Round 8 Gaetan Georges (Mythic Rulers) vs. David Everett (Dragon Rulers)

Laughter turns to serious faces as two close friends square off to see who continues playing and who has to go home. David rolls a 5 vs. Georges 3 and opts to take first.

Game 1

David opens up with Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls, Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos, Torrential Tribute, Vanitiy’s Emptiness, and Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms. He proceeds to activate Sword to banish Blaster to draw into another Blaster and Phoenix Wing Windblast before setting three cards and passing his turn.

Georges begins his first turn with an Upstart Goblin giving David 1000 lp and netting a new card from his deck. He plays Dragons Ravine and ditches Tidal to send a Blaster to the Graveyard. Blaster proceeds to banish his Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders from hand and Tidal in graveyard to bring itself out. The Tidal allows Georges to get another Tidal and Redox gives him a Montage Dragon. He Trades-In Montage for two more cards, and swings with Blaster for 2800 before setting a card and ending.

Georges 8000 David 6200

David draws for his turn, takes a moment to ponder his next move and decides that Discarding Blaster with Blaster to destroy George’s Ravine was the optimal play. He then Special Summoned Tidal by banishing him Tempset and Blaster, and added Tempest and Flamvell Guard with the effects. Next he summoned Guard and tuned it together with Tidal to make Colossal Fighter. He attempted to crack into George’s Blaster, but was met by a Compulsory Evacuation Device. With no other plays he reluctantly passed his turn.

Georges drew for turn and activated another Ravine and discarded Tidal in order to send a Redox to the graveyard. He proceeded to Summon Blaster by banishing Redox and Tidal allowing him to add Mythic Tree Dragon and Mythic Water Dragon to his hand. Blaster attacked Directly for another 2800 points of damage before he moved into MP2. In MP2, he attempted to bring out Mythic Tree Dragon and when he Special Summoned Mythic Water Dragon he was met by David’s Torrential Tribute passing his turn right there.

Georges - 8000 David – 3400

For David’s turn he hit a Book of Moon, and when he attempted to Special Summon Blaster by banishing Tidal and Tempest he was met by George’s Maxx “C”. The Tidal and Tempest allowed him to add another Tidal and Tempest to his hand before he cracked for 2800 with Blaster.

Georges – 5200 David – 3400

Georges starts his turn off with a Sacred Sword of Seven Stars banishing Blaster to let him net two new cards and a Flamvell Guard to replace the Blaster. A discarded Redox to send Tidal to graveyard for Ravine later, Georges Graveyard was once again replenishing itself with new Elements. He continued applying pressure on David by bringing out the Redox and Tidal in his graveyard by banishing the two Mythic Dragons, Montage Dragon, and Maxx “C” from his Graveyard. A Guard drop for Georges later allowed him to bring out Scrap Dragon by tuning it with Tidal. David went into the tank for a little bit before allowing the summon to go through. Scrap Dragon targets Ravine and David’s set card allowing him to chain his Book to turn the dragon facedown. Georges sets two cards being ending his turn.

David draws Ravine, activates it to discard Blaster and add Corsesca to hand. The Blaster is then summoned by banishing Guard and Tidal and attacks over the Scrap Dragon. In MP2 he summons the Corsesca to make Stardust Spark Dragon before ending his turn.

Georges plays Sword  to banish Redox, draw two cards, and add Mythic Tree to hand. Reckless Greed flips up to net Georges two more cards, and Upstart is played to let him dig even further. He banishes Tidal and Scrap Dragon to bring out Blaster and gets Mythic Water with Tida’s effect. He continues his play by summoning Tree Dragon then brings out Water Dragon. Georges activates effect to make Tree Wlevel 8, but David flips Pphoenix Wing Blast discarding Tidal to put Water Dragon on top of Georges deck. Blaster attacks into spark for 300, but spark saves itself. Before Georges passes his turn.

Georges 5200 David 4100

David activates Ravine ditching Tempest for Redox and Tidal banishes Redox and Corsesca to special summon itself. However it’s met with Maxx “C” and Redox is added to Davids hand off of Redox. Battle phase Tidal attacks Tree dragon. Georges takes 2500 and in ep, Georges Books his Blaster to keep it from returning back to his hand.

Georges 2500 David 4100

Georges skips his first Draw Phase, attempts to activate Blaster, David flips Emptiness, however Georges flips Phoenix Wing Blast to put Emptiness to the top of David’s Deck! After the dust settles Blaster hits the field and the other Blaster is flip summoned. Georges attacks Tidal with Blaster and Spark dragon with the other Blaster before picking up his cards after realizing David had an open Big Eye play with Emptiness still active.

Game 2

Georges decides against taking out Sixth Sense and Return because in his words, “He doesn’t play sixth sense and he believes his deck is faster than his old friend David’s.”

Georges starts off with a sword banishing Tidal to add Mythic Water Dragon. Georges summons Mythic Tree Dragon and specials Water Dragon before making Felgrand and setting two.

David opens Sixth Sense, Divine Wrath, Maxx “C”, Tempest, Redox, and Trigun, but passes with two set.

Georges plays Sword banishing Redox to net two cards and another Redox. Georges summons Fossil Dyna and swings with both. In the EP David flips Sixth Sense, but it’s met by Georges’ Trap Stun

Georges 8000 David – 4000

David scoops it up seeing his next draw.

Game 3

A handshake and a good luck later David elects to go first.

David opens Maxx “C”, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Trap Stun, Ravine, Blaster, and Tempest. He sets two and passes.

Georges plays Sword banishing Redox to net two new cards and another Redox. Trade-In with Montage Dragon nets Georges another 2 cards. Mythic Tree Dragon is summoned and soon after Mythic water dragon follows suit. Mythic Tree attempts to go to level 8, but David responds with Phoenix sending Tree on top of the deck. Georges sets 3 and passes.

David draws Sword and the Sword banishes Blaster to draw Ravine and Torrential Tribute. Blaster gets David Trigon which is soon discarded for Ravine sending Redox to grave. David activates Maxx “C”, banishes Tempest and Maxx “C” for Redox, and searches Debris for Tempest. Debris gets Trigon to the field, but George flips Phoenix ditching Redox to put Debris on top, Trap stun from David is chained to that, but Georges flips Compulse to finally get rid of the Debris! David passes without a play.

Georges summons Mythic Tree Dragon, but is met by David’s Torrential Tribute to clear the board. Georges banishes both Mythic Dragons for Redox, flips Return bringing back both Mythic Dragons and another Redox, he then makes Tree level 8 and overlays Tree and Water for Felgrand. He attacks with both Redox and Felgrand and in MP2 he overlays Redox’s into Dracossack making two tokens.

Georges – 4000 David – 2000

David draws Tidal, summons Debris targeting Trigon, Georges uses Felgrand to negate Debris’ effect. David plays Ravine to discard Tidal and send Blaster to the grave. David then banishes Tidal and Trigon to summon Blaster. Tidal gets another Tidal, and in Battle, Debris kills a Mecha token, and Blaster kills Dracossack. In MP2 Blaster and Debris make Star Eater before passing his turn.

Georges banishes both Mythic Dragons to special Redox in defense and passes.

David draws Redox, ditches Tidal for Ravine to send Tempest to grave. Redox banishes Tempest and Debris to summon itself, but Maxx “C”  is chained. Tempest gets Corsesca, and David decides he has to game Georges. He tunes the Corsesca with Redox into Colossal Fighter, then banishes Redox and Corsesca to special Blaster. David proceeds into battle and attempts to swing for the match, but on the fourth card and final card reveals he hit the battle fader to keep himself alive!

Georges 3800 David 2000

Georges activates Ravine to get rid of David’s ravine, and before everything is settled, David offers the handshake knowing that a Helipolis play was game.

Georges moves on into the last round needed one more win to secure a Top 16 seat!