Round 8 – Wesley Johnson (Dragon Ruler) vs. Zach Leverett (Dragunity Ruler)

Sometimes events like these are the best opportunities to see newcomers come into their own. That being the case, it's my pleasure to bring you a match between seasoned vet Wesley Johnson and young Zach Leverett.



Wesley won the roll and would be going first. He started off modestly, with setting 1 backrow before ending.

Zach opened to a hand of Dragunity Dux, Tempest, Dragon Ravine, Upstart Goblin, Solemn Warning, and Castle of Dragon Souls. He started his turn by pitching Tempest to dump Phalanx. Then, when he dropped Dux and attempted to dougie, Wesley stopped him cold by flipping Vanity's Emptiness. Zach swung in with Dux and then set 3 backrow before passing play.

Wesley set 1 monster and passed.

Zach drew and swung at Wesley's set, revealing it be Debris Dragon! His attempts seemed for not, until Zach flipped Castle of Dragon Souls in damage step by banishing Tempest which, in turn, tutored him another Tempest. The Debris his the grave and along with it the Emptiness, as well as Wesley's hopes of halting Zach's offensive. Zach continued his Dragunity Dougie into Stardust, which was followed up by an encore performance into Colossal FIghter when he pitched a Tempest for Ravine to tutor another Dux. Content with his field, he ended.

Wesley set 3 backrow before ending.

Zach drew into Upstart which promptly used. He then pitched Blaster with Ravine to tutor Dux. Will dances never cease?! He dropped the Dux and dougied into Thought Ruler Archfiend. What follwed was a Blaster summon, and when Zach went in for the kill, Wesley flipped over three Cards of Consonance and a pair of dead Different Dimension Returns and 1 Tidal in hand. A tragic opening hand and unrelenting onslaught from Zach swiftly ended the game!

Game 1 goes to Zach!



Wesley began with a familiar play of 1 set backrow before ending.

Similarly, Zach started things off by playing Dragon Ravine and pitching Blaster to add Phalanx. What followed was a second Ravine which pitched that Phalanx to tutor Dux. Silently, he began mouthing numbers so that he could make the optimal plan. Finally, he summoned Dux and began his dougie, only to drop Mystletainn on the second Phalanx, but when he went to summon the Phalanx once more, Wesley chained D.D. Crow to banish it! Switching to plan B, Zach overlayed the two level 6 dragons into Hieratic Dragon King of Atum, and then detached Mystletainn to summon Tempest. The young duelist then set 1 backrow and ended.

Wesley mimicked Zach's actions last turn, tapping his finger on the tale and crunching numbers while figuring out what he wanted to do. Finally, he pitched Trigon with Blaster to destroy Zach's set Divine Wrath! He then banished Trigon and Blaster to summon Redox with was thereafter tuned with a freshly summoned Flamvell Guard to make Crimson Blader! Blader swung over Atum, and in the end phase Tempest returned to Zach's hand.

Zach pitched Tempest with Ravine to add Phalanx and shortly thereafter ended.

Wesley hit Zach direct for 2800 points of pain and then set 1 back row before ending.

Zach banished Atum and Vajrayana for Blaster, to which Wesley chained Maxx "C". He then pitched Phalanx with Ravine to tutor Dux. Dux and Mystletainn were banished for Tempest, and then Blaster crashed into Wesley's Crimson Blader while Tempest swung for direct damage! He set 1 back row and then passed.

Wesley flipped a set Seven Sword, banishing Blaster to draw two and tutor Blaster. He then played his own Dragon Ravine over Zach's. He used it to pitch Tempest and dump Tidal. Zach pondered for a moment. Finally, he elected to flip over Vanity's Emptiness on resolution. Wesley replied, "well, that's no bueno.." He set one monster and then ended.

Zach started his turn by playing Terraforming to search out another Ravine and pop his Emptiness. Free to do as he pleased, he played the Ravine and pitched Blaster to dump Redox. He followed up with a Dux dougie into Crimson Blader flanked by Tempest and Blaster summoned by their own effects from grave. Tempest hit over Wesley's set Corsesca, and then Blader and Blaster swung in for exact game! Wesley extended the handshake and the two thanked each other for the thrilling match.

Zach goes into his final round of day one X-1 and we can only hope for strong finish to the spry duelist's blaze of triumph!