 7500. Brady activates Tower, sets one card in his back row and passes his turn.

Oscar draws for turn while asking "How many in hand?". "Three" Brady quickly replies. Next Oscar activates Book of Moon on Bradys magician. He summons his own and searches Secrets, which gets him his own copy of Tower. Master is activated to copy Secrets and get him a copy of Life, which he activates next revealing Tower to special summon Temperance. Temperance activates her effect to special summon World but it has no effect due to it's own restriction. World destroys Magician by battle and lets Brady search Secrets to his hand. He attacks for 500 with his Magician dropping Brady to 5500. He plays Tower and sets two cards then passes his turn.

Brady draws Spellbook of Power for his turn. Secrets is activated to search a copy of Wisdom. Next Temperance comes down and Oscar activates Fate banishing Crescent and Secrets for the cost, Wisdom is activated on Temperance for Spells; Oscar puts his Magician face down to resolve Fate. Brady activates his own copy of Fate banishing wisdom, Secrets and Master for cost, causing Oscar to chain his own wisdom on his world for spells; Brady banishes Tower to resolve his Fate. Temperance summons his own World activating the effect to get back Tower and Fate finishing off the game by revealing Power and Eternity in hand and Oscar concedes taking this Match to Game 3!

Oscar will go first in this match and will decide who moves forward into Round 6 undefeated.

Oscar starts game 3 with a Magician summon, activating the effect to search a Secrets. Secrets is activated to search Tower, adding it to hand. Next Oscar activates Master to search Eternity. He plays Tower, sets 2 back row and ends.

Brady opens with Temperance, Magician, High Priestess, Retort, MST, and Fiendish Chain. He opts to summon Magician to search Secrets, which is activated to search and add Tower to his hand. Brady activates Tower to try and get rid of Oscars copy but it gets hit by MST before it resolves. Brady's Magician goes after Oscar's but Oscar flips it face down by activating Fate, letting him search Wisdom. Brady sets 3 cards to his back row and passes.


Oscar draws and activates Tower which gets blasted away by MST. Next High Priestess is summoned by revealing Eternity, Wisdom, and Secrets. High Priestess activates her effect but is shut off by Fiendish Chain. Secrets is activated but Brady activates Retort to negate Oscars and adds back his own copy! Oscar activates Eternity to get back Master. Master copies Secrets to search Magician. Magician searches Power and Oscars Magician runs down Bradys dealing 1000 damage and drpping Brady to 7000 lps. Oscar searches Fate, sets two to his back row and passes back to Brady.

Brady draws solemn Warning for his turn. He activates Secrets to start his turn and searches for Wisdom, adding it to his hand of High Priestess, Temperance, Raigeki Break, and Solemn Warning. (Time is called during this turn.) He summons Temperance and Oscar responds with Fate, Wisdom is chained to the Fate on Temperance for Spells; Oscar banishes the Fiendish Chain attached to his High Priestess to resolve Fate. He activates Temperance and brings World to the field getting back Secrets and Tower to his hand. World attacks over High Priestess for 400 damage dropping Oscar to 7600. He activates Tower and sets on to his backrow to end his turn.

Oscar draws and turns his Magician to defense. Ending his turn with nothing else to do with the cards in his hand.

Brady draws another Copy of High Priestess and activates tower to draw Magician. He summons the Magician to search a copy of Master. Secrets comes down to search a Power which is activated on Magician. Magician attacks over the defense position Magician letting Brady search Fate. World attacks directly for 2900 dropping Oscar to 4700 and Brady at 7000. Master copies Secrets and gets Wisdom. He sets 2 to back row and play was back to Oscar.

Oscar draws and summons Temperance for his turn. Solemn warning is activated to put Brady at 5000 lps. Oscar passes back to Brady.

Last turn in time and Brady draws Crescent, activates tower to put back master to draw Raigeki Break. Brady deals another 2900 to Oscar putting him down to 1800 lps. He sets the Raigeki Break and passes back to Oscar for the final turn of the match!

Oscar draws, then summons Temperance for his turn, Brady activates Raigeki Break and Oscar chains Wisdom for traps but Brady chains his own copy of Wisdom for spells causing Temperance to be unaffected by Oscars spells and to be destroyed. Oscar concedes when he realizes that he has no way to deal 3400 damage to win in his last turn of time.
Brady Brink wins this Spellbook mirror match that lasts till time because of a huge Retort in game 3, letting him move on with a perfect 6-0 record after Round 6 in the first ever ARG Circuit Series here in Fort Worth, Texas!