Round 7 Feature Match: Keller Hanegan vs Eric Liu

Keller will take first after rolling 11 on the dice.

Game 1

Keller began the duel with double High Priestess of Prophecy, The World of Prophecy, Spellbook of Secrets, Torrential Tribute and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. Keller played Spellbook of Secrets to search out the Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. He then summoned his Spellbook Magician to search for a second Secrets. Keller set Torrential and Phoenix Wing and passed.

"My hand is really good incase you didn't catch that." He remarked to Eric.

Eric laughed and then drew to 6 cards. He started his Main Phase by normal summoning Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon and attacked over Keller's Spellbook Magician for 1300 damage. He then set 4 cards to his backrow and passed back to Keller. (Eric 8000 Keller 6700)

Keller drew Solemn Warning and thought for a moment before activating Secrets to search for another Magician. He then normal summoned Magician and searched for The Grand Spellbook Tower. He played the Tower, set warning and passed.

Eric drew a card and attacked the new Spellbook Magician, during damage step he activated Fire Formation - Tensen to boost his Dragon’s attack by 1000 total for the turn, dealing 2300 damage to Keller. He then passed his turn. (Eric 8000 Keller 4400)

Keller drew Wisdom for the turn and attempted to activate Spellbook tower’s effect, but Eric chained MST to destroy Tower causing it to resolve without effect. Keller sighed and reluctantly passed.

Eric drew and attacked with Dragon, forcing Keller to activate his Phoenix Wing, discarding The World and returning Dragon back to the top of Eric's deck. Eric ended his turn.

Keller drew Master and passed.

Eric drew and then attempted to normal summon his Fire Fist Dragon, Keller was ready this time though and used Solemn Warning to shut him down, paying 2000 life points in the process. Eric passed. (Eric 8000 Keller 2400)

Keller drew Magician and normal summoned it, searching for Spellbook of Life with its effect. Keller then activated Spellbook of Life to attempt to summon The World of Prophecy. He banished Spellbook Magician for Life's cost but Eric chained MST so it would resolve without effect. He then activated Spellbook of the Master to copy Secrets and add Fate to hand. He set Fate and passed.

Eric drew and passed.

Keller drew Mirror Force, attacked for 500 set Mirror Force and ended (Eric 7500, Keller 2400)

Eric drew, he then summoned Coach Soldier Wolfbark and activated its effect targeting the Fire Fist Dragon in his graveyard. After the Dragon was successfully summoned, Keller activated Spellbook of Fate and banished Master, Tower and Secrets for its cost, Eric chained Fire Formation Tenken targeting his Wolfbark, Keller then chained Torrential Tribute to destroy all monsters on the field and then banished Eric’s facedown Torrential Tribute with Fate. Eric banished Wolfbark and Fire Fist Dragon to summon blaster and attacked into Mirror Force. He passed.

Keller drew Spellbook of the Crescent, set Spellbook of Wisdom and passed.

Eric drew, played Fire Formation - Tenki and searched for Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla and Keller quickly conceded the match

A fairly sour opening hand puts Keller Hanegan in a very tough spot that he wasn't able to grind out of. Eric's Fire Fists were able to grind through the traps that Keller had and were able to keep dealing damage while Keller tried hard to draw some playable Spellbooks to actually get in the game.

Game 2

After side decking thoroughly Keller kicked off game 2 with activating Spellbook of Secrets to search for Spellbook Magician of Prophecy. When he summoned and attempted to activate Magician's effect, Eric responded with Effect Veiler to shut down the poor little blue boy. He activated Spellbook of the Master from his hand, revealing The Grand Spellbook Tower, and copied Spellbook of Secrets and searched for Spellbook of Fate. He played the Spellbook Tower, set Fate and Fiendish Chain which left him with The World of Prophecy and Spellbook Eternity in hand.

Eric played Pot of Duality and chose Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla from the three cards revealed, he then attacked Keller's Magician only to halted by Fiendish Chain. He set 2 cards to his back row and passed his turn.

Keller drew another Magician then activated the Spellbook Tower's effect to send Spellbook of the Master from his graveyard to the bottom of his deck and drew Spellbook of the Crescent. He then summoned his fresh Spellbook Magician, Eric responded with Fiendish Chain to keep Keller from getting any more advantage. Keller paused for a moment while he thought of his next play, he then activated Spellbook of Fate and banished Spellbook of Secrets to return Eric’s set card to his hand. He then used the Spellbook of Eternity in his hand to add the banished Spellbook of Secrets back to his hand. He overlaid his 2 magicians for Shining Elf and then activated Secrets to search for Spellbook of Power. He used Power on Shining Elf to boost it to 2600 attack. He turned his roided up Elf onto Eric's Gorilla and attacked for 1000 damage. Power's effect searched for Spellbook of the Master. He played his newly acquired Master and revealed Spellbook of the Crescent to copy Secrets and add Spellbook of Fate. He set the Fate and passed turn. (Eric 7000, Keller 8000)

Eric drew for his turn then played another Pot of Duality revealing Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear, Mystical Space Typhoon and Fire Formation - Tensen. He took the MST, shuffling the others back into the deck. Eric then used MST on Keller’s set Spellbook of Fate, blowing it away to the graveyard. Eric then inspected Shining Elf really quick and shuffled his hand around a bit before deciding to pass his turn.

Keller drew Stumbling and used Tower’s effect to shuffle back Secrets and drew MST. He set MST and played Stumbling after attacking with Shining Elf for 1600 damage and passing to Eric. (Eric 5400 Keller 8000)

Eric drew then summoned Coaching Soldier Wolfbark targeting Gorilla to special summon him. He then overlayed the two of them into Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King and searched out Fire Formation - Tensu and set it to his field. Stumbling activated after the successful resolution of Tiger King's summon and Keller chained his Shining Elf's effect so Tiger King ended up in Defense Position with 500 less attack. Eric then activated his set Tensu and used the extra normal summon to bring out a Bear. Stumbling activated to set him to defense mode, Eric chained Forbidden Lance to keep his Bear in attack position but Keller chained Shining Elf’s effect to Bear's summon and then MST to destroy Tensu. Eric passed since he no longer had any Fire Formations to use with Bear's effect.

Keller drew Mind Crush and used tower to send back Master to draw Priestess. He then attacked over Bear for 500 damage and set Mind Crush before passing his turn. (Eric 4900, Keller 8000)

Eric drew for his turn then changed his Tiger King to attack position and attacked for 100 damage. He then set 1 card to his back row and passed (Eric 4900, Keller 7900)

Keller drew Temperance of Prophecy for his turn, used tower to send back Fate and drew Master. He normal summoned Temperance and then activated Master revealing Crescent to copy secrets and search for the Fate he had sent back. He then tributed Temperance to special summon High Priestess of Prophecy from his deck. Priestess then banished Secrets from grave to target Eric’s facedown. Eric then chained Transmigration Prohpecy to return Eternity and Master to Keller’s deck. Keller sets Fate and passed to Eric.

After seeing his draw Eric scooped it up and decided to try for game 3.

Game 3

Eric draws and summons a Fire Fist Dragon and sets 4

Keller began with two copies of Spellbook Tower and a single copy each of Secrets, Bottomless Trap Hole, Crescent and Eternity. Keller activated Crescent and reveals Fate Master and Wisdom from his deck. Eric's blind pick gave let Keller add Fate to his hand. Keller then continued using Secrets to search for Spellbook Magician. Keller then tried to normal summon his Magician and activated its effect but Eric responded with Effect Veiler! Keller wasn't about to be stopped though and used his Fate to banish Secrets and Crescent to set his Magician facedown so his Magician could dodge the Veiler. Magician's effect got Keller another Spellbook of Fate. He continued his turn by activating Tower then activating Eternity to add back the banished Secrets. Keller ended by setting Fate and Bottomless.

Eric drew and then activated Pot of Duality to reveal Fire Formation - Tenki, another Pot of Duality and MST. He elected to take Tenki. During his main phase he activated MST, blowing away Spellbook of Fate, then followed that up by activating Tenki to search for Fire Fist Gorilla. Dragon's effect also activated, allowing him to set Tenken to his backrow. He summoned Gorilla, Keller responded with Bottomless, Eric saved his Gorilla with Forbidden Lance. Gorilla then attacked the set Magician, getting Tenki for himself and Master for Keller. Dragon then attacked for 1900 damage. Eric passed his turn. (Eric 8000, Keller 6100)

Keller drew Secrets and activated Tower’s effect, Eric responded with Dust Tornado causing it to resolve without effect. Keller activated Secrets and searched for Magician. Magician's normal summon then got Keller Spellbook of Power. He then Powered up Magician and used Master to Copy Power to beef up his magician again. He then entered Battle with his super powered Magician and attacked BoFF Dragon for 600 damage. He then searched for Master and Eternity off of Power's effect. He then activated another Spellbook Tower and passed his turn to Eric. (Eric 7400, Keller 6100)

Time was called going into this turn

Eric drew and then began checking everything from his Extra Deck to Keller’s Graveyard and even the effect of Grand Spellbook Tower. He then activated his set Tenki and searched for and normal summoned Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Boar. He then Syncro summoned Crimson Blader and attacked for 2300 damage.(Eric 7400, 3800)

Keller drew another Secrets and used Tower to send back Fate and drew MST. He MST’d Eric’s set Torrential Tribute and then used Secrets to search for another Magician and then Magician for Fate. He activated Fate and banished another Fate, Tower and Master for cost and banished Keller’s Crimson Blader. He then used Eternity to grab back Fate and used Master (revealing Fate) to copy Eternity and add Master back to his hand. He then attacked for 500 and set Fate and passed.

Eric drew and then summoned Banisher of the Radience and attacked Magician only for Keller to banish it with Spellbook of Fate by getting rid of Master, Secrets and another Fate. Eric set one more and passed his turn.

On Keller's last turn he drew The World of Prophecy, and then used Tower to send back Power and drew Torrential. He sighed about his draws and then scooped it up without a way to make up the lifepoint difference this turn.

Eric Liu win's his round 7 Feature match and will continue on with a chance to top!

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