Round 8 Feature Match Nathan Ura vs. Austin Melder

Round 8 Feature Match Nathan Ura Vs. Austin Melder
The final feature match for day one comes between Nathan Ura, and Austin Melder, both combat hardened and equipped with their own take of the infamous dragon ruler deck. Which player’s spin on the deck and play-style will endure through the final round?
Nathan wins the die roll and chooses to go first.

Game 1
Nathan opens Redox Dragon Ruler of Boulders, Three copies of Tempests Dragon Ruler of Storms, Sacred Sword of Seven Star and Debris Dragon. He activates Tempest effect pitches another Tempest for the cost, adds Blaster Dragon Ruler of Inferno. He then activates Seven Sword banishing Blaster drawing 2 cards, and activating Blaster’s effect to search an additional Blaster from his deck. He sets the Seven Sword and the Phoenix Wing Wind Blast he drew off of the Seven Sword earlier in the turn and ends his turn.
Austin plays a more passive first turn, drawing setting and passing.
Nathan Draws Seven Sword and banishes Tempest as the cost. He draws Maxx C and Trap Stun, and Tempest adds Dragunity Corcessca to his hand. A Tempest and a Redox are banished to Summon Blaster with it’s effect. Maxx C is chained by Austin, but Blaster arrives on the field and Redox is added to Nathan’s hand via the banished Redox. He set 3 cards and ends after his Blaster’s attack was blocked by Swift Scarecrow.
Austin activated the Redox in his hand banishing the duo of hand traps, Maxx C and Swift Scarecrow, in his graveyard. He tributes Redox to normal summon Hieratic Dragon of Su. Nathan responds with a set Wing Wind Blast. He discards Redox to relocate Su to the top of Austin’s Deck. Austin ends his turn.
Nathan banishes an in hand Blaster and Redox to summon the Tempest in his grave, his opponent chains Maxx C. After an inquiry regarding his opponent’s hand size, Nathan normal summons Corsesca and attacks with it alongside Tempest. In his main phase two, he synchros for Collosal Fighter allowing his opponent another draw off Maxx C and passes his turn.
Nathan-4800-Austin 8000
Austin activates the Redox in his graveyard’s effect banishing Tempest and Blaster in his hand. He chooses to add another copy of both Blaster and Tempest with their effects. He then banishes Redox to special summon Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (REDMD) and activates its effect to special summon Su from his hand. Activate Su’s effect Austin destroys Nathans set Trap Stun by Tributing Heiratic Dragon of Nebthet from his hand as cost. Nebthet’s effect special summons Watt Tail dragon from Austin’s deck allowing Nathan to draw another card off Maxx C. Austin overlays the Hieratic Dragon of Su and Watttail for Constellar Ptolmy M7 and uses its effect targeting Colossal, with the Colossal Fighter resigned to the extra deck, Austin successfully attack with Ptolemy and REDMD and ends his turn
Austin 4800 Nathan 2500

Maxx C provides Nathan the resources he needs to win game 1!

Maxx C provides Nathan the resources he needs to win game 1!

Nathan Banishes Blaster and Maxx C for Redox, adding Flamvell Guard as a result of Blasters effect. He follows up with a normal summon of the same Flamvel Guard, and brings out Colossal Fighter once more he banishes Guard and Corcesca for Tempest, Debris and Redox for Tidal and attacks for game.
Game 2
Austin decides to go first game 2.
Austin activates Sacred Sword banishing Tempest and drawing two cards. Tempest adding an additional Tempest from his deck pushed Austin’ hand over the limit and he discards the added Tempest during the end phase.
Nathan draws, sets 3 cards and ends his turn
Austin activates Tempest effect discarding Luster Dragon #2, to search for Heiratic Dragon of Su. He then normal summons Heiratic Dragon of Eset which is then tributed it to special summon the Su. To the summon of Su Nathan activates Wing Wind Blast returning Su to the top of the deck, but Eset special summons wattail dragon in defense mode, Austin attempts to end his turn, but in the end phase Nathan Activates Sixth Sense calling 2 and 3. Rolling a 5, Sixth Sense mills Seven Star Sword, Maxx C, Dark Hole Fosil Dyna Pachycephelo and Redox.
Nathan with a new roster of plays, draws for turn and summons Blaster banishing Redox and Tidal adding another Redox and Tidal. Austin chains Maxx C and draws. Nathan normal summons corsesca and consolidates the two wind dragons into

Nathan leaves Austin's Wattail Dragon easy pray for a Crimson Blader lock!

Nathan leaves Austin's Wattail Dragon easy pray for a Crimson Blader lock!

Crimson Blader. Nathan wastes no time in using his Blader to destroy the 0 defense Wattail Dragon and activating its effect to lock Austin out of plays.
Austin draws a card and passes the turn.
Nathan after checking his graveyard, banishes a Tidal from his hand and a Corseca in his graveyard to special summon Blaster. Tidal adds another copy of Tidal with its effect. Two 2800 hits from Blaster and Blader successfully batter Austin’s life points. During the main phase two Nathan uses Redox effect to discard itself and another earth (in this case Maxx C) to special summon the Dyna Sixth Sense had given him access too.
Nathan 8000- Austin 2400.
Austin draws and uses Electric Virus to take control of Nathan’s Blaster. Nathan chains Book of Moon and flips down Blaster. Austin employs his own Blaster discarding it and another copy of Blaster Destroy Fossil Dyna. Safeties off! Austin special summons Heiratic Dragon of Tefnuit, and then Tribute summons Tefnuit to special summon Su. Tefnuit gets a Watttail dragon from the deck. Su then tributes a second Tefnuit from the hand to destroy Nathan’s set trap stun. Tefnuits effect special summons Luster Dragon #2. He overlays the normal monsters for Heiratic Dragon King of Attum, and uses Attum to special summon REDMD from his deck at 0 attack 0 defense. He activates its effect to special summon Wattail Dragon from the graveyard, and overlays the Wattail and Su for Ptolmey M7. M7 returns REDMD to Austins hand. He then overlays a Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger on top of his Atum. He immidietely banishes Gaia for REDMD uses the dark dragon’s effect to special summon the attum which fell to grave when Gaia was banished. Austin then, activate Tempest effect banishing Tefnuit and Blaster from grave. He then activates Redox banishing 2 Tefnuits. Overlays a second Gaia over the Attum. Finally after a last check of his calculations, Austin overlays Tempest and Redox to make
Number 11 Big Eye taking Crimson Blader. Blader leads the charge of Austins monsters and both players prepare for game 3.

Austin demonstrates the Explosive power of his deck to win out game 2

Austin demonstrates the explosive power of his deck by winning game 2 with a bang!

Game 3
Both payers re-evaluate their side decks, and Nathan opts to go first.
Nathan opens Vanities emptiness, 2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Divine Wrath, 1 Flamvell Guard and one Maxx C . He sets all four of the traps and passes, turn.
Austin draws and considers his hand. He normal summons Esset, amd attacks for 1000. He follows up by setting two cards and ending his turn.
Nathan 7000 Autin 8000
Nathan draws Maxx C and passes
Austin draws, attacks for another 1000 and in the main phase 2 summons Redox banishing Tempest and Tidal from his hand. He grabs a second copy of each dragon ruler he used as cost, and passes.
Nathan draws holding a new Tidal and Return from the Different Dimension due to Maxx C he passes
Austin draws for 5 cards in hand, he uses a Space Typhoon to destroy Divine Wrath, and uses another on Nathan’s Wing Wind Blast which is chained discarding Tidal targeting Eset to be returned to the top of Austin’s deck, but Austin chains Forbidden Lances to protect it. A pause in the action occurs as Austin recalculates. He settles on activating a Redox in graveyard banishing Tempest and Blaster in hand again adding Tempest number 3 and Blaster number 3 to his hand with the effects of their banished predecessors. He then tributes Redox and Eset to summon Blaster. Nathan chains Maxx C. Austin summons Famvell Guard and Nathan draws a card for Maxx C. He then attacks with blaster for 2800 points of damage.
Nathan 3200 Austin 3000
Nathan drew and set Return from the Different Dimension and Fossil Dyna before passing his turn. Blaster Returned to Austin’s hand during the end phase.
Austin draws, and summons Redox banishing Redox Eset, Nathan makes use of Maxx Cs and draws when Austin makes Crimson Blader and attacks the Dyna and Blader both are destroyed. Austin passes
Nathan draws and banishes the two Maxx Cs in his Graveyard for Redox. Flamvell Guard is normal summoned heralding the synchro summon of Stardust Spark Dragon which, attacks Austin for 2500 points of damage.
Nathan 3200 – Austin 5500
Austin draws and activates Electric Virus to steal Stardust Spark, he then attempts to summon Temest from his hand by banishing Redox and Guard. Nathan chains Vanities Emptiness, Austin attacks for 2500. In the second main phase, Austin activates dark hole to rid the field of Stardust Spark Dragon and Vanities.
Nathan 700-Austen 5500 passes
Nathan banishes Tidal and Redox for Blaster, activates Redox too add another Redox, and then summons a Tidal his from hand convincing Austin to concede the match.