Round 6 Feature Match: Lex Wingate Vs. Admassu Williams






Here we go getting into the later rounds in Las Vegas. First we have Lex Wingate from Maryland playing Fire Fist. His opponent Admassu Williams from Santa Monica, CA is playing Mythic Dragon Rulers. Admassu wins the die roll.

Game 1:

Admassu summons Card Trooper and activates the effect to mill 3, Upstart Goblin, Dragon Shrine and White Stone of Legend, adding Blue Eyes White Dragon to his hand from Stone’s effect. Upstart gives him a card and Lex 1000+9000.

Lex starts off with 2 Cardcar D, Upstart, Forbidden Lance, Coach Soldier Wolfbark, Dimensional Prison. He activates Upstart and gets Mystical Space Typhoon and gives Admassu 1000+9000. He sets 3 and summons Cardcar activating the effect and drawing 2 more to end.

Admassu activates Trooper sending Mirror Force, Cardcar, and Skill Drain to boost it to 1900. Next Mythic Tree Dragon comes down and Water Dragon is special summoned. Wood and Water are used to Xyz Summon Hieratic Sun Dragon of Heliopolis without response and tributes Blue Eyes, Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms and Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders to destroy MST, Dimensional Prison, and Lance. Both Dragon Rulers come up to the field and his monsters attack directly for a total of 8900 bringing Lex to 100. He Xyz Summons into Dracossack with the rulers and detaches the Redox to Special Summon tokens. He passes with that.

Lex draws Upstart for his turn and concedes the match with that.

Card Trooper lets Admassu get to his Dragon Rulers and a Heliopolis play puts him too far ahead for Lex to come back. Lex will be going first in Game 2.

 Game 2:

Lex opens with Fire Formation-Tenki, Effect Veiler, Pot of Duality, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Gorilla, Black Horn of Heaven and draws Dimensional Prison for his turn. Pot of Duality is activated revealing Tenki, Soul Drain, and Mystical Space Typhoon, He opts to take soul drain. He activates Tenki for Wolfbark and summons Gorilla. He sets 3 and ends his turn.

Admassu sets 3 and passes back.

Lex draws Mystical Space Typhoon for his turn and activates Gorilla’s effect on a set Skill Drain that gets chained and MST forces the activation through. Bear is Normal Summoned and he declares an attack right into Mirror Force! He passes with that.

Admassu activates Dragon Shrine sending Blue Eyes and Blaster to the grave, and Lex activates Soul Drain paying 1000-7000 to ensure Blaster doesn’t get summoned from the grave but Space Typhoon shuts that down. Blaster is summoned by banishing Blue Eyes and Tempest, with Tempest searching Influence Dragon and adding it to hand. Influence dragon is summoned and used with Blaster for Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree but is shut down by Black Horn of Heaven! He passes with that.

Lex draws for turn and it’s a Fire Formation-Tenki! He activates it to search a Bear to hand that gets summoned. Bear attacks for 1700-6300 and sets another Tenki. He passes with that.

Admassu uses his set Cards of Consonance sending White Stone to grave, drawing 2 and searching a Blue Eyes to hand from deck. Influence and White Stone are banished to summon Blaster from grave. He attacks with Blaster right into Dimensional Prison and Blaster is banished from the game! He passes with that.

Lex draws Cardcar for his turn and activates his set Tenki to get a Coach Soldier Wolfbark from deck to his hand. Cardcar comes down, activating the effect to draw Fire Formation-Gyokkou and another copy of Wolfbark.

Admassu activates Gold Sarcophagus banishing Tidal, adding Mythic Water Dragon to his hand. Redox is summoned from hand by banishing Blue Eyes and Leo from Grave. Water is Special Summoned and White Stone is Normal Summoned. White Stone and Redox are used to Synchro into Stardust Dragon.

Lex draws Dark Hole for his turn and activates Gyokkou freezing the back row. Next Dark Hole is activated and Admassu uses Felgrand’s effect on itself. Wolfbark comes down and bring back bear to Xyz summon into Bujintei Kagutsuchi milling 5. He crashes the two monsters and Felgrand goes to the grave.

Admassu sets and summons redox.

Lex draws MST and summons Wolfbark activating the effect, chaining Space Typhoon to destroy Skill Drain, and bringing back Bear from grave. Bear and Wolfbark are used to Xyz summon into Diamond Dire Wolf. Diamond Dire uses it’s effect targeting Kagutsuchi and Redox, destroying the Redox and Kagustuchi saving itself. Dire Wolf and Kagutsuchi attack directly for 4800-500. He passes with that.

Admassu draws then Special Summons Tidal. Tree Dragon comes down and Water is Special Summoned after that. Tree dragon is used but it’s effect is shut off by Effect Veiler. With that Admassu concedes and we are going to a Game 3 with 10 minutes left in the round!

Lex slowly grinds out and draws a timely Mystical Space Typhoon to take Game 2.

Admassu opens up with Tree into Water and uses both to Xyz summon Felgrand. He sets 3 and ends his turn.

Lex opens with D Prison, Wolfbark, Upstart, Tensu, and Black Horn. He draws Effect Veiler for his turn. Upstart gives Admassu 1000+9000 and gives him

Admassu draws for turn and attacks for 2800-5200 with Felgrand. He activates Dragon Shrine sending Blue Eyes and Blaster from the deck to grave. Next Gold Sarcophagus is used to banish Tempest, searching Debris Dragon to hand. He passes with that.

Lex draws Upstart for his turn and uses it to give Admassu another 1000+10000 and giving himself Cardcar. Cardcar comes down and uses the effect to draw Dust Tornado and Tenki.

Admassu draws and attacks with Felgrand for another 2800-2400. He sets another back row and passes.

Lex draws Dark Hole for his turn. Tenki is used to search Bear to his hand. Bear is summoned and Bottomless is activated banishing it from the game. Tensu is activated and Wolfbark is summoned to the field. He passes with that.

Admassu draws for turn and also adds Tempest to his hand from Gold Sarcophagus. Tempest is discarded with Debris Dragon to add Tidal to his hand. Soul Drain is activated 1000-1400. Effect Veiler is activated on Felgrand and Felgrand chains it’s effect on itself. Tidal is summoned by banishing Debris Dragon and Blue Eyes from hand. Wolfbark is attacked by Tidal and is banished by Dimensional Prison. Felgrand attacks over Wolfbark for

Lex draws Wolfbark for his turn. He summons the Wolf Bark and the effect is activated which Admassu lets resolve and when the other Wolfbark is summoned Torrential Tribute is activated and Felgrand is chained to save itself and the rest of the field is cleared! With that Lex concedes the match and Admassu wins.

Admassu is moving on with a perfect 6-0 record after winning the match with his Mythic Dragon Rulers over Lex Wingate’s Fire Fist deck.