Round 8 Feature Match – Ali Yassine (Dragon Ruler) Vs. Marco Mongrain (Evilswarm)

Round 8 Feature Match – Ali Yassine Vs. Marco Mongrain


Ali begins with a Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, banishing a Redox to draw two and searching another copy of itself. He then activates Terraforming to search Dragon Ravine. He uses it to discard the Redox and send Blaster to the grave. Ali summons Tidal by banishing Blaster and Redox, he searches a Flamvell Guard that he uses to synchro summon Thought Ruler Archfiend. He sets 3 backrow and passes.

Marco's opening hand is Reinforcement of the Army, Evilswarm Kerykeion, Evilswarm Thunderbird,  Evilswarm Heliotrope and Vanity's Emptiness. He draws an MST. He activates ROTA to search for an Evilswarm Castor. He summons the Castor and uses its effect to summon his Heliotrope as well. Marco proceeds to overlay his monsters for an Evilswarm Bahamut, which Ali PWWBs upon the summon. Marco sets two backrow and passes. Ali draws for turn and Marco MSTs away the Ravine. After activating Tidal's effect to summon itself Marco chains Vanity's Emptiness, to which Ali chains Return from the Different Dimension, bringing back a full field of monsters and attacking for game. After having a good laugh about that, the players side for game 2 with Ali in the lead 1-0.DSC04470

DSC04471Going to Game 2, Marco has a great opening hand with two Castors, an O'Lantern, a Maxx C, Imperial Iron Wall, and Safe Zone. He easily makes an Ophion using Castor and O'Lantern and detaches to add a Pandemic to hand. After setting 3 backrow he ends his turn.

Ali begins his turn by searching for a Dragon Ravine with Terraforming. He uses the Ravine to discard Tempest and add a Dragunity Aklys to hand. Ali discards the Aklys with Cards of Consonance to draw two cards. He then plays a second Dragon Ravine over his first and discards Trigon to add a Dragunity Legionnaire to hand, which he proceeds to summon. Using Legionnaire's effect he equips Aklys and gets rid of it to destroy Ophion. Marco chains Safe Zone, so Ali targets Safe Zone with Aklys' effect, but Marco has the Pandemic for it so Ali sets one and passes his turn. Marco draws a Kerykeion and summons a Castor before overlaying them for a second Ophion. He uses Ophion's effect to add another Infestation Pandemic to his hand. After attacking over the Legionnaire and attacking directly, Marco sets a card to his backrow and ends his turn, Ali responds by MSTing the set Pandemic away. Ali gets another Legionnaire going and uses it and Aklys to destroy both face up Ophions, however Marco has an Imperial Iron Wall and Ali has to end his turn. Marco summons Kerykeion and attacks over Legionnaire. Next turn, Ali searches and summons another Legionnaire and uses itself and Aklys to pop Marco's IIW and Kerykeion before summoning a Tempest, which has Maxx C Chained to it, and attacking directly. Marco summons a Mandragora and uses it to roll over Ali's Legionnaire before setting 1 card to his backrow. Life is Ali: 3350, Macro: 3200.

Ali uses blaster to pop Marco's set Torrential Tribute before using Debris Dragon to revive Trigon and synchro summon a Black Rose Dragon without nuking the field. He then banishes four monsters for Tempest and Redox and that's enough for game!


Ali moves on with a 6-1-1 record after going 2-0 against Evilswarms! That concludes the feature matches for Day 1! Check back tomorrow, when more of your favorite players