Round 6: Jarred Randolph (Spellbooks) vs. Louis Poma (Bujins)

Game 1


The two duelists cordially shake hands and begin the match. Louis goes first and activates Fire Formation - Tenki and searches out Bujin Yamato. He then Normal Summons Yamato,plays a Kaiser Colosseum, then sets one backrow. During the End phase he sends Bujingi Hare to grave with Yamato

Jarred starts his first time by Normal Summoning Spellbook Magician of Prophecy and searches out Spellbook Library of the Crescent. Crescent searches up The Grand Spellbook Tower, Spellbook of Fate, and Spellbook of Secrets. He ends up adding Tower to his hand. Jarred next activates Spellbook of Secrets from his hand and adds Spellbook of Fate. He then activates Spellbook of the Master and reveals Fate, copying Secrets to search out Spellbook of Eternity. He follows up with Tower. Finally, he sets two to his backrow and ends his turn.

Louis contemplates for a bit, aware of the possible Fate activation. He Normal Summons Bujin Mikazuchi. He then moves to his Battle Phase, forcing Jarred to activate Fate to put Yamato face down. Mikazuchi attacks over Spellbook Magician, and during damage step uses Bujingi Crane. He then specials Bujin Hirume by banishing Crane from his graveyard. During the End Phase he adds Bujincarnation to his hand with Mikazuchi


4700 - 8000


During Standby Phase, Jarred activates Tower sending Fate to the bottom of the deck to draw another card. Jarred Normal Summons Spellbook Magician and adds Spellbook of Wisdom. He then activates Spellbook of Power, targeting Spellbook Magician. Magician then attacks Louis's set Yamato. Power then goes off and searches out Secrets. Main P2 jarred activates secrets to search Spellbook of Fate. He then sets two backrow and passes it back to Louis.

Louis starts by overlaying Mikazuchi and Hirume for Evilswarm Exciton Knight. He activates exciton by detaching mikazuchi. Jarred responds with Fate for 3, banishing Exciton Knight. Jarred also flips Reckless Greed in response. Exciton goes off and wipes the board. Louis passes with an empty field.

Jarred's first turn under Reckless is a lone backrow.

Louis sets a backrow and passes.

Jarred passes.

Louis sets a backrow and ends.

Jared breaks the lull by Special Summoning High Priestess of Prophecy, revealing Crescent, Master, and Wisdom. He then activates High Priestess's effect but is met with a Fiendish Chain from Louis. Jarred continues on and Normal Summons Spellbook Magician to grab Eternity. Eternity adds Spellbook of Secrets to his hand. He follows up with a Master which copies Eternity, to reveal secrets and add Fate. Spellbook Magician attacks for a jarring 500 Life Points. Jarred sets two before ending his turn.


4700 - 7500


Louis starts off with Bujincarnation, banishing Exciton Knight and targeting Yamato and Crane, Special Summoning them to the field. When they are summoned, Jarred responds by banishing Tower, Eternity, and Master to activate Fate. Fate banishes Yamato. Louis follows up with Dark Hole, but Jarred is able to use Wisdom to protecting his Priestess. Louis then activates a second Bujincarnation to Special Yamato and Crane. Jarred answers with a set Torrential Tribute, but Louis responds with Forbidden Lance on Crane and Bujingi Hare on Yamato to keep his field intact. Both attack directly during the Battle Phase. During Main Phase 2, Louis overlays Crane and Yamato to Xyz Summon Bujintei Susanowo. He then activates Susanawo's effect, detaching Crane to add Yamato from his deck. Then he Normal Summons Yamato and sets one to his backrow. During the End Phase he sends Bujingi Turtle to the grave.


2100 – 7500


Jarred begins the uphill battle with a Spellbook of Secrets grabbing Life. He activates Life revealing Crescent and targeting Priestess. Louis flips Compulsory Evacuation Device once Priestess hits the field and Jarred immediately scoops it up. We're on to game two! Louis snatches control from Jarred and never gives it back with a powerful double Bujincarnation play.



Game 2


The players once again shake hands in good sportsmanship and start the second game.

Jarred begins with a Crescent, searching Master, Secrets, and Fate, adding Master to his hand. He then Normal Summons Spellbook Magician to search up Secrets. He decides not too use Secrets, saving it for next turn and sets one back row.

Louis leads off with a Tenki, this time searching out Bujin Mikazuchi. Next he Normal Summons Yamato and immediately proceeds to the Battle Phase where Yamato runs over the lowly Spellbook Magician. He sets one backrow, and during the End Phase he sends Bujingi Hare to the graveyard with Yamato.


6600 – 8000


Jarred wastes no time, revealing Secrets, Master, and Crescent to Special Summon Priestess. Priestess effect banishes Crescent, targeting Yamato. Louis immediately uses Hare and protects Yamato. Jarred then activates a now live Crescent from his hand, searching Tower, Life, and Power, eventually adding Tower. He then reveals Secrets, Power, and Masters to Special Summon another Priestess. The second Priestess banishes Crescent targeting Louis's set card, a Dust Tornado which he chains to target Jarred's set which is a Reckless Greed that he activates. Jared then overlays the two Priestess for Number 11: Big Eye and steals Yamato. He moves along and Normal Summons Spellbook Magician to grab Eternity. A Secrets then searches out Fate, followed by a Master copying Secrets to search out Life, revealing Fate in the process. Swings with Yamato and Spellbook Magician drop down Louis's Life Total. He activates Tower before setting two cards and passing the turn.


6600 – 5700


Louis leads off by Normal Summoning a Mikazuchi. He enters Battle Phase and attempts to swing on Yamato but is stopped by a Fate putting his Mikazuchi face down. He sets two and ends.

Jarred activates Tower sending Fate to the bottom of his deck to draw another card. Big Eye activates again and this time attempts to steal Mikazuchi. Louis activates Breakthrough Skill but is stopped by Wisdom on Big Eye. An Eternity adds Secrets which grabs another Spellbook Magician that searches out the lone copy of Fate. He turns Big Eye to Defense, then overlays the Magicians for Daigusto Phoenix. Louis sees the writing on the wall and we move onto a third game! Another


Game 3


Louis starts off the final game with a Pot of Duality, revealing Crane, Tenki, Breakthrough Skill, adding Tenki to immediately search out Yamato. He sets two to his backrow and sends Hare to the graveyard in the End Phase.

Jarred activates Crescent to search out Secrets, Wisdom, and Power, adding Wisdom. Secrets searches up a copy of Eternity. Next, Jarred Normal Summons Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. A Master copies Secrets, searching Tower by revealing Fate. He goes on to activate Fate, banishing master, Secrets, and Crescent to banish Louis's Yamato. Kycoo hits directly and banishes Bujingi Hare. Tower ends the turn for Jarred.


8000 - 6200


Louis Normal Summons Mikazuchi and runs over Kycoo, using Crane during the damage step. End Phase he searches out Bujincarnation with Mikazuchi's effect.


6000 – 6200


Jarred activates Tower but is stopped by Louis's Mystical Space Typhoon. He then plays Eternity which adds Secrets. Secrets searches Spellbook Magician. He sets one monster and passes the turn.

Louis starts by Special Summoning Hirume by banishing Crane from his graveyard. He then enters his Battle Phase and attacks over Spellbook Magician, letting Jarred add Secrets. Louis sets one to his backrow then overlays Hirume and Mikazuchi for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King. Tiger King grabs Tenki, and Tenki searches Yamato. Louis then Normal Summons Yamato. During the End Phase Yamato sends Hare to the grave.


3900 – 6200


Jarred tanks, staring at the Spellbook of Secrets in his hand as his last hope for a play. He Normal Summons Kycoo. The Secrets adds Power, with Power targeting the Kycoo. But in response Louis uses Book of Moon to break up the play. Unable to use the Wisdom in hand, Jarred offers the handshake.


In this clash of format underdogs, Bujins comes out on top and keeps a perfect 6-0 record!

Joe Soto